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Weekly Recap And An Interesting Piece Of News



New Puck Daddy: Why is everyone so shocked when a call-up doesn’t suck?


Every Thursdays I sit in front of the webcam for ten minutes with Todd Lewis and BS about the hot topics in hockey, and our producer Dave Turner edits in some game pics and the whatnot, for a thing we call Hockey Unfiltered.  We’ve done four now, and they usually post on Sunday or Monday.

The YouTube channel for them is here, feel free to have a gander if you have some extra time.  We’re also going to be doing a three hour trade deadline radio show, so when I can provide you with a link of where to go listen, I will.


Interesting news: So guess what?  The guy I blocked on twitter is one and the same as the guy whose comments on my PD articles bug me.  We’ve been in touch, he’s unblocked, and I’m following him on twitter.  We’ll see if we can’t mend our relationship yet.


Weekly recap:

Monday – USA: Concussions are scary.

Tuesday – PD: Players think thoughts during the anthem.

Wednesday – HPT: Every team has a whipping boy.

Thursday – PD: Getting told you’re being traded is crappy.

                      BB: Twitter takes tolerance.

Friday - PD: Players at top of AHL and bottom of NHL are almost interchangeable.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend as usual!  I’m headed to the Coyotes/Blackhawks tomorrow, get excited.  Thanks for all the support.


6 Responses to “Weekly Recap And An Interesting Piece Of News”
  1. Sioux in the Cities says:

    Interesting article about how the Brett Favre joining Dancing with the Stars rumor got started:

    Why can’t that guy just go away?

  2. LaurenceB says:

    Thank you, Justin!
    I had missed the usa today one. Another good read! And Go Yotes Go! (As a Canucks fan, no Blackhawks in the playoff in a hockey-godsend ;o) And I would like to have Paul Bissonnette insight on the series ;o)
    And I appreciate that you’re trying to mend rift with people, it’s putting your money where your mouth is, and it’s impressive, I’m feeling inspired!

  3. Elliott says:

    No wonder you never made it to the big leagues, you’re just too nice (I kid). Keep up the great work, your articles the past few weeks have been particularly insightful (at least to me) and very entertaining!

  4. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the weekly wrap-up – I’d forgotten about the piece on getting traded and I meant to read it. It is stellar – vintage Bourney!

    Also, as a dedicated silver-lining searcher these days, your AHL article was heartening to read. Dare I hope that the boys from WB will help save the Pens season?

    Don’t pay heed to the comments on PD about, “can we give the AHL thing a rest?” That is the very fucking point of your cred fer chrissakes. Geez. Some of the other comments are funny tho’.

    Have fun at the Yotes game! I turned on the TV the other night to have the Phx/Dallas game on in the background while I attended to much drugery on my desk and I got sucked into the black-hole of hate that was the Bruins/Habs game and never made it to the Yotes game. Go Coyotes!

  5. Sherry says:

    Just heard an interview with Adam Proteau on the Pens pre-game show about Cooke – he sure sounded very reasonable and his points seemed sound. But I guess you and he eventually got on the same page post-twitter skirmish.

  6. Justin – do you think if the NHL dropped the instigator rule there would be less Matt Cooke like instances?

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