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You Can't Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist



Tuuka Rask’s recent snap show (albeit a pretty unintimidating one), reminded me of a couple other snap-shows that warmed my heart.


Do you sometimes get angry?  Frustrated?  So rattled you lose control of what the consequences may be and carry on looking like an asshole, completely sacrificing any solid reputation you may have built?  Yeeah no, me neither.

Here’s a couple people who snapped:

*Disclaimer:  Kip Brennan, the kind sir in the penalty box who frequently engages in facepunchathons, is a friend of mine, and worthy of a good reputation.  Though it’s not an isolated incident, he’s a nice guy.  I swear.  You believe me don’t you? 



This one plays out exactly like people joke about, when you start those dream-sequence sentences with ”could you imagine if…”   This comedian follows through on the fantasy of everyone in his line of work.

I’ll spare you recent classics like Michael Richards racist ramble, or Christian Bale’s tirade, and leave you with one more relevant to my life.  Clark watches hockey now and dismisses agitators as phonies, watching as they facewash an opponent with their glove as soon as the linesmen get involved.  He thinks if you really want to fight, you can find each other.  And he’s right.  Clark fought people on the way to fights:


ON TO LESS VIOLENT affairs, Bri and I spent the weekend with some wonderful Greek folks in Watertown, minutes from downtown Boston.  We’re officially aiming at South Boston – it’s young, active, and the person to pub ratio is about three to one.  Plus it’s only a couple par fives from Fenway.  That’s wicked close.

I’ll be submitting my next piece for The Hockey News tomorrow, and probably Max Hockey as well. Stay tuuunnned.  I leave you with some parting opinions:

Is it just me, or does anybody else get the vibe that Tyler Hansborough is a complete dork?  His nickname is psycho.  Oooo. 

Oh, and is it time that we start checking birth certificates of college hoopsters like we do 12 year old Chinese gymnasts that are “16″?  Ty Lawson looks like he could have kids that’re college age.  I guess being old isn’t an NCAA violation, I just worry about his hips.  Lord knows he doesn’t need much of a reason to not play.


Thickest accent to word ratio from the weekend: “Cwops ah doahks” (cops are dorks).

And last – If puppies stayed puppies and never grew out of being fluffy and cute would it be uncool to own them?  Would a guy that owned a puppydog be completely written off as a fairy?  Cause I know I can’t wait for the Gillies puppy to grow up and get manly.  He’s way too soft and playful.  And happy and energetic.  And cute.  God I’m gay.




4 Responses to “You Can't Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist”
  1. pat says:

    At least you can admit it !!!!!!! Is your favorite color pink too????

  2. Amanda says:

    thourougly enjoyed this one! the vid of that goalie losing it made my week when i caught it on sportsnet, so good!!

  3. P. Deezy F. Baby says:

    Hahahaha….”That was unnecessary!” Best part of that whole video!

  4. teknics says:

    I have to admit, I have a bit of a temper at times – but rarely does it ever cross over into hockey (it has to be something REALLY stupid to get me that angry in hockey – penalty wise, cheap shot ect.).

    I am sure my fiance can attest to the numerous video game induced rages I have been on, thankfully even those have been curtailed – we all gotta grow up at some point, right?

    Another great post!

    Michael Schuerlein

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