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Dustin Brown, The Flyers, The Preds



Did you see the Kings/Flames highlight package from last night?  Mark Giordano pwned Dustin Brown so many times I thought they accidentally clipped one highlight and ran it on loop.

Brown’s a fantastic player, but by the third time he was in the neutral zone trying to hustle around a forward wide with the puck all I could think was ”…dude, even a puppy learns from a few newspapers to the snout…”


Villains always lose in the end...

Villains always lose in the end...

Not sure if you saw the Deadspin article about the Flyers yesterday, but it was stirring the pot about rumours than Jeff Carter is, um, affiliated with Scott Hartnell’s wife.  TMZ stuff aside, I actually learned a few things about the Flyers in it, and I was wondering what was true.

Do Pronger and Richards actually not get along?  Does the team party too much?  Do they simply hate each other?  I gotta call some people.

I will say this about the Flyers (especially in the wake of Neil’s Flyer-hating comments on the “sports hate” blog) – it feels right that they’ve resumed their role in the league as the WWE-like heel.  Just bad guys being bad guys, villains that every team wants to destroy.  After going through their roster, I can tolerate four players.  I like Gagne and van Riemsdyk, while admiring the skill of Briere and Carle.  That is all.


The Predators of Nashville have accumlated a record of 235-6, or something.  (21-11). Say wha now?  I’ve been doing Power Rankings every two weeks and was utterly oblivious that they were doing so well.  And you know who else is still rocking the party that rocks the party?  The Phoenix Coyotes.  Tell your friends.  Go buy tickets.  Do something.  The West is chaos!  The East is chaos!  THE NHL IS CHAOS THIS YEAR!

"*sob* it was horrible *tear* ...they made me wear 17!"

"*sob* it was horrible *tear* ...they made me wear 17!"


Our rec league team has accpeted the challenge to play a local midget team (not little people.  High school juniors/seniors.  I wish it was little people.)  Full contact.  I’ll post pictures of the black eye I have from fighting some kid who had the audacity to hit me.  Or of my collapsed lung, from having to actually hustle.  Whichever happens first, I’ll take a picture of it.




Dear Flo, from Progressive commercials:  I loved you, we had our fling, but it’s over.  Stop making commercials now, please.


(The clipped line is: “But is having this minor skill worth being so unattractive?”  …all jokes people, just jokes.)


Big ups to Islander not great Nate Thompson, for reaching number one on ESPN’s Not Top Ten.  Here’s bad footage that doesn’t do his empty net shot proper (in?)justice:

“…and SOMEHOW Thompson missed!” — Gotta admire that hustle though.


Have a great weekened everyone!  Thanks for reading!


23 Responses to “Dustin Brown, The Flyers, The Preds”
  1. Amy Jo says:

    You’re playing children? Shut up! When, where?!?! I need some amusement over Xmas break.

  2. Dan n St Paul says:

    speaking of surprsing teams that get virtually ignored…keep an eye on the Wild. moving up the standing steadily and getting solid goaltending and improved forechecking. Gotta Havlat!

  3. ms.conduct says:

    Midgets. Can they please rename levels of kid hockey to make some goddamn sense? I have hockey parent friends and they talk about this stuff and I’m like, “Give me an age range because those labels all sound like 7 year olds to me.”

    After playing against a bunch of them for a few months now at my Tuesday drop in, I would like to submit “Showboating, Cherry-picking Brats” as a substitute for “Midgets.”

  4. Pete says:

    soooo, if pronger were to fight richards in a barn somewhere, would i be a bad guy for wishing a terrorist attack on aforementioned barn?

  5. jtbourne says:

    …No, but if that happens, and you see it, I’ll consider you a terrorist for not filming it for all of us to cherish.

  6. Neil says:

    Yeah it breaks my heart to see a room full of douche-bags have chemistry problems. Good call on banging your friend’s wife, and Chris, maybe try to play out the first half of the season before questioning the captain of your new team.

    Am I wrong to think Joni Frei was better than half the PG’s in the WNBA when she was 15? Too bad she went into softball, she could have been making 7k a year playing for the Sparks.

  7. jtbourne says:

    Joni Frei was better than most of the PG’s on the LAKERS at 15. You’re totally right. Maybe eight.

  8. Years ago I watched a local AA Midget team play the then WCHL Anchorage Aces during their preseason. There was a tacit gentleman’s agreement before the game in favor of good sportsmanship. My nephew was bantam age (15) at the time and playing up and one of his teammates was Anchorage’s now somewhat notorious Chad Richard (future near-400 penalty mins/yr – WCHL/ECHL/QSPHL).

