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Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That



I’ll be writing a “my life as a Seinfeld episode” piece soon, but really, nothing sums it up better than this.  Pure.  Comedic.  Gold. 



And the best clip….


5 Responses to “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That”
  1. Alanna says:

    HA! Exactly what I was thinking of when I saw the comments on your last post. Good luck with trying to explain that *you* are not gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Madeleine says:

    LOVE Seinfeld

    Haha, personally, what I would do is play it up, give them something to really talk about…not sure how your fiance would feel about that though

  3. Sherry says:

    And you love journaling and music… You *are* kind of sensitive guy Justin. :)


  4. Jbrown says:

    You got a purdy mouth.

  5. Char says:

    You’re fastidious. That always gives it away. ;-)

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