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Your Weekly Round-Up



New Puck Daddy: When a new player arrives, it’s high school all over again


Yayyy, it’s the weekend.

No post today friends, just links.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the columns throughout the week, if you’ve missed any….hereeeee ya go!

Monday - THN: “Shoot from anywhere” is a crappy idea in today’s NHL


USA: Power Rankings

Tuesday – PD: Getting “cute” with the puck can make coaches mental

Wednesday – HPT: Washington and Philly need to go all-in and get goalies before their window passes

Thursday – PD: The pressure to fight when your team is getting shellacked

Friday – PD: New player in the dressing room


Head on over to Hockey Primetime later today or tomorrow as well, when episode two of Hockey Unfiltered will be up for your viewing pleasure.  Peace and hairgrease, all, enjoy your weekend.


5 Responses to “Your Weekly Round-Up”
  1. Sherry says:

    What, no pre-weekend Jiggs/Tyson updates or photos? C’mon man!

    Have a good weekend everyone! My, are we conflicted in our house – we have a Bears fan, a Packers fan and a Steelers fan – yikes! At least someone (maybe two) will be really happy and the other one (two) will have to come around by the SB.

    Ahem, GO STEELERS!

  2. Sherry says:

    Awesome PD today btw – so fun to read how things work on the inside.

  3. Deirdre says:

    Heh, so now Nabby’s an Islander…guess it’s good I started paying attention to them as a team :-)

  4. LaurenceB says:

    I’m sorry, we need cat pic-cute-tures… ;o)
    Thank you fo great columns!

  5. Seth says:

    On the fighting piece: Ah, that explains that scrap. I had in the past seen your ‘record’ on The one, it is obvious you’re sticking up for a teammate. The other was kind of a mystery as to exactly what was going on. Now we know.

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