    Let’s just say it got a little bit ugly (frustrated rough play from both sides) and there were more than a couple of sets of parent’s who didn’t fully appreciate the way some of their 17 year olds got treated. My nephew’s eye’s were fixed in wide eyed astonishment at the end (in which both benches actually cleared … the cooler heads prevailed luckily). It was a decent team that had more than a few guys play multiple years of Junior A and some D1 play as well. I don’t remember the outcome but I know it was a close result.

  9. Officer Koharski says:

    Hey, Thompson isn’t paid to score goals, he’s paid to get the puck in deep and forecheck it hard. Mission accomplished. As for the predators, I forgot they were an NHL team. They might be playing great but I can’t think of anyone interesting on that team. Weber is sick but besides him they are extremely forgettable.

  10. Justin says:

    I was at the Isles game last night and it was heartbreaking to see in person. Even more heartbreaking was watching Thomson’s play get dissected on Around-the-horn and also Pardon the interuption. Oh well, at least the Isles were mentioned on ESPN for a change.

  11. Pete L says:

    My son is playing midget now. They will get chippy, regardless of any agreements prior to gametime. Take them to school, Justin, provided the lungs don’t collapse.

    The Thompson shot (is it still a shot if it goes nowhere near the net?) is as painful to watch now as it was live!

  12. jtbourne says:

    Really, Koharski, you wanna defend Thompson on that? YOU couldn’t miss by that much from there after a bottle of Patron while using a field hockey stick. He’s still in the NHL, dude.

  13. Travelchic59 says:

    Lost my mind at the game last night when Thompson missed the net. Lundquist RARELY makes those kind of mistakes and to not be able to capitalize on it was AWFUL!! Completely changes the tone of the game if he had scored.

  14. Officer Koharski says:

    I was just kidding about getting it deep but Thompson has been pretty decent for an energy shift or just wearing down the other team. I feel bad for him because now it’s frontpage on, the non-sports world is getting a laugh in too. Lundqvist swatting at him and the defender coming over made him shit his pants and choke at the worst time ever. I agree it would have completley changed the momentum of the game, too.

  15. andy says:

    Wow – hard to be a Flyers fan around here, isn’t it?

  16. John says:

    Oh man…full contact! Am quite curious to hear how that plays out. Please share.

    I have been rooting around for a full-contact adult game in the NYC metro area with no success. Like looking for Fight Club.

    “…guys have to get up in the morning and go to work” is the most common refrain.

    Somewhat ridiculous that no rink would let consenting adults play real hockey.

    Any opinion from you on this? Contact in rec-league hockey for players who want that?

  17. Pierre McGuire says:

    That Mike Richards is a MONSTER.

  18. Neil says:

    Yeah Bourne, let us know how that goes, I’m really curious.

    I was watching an exhibition between the Canadian and U.S. women’s national teams the other day, the skill was definitely there but how BRUTAL is it that they can’t hit each other? Your 14-year-old, pre-pubescent sons are apparently fine getting railed by kids in their class that shave, but a 27-year-old woman who could skate circles around all of them can’t hit because she’s…. I dunno, because she’s what? All game I had to watch players come in for a perfect check, only to slow up at the last second. Not surprisingly, no one is afraid to hold on to the puck for hours too long and the pace never gets out of second gear. Let em hit!

    Andy: if the shoe fits….

  19. Char says:

    I always sort of liked Briere, but then I saw him drag David Krejci the ENTIRE length of the ice by his stick (looked like a damn sled dog) and then try to fight him afterward (almost funny for the “WTF?” look on Krejci’s face), and decided he’s just as much an ass as the rest of the Flyers. It’s hilarious how all the pundits talked about how great Pronger was going to make them. Yeah, right.

  20. Michael G. says:

    Love the writing. Keep it coming.

  21. Ron says:

    Is it me or is Hartnell wearing a shirt designed for a chick in the other photo from that linked Deadspin article? (A pair of “dreamcatchers” positioned rather deliberately). Just saying… maybe there’s a reason his wife is shopping around.

  22. Char says:

    If I woke up one day and found myself married to Scott Hartnell, I wouldn’t be “shopping around,” I’d be running for the hills.

  23. Neil says:

    Apparently that rumour is totally false, Carter and Hartnell both insist it’s the product of one person talking shit on his blog.

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