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Where Is This Relationship Heading?



Title isn’t about you Bri, deep breaths.  Brown paper bags are in the drawer under the utensils.

Home and on the couch, I’m finally back in my blogging office.  At last.

My blog is a strange beast.  For awhile there, I committed to being solely a hockey blogger – I made predictions, observations and insights on all things hockey.  That came naturally, because my life has been saturated by the sport.  I mixed in my usual doses of randomosity (including words like randomosity), but mostly I focused on hockey.

It’s sprouted into something I hope to turn into a career.  Having been labelled a “sardonic quipster” (AKA a cynical, witty prick) by Alaska Daily News reporter Doyle Woody in college, I’ve parlayed my experience of a life thickly entrenched in professional hockey to a life that involves relating it to others (while being a cynical, witty prick).

When I started out, I wrote about what I was following – namely politics, stand-up comedy, and football.  The increase in hockey coverage came with both my return to Canada, and my inner capitalist noting the correlation between blog hits and topic material.

So I’ve been thinking – I wonder what’ll happen to my blog hits this summer? 

I’m an avid football follower, but for some reason I think my opinions probably hold more weight when it comes to ice and skates than turf and cleats (note: this won’t stop me from writing like I’m Tom Freakin’ Brady every Sunday night).  In fact, I prefer watching football to hockey (Saaaannnccchhheeeeeezz!) - but the lull in sports is coming.  Here’s why it’s going to be great for Bourne’s Blog:

A new site – Before the drop of the puck on the 2009 – 2010 season, in which the Pens defend their Stanley Cup title (I was like Jim Carrey of “the God-damn pen is blue” in Liar Liar trying to type that, but I got it done), I plan on having a whole new, revamped website, full of all sorts of shiny stuff like pictures, archives, links… and maybe a podcast/video blog or two.

The sun - Apparently, I’m told, if you leave the couch, there’s this huge star circling super-close to Earth, so much so that you can feel it’s warmth.  I’ma hafta look into that.

The move - We’re doin’ it.  Bri and I are makin’ the move to Phoenix, and it looks good that the Coyotes will be in town for at least next season.  If all goes according to plan (they make me GM), they’ll hire me to contribute to their site.  That means increased NHL access for hockey fans of the blog, and a better in-depth look at a side of hockey I’ve never been involved in.

And last, My golf game – as soon as this hockey season ends, and Sidney is using his mustache as a wire-brush SOS pad to clean the cup when he kisses it, I’m re-devoting to my short game.  Judging by the overwhelming response to my Masters blogs, I’ll be sure to write about golf roughly every third visit of Haley’s Comet.

So cheer up bloggateers.  As hockey starts ramping up before winding down, there’s stuff to look forward to.  The future is bright for the site.  …at night… in the moonlight (why don’t you just go eat some hay?  You can lay by the bay… I just may… whattya say?)



7 Responses to “Where Is This Relationship Heading?”
  1. Sally says:

    Good luck in all your summer ventures! And please don’t forget that some of us enjoy the occasional fuzzy baby animal post…

  2. sullyfan says:

    I’ll read anything you write. Love your style! You could talk about the phone book to me and I’d read it. Tell Bri she’s a very lucky girl…lots of us are kinda crushin’ on you a little right now :) By the way, you will LOVE Phoenix. And sun is cool….

  3. smoboy says:

    Phoenix in the summer? Imagine the hottest day ever in ‘Loops, then double it. Ick.

  4. byron moore says:

    yes, good on you in all your endeavours!
    of course i’m cheering for Basillie to crack open the old boys club strangle hold on the league we lost to the usa. didn’t count on a newly found likeable fellow hockey fan/scribe moving there. sorry!
    football. i hope you like the CFL. if you like football here is a league that has retained its folksiness amidst the hollywoodization of pro sports with a longer history full of rich lore and legend than just about any league on the continent. god bless the CFL.

  5. AerosFan says:

    your blog is awesome.
    definitely just bookmarked it ;)
    you’ll love Arizona–i spent spring break there..
    places like Scottsdale made me want to move their
    from my home in Texas :D

  6. jtbourne says:

    Or, imagine the coldest day in the winter, then make it room temperature with blue skies and a 10:18 tee time. Perspective, my friend.

  7. smoboy says:

    Well played, sir, well played.

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