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Your Unnecessarily Happy Monday Post



Few things make me as happy as when Down Goes Brown tweets that he has a new entry up.  He is, unequivocally, the best provider of hockey funny on the ‘net, made better by the fact that he seems to be well informed.

The best part is, his type of infotainment (mmm, buzzwords…) represents the direction sports coverage is moving.  Thanks to the internet, there’s alternatives to ESPN’s ”pre-season-baseball-is-something-to-be-taken-seriously” tone.  Sites like his (and hopefully mine) are like sports version of The Daily Show.  You don’t always tune in to learn about politics (or sports), but you can’t help but pick up a few things as you go.

If you want a hockey blog that’s basically the CNN of what’s going on with the NHL’s major topic du jour, Stu Hackel runs the NY Times Slapshot Hockey Blog, and does a great job of providing the big picture.  I like to read his daily entry, right-click all the links, open them in new windows, and spend the next hour catching up on whats going on with the more serious side.

So imagine my delight (and jealousy) when today’s Down Goes Brown post revealed a partnership between the two blogs.  Well played, NY times – good to see you working to meet the interests of more hockey fans.

Also, the Down Goes Brown partnership with Bloge Salming has provided us with a number of hilarious hockey videos (remember the Olympic hockey rap?) it’s a shame they usually pertain to the *gag* Maple *dry-heave* Leafs.  Here’s one of the more recent gems, an “NHL on NBC promo spot”. 



As for your own resident (and often cynical) hockey blogger, I say good morning!

If a week could be an “eve”, this week would be BestSportsWeekEver Eve (rolls off the tongue, eh?). 

The good thing about “Eve’s” (Christmas, New Years, um… Labour Day?), is that they’re usually fun too.  So lets have some.  Here’s some stuff that’s great right now, to set you on a positive course for your week:

*Fans are actually attending games in Phoenix….  Because they’re winning….  Like a certain blogger once wrote would happen.  Be prepared - I fully intend to go “Fire Joe Morgan”-style on my own pre-season article to validate myself.  Go Coyotes!  (Today’s all-too-obvious tidbit for Coyotes fans: Catching San Jose just because the most important thing in your world.  You should start cheering like it’s playoffs, for real…. You know Detroit is gonna pass Nashville for 5th.  Nobody wants to play one of the best teams in the league as a five seed).

*It’s spring.  I haven’t exactly been suffering over here in Phoenix in the winter, but damn, is it nice out these days. 

*We’re a few days behind Puck Daddy over here, but I wanted to boost our egos on my blog today anyway - sometimes even the best players eat it, just like you!  Enjoy these two shootout fails:


(I love that the ref waves his arms, signaling “no goal!”  Thanks, Judge Judy.  That was a tough call.)

*My TBAF (to blog about files) are stuffed with awesomeness.  It’d still be a good week if the NHL wasn’t heading to playoffs, college hockey wasn’t headed to the Frozen Four, March Madness wasn’t headed to the Final Four, the Masters weren’t coming up, baseball season wasn’t starting, NBA playoffs weren’t starting and all that other stuff…. but it’s all happening, so buckle in.

*Bourne’s Blog recieved a couple much appreciated donations this week, with a bonus:  One of them was it’s first from an NHL Hall-of-Famer.  So just think, when you’re commenting, some legit hockey people are reading your opinions (and probably fully judging you).  So keep up the good work, my entries are nothing without your follow-up. {A lot of my buddies that still play at the highest levels periodically check-in and recommend topics, so they’re judging you too.}

For those of you who’re thinking “eff you with the positivity, it’s Monday”, that’s fine.  I’m a prick too.  But just relax for today, and we’ll get to hating stuff tomorrow.  Like 3D TV’s (I just bought a TV, in September, you a-holes) and Rick Dipietro’s structural make-up (At least Roloson’s catching Chelios in age!).



UPDATE: Go read my thoughts on implementing a transitionary visor rule for The Hockey News.  St. Louis Blues defenseman Tyson Strachan already wrote me to tell me it’s a dumb idea, soo….. hot start, Bourne.


Also – a couple requests for the “Jim Playfair melts down” video, so here ya go.  Dude looks like my college coach Dave Shyiak, if Shyiak was full of meth, speed and malt liquor:


14 Responses to “Your Unnecessarily Happy Monday Post”
  1. AiH says:

    Speaking of joe – Starbucks is featuring something called Komodo Dragon blend this week and after watching a Komodo Dragon take down a water buffalo on Life yesterday I figured I could use a little more Komodo Dragon in my life.

    Anytime you weigh a buck fifty and take down a water buffalo for dinner you’re doing something special and you’re god damn right I want to be a part of it.

  2. jtbourne says:

    I dunno dude – I played with a couple 150 pound teammates that took down a water buffalo or two…. I wouldn’t be so confident it’s something you want to be a part of.

  3. Pat says:

    I nearly just spit out my soda on the screen. Great point, Bourne!

  4. GBCK says:

    1. hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! (above comment)
    2. Office linebacker is the best commercial series ever

  5. ms.conduct says:

    Thanks for the DGB video. Somehow I missed that.

    I can’t touch your level of OMGLIFEISSOGREAT today, so I’ll just crawl back under my Monday rock.

  6. JC says:

    Shiny Happy Post. Nice! The arguments I’ve heard from the anti-visor contingent could apply to all protective equipment so giving it any merit seems goofy to me. All equipment slows you down and decreases your mobility. Is anyone on the planet not faster on the pond with just your skates and stick? In the history of the sport sticks, pucks, skate blades, etc. are undefeated vs. eyeballs. Please put on the visor before I have to see 500 channels blasting the NHL after an eye comes out Kill Bill Style.

  7. minnesotagirl71 says:

    Nice, logical argument on the visor issue. I just have to say in regards to your photo in support of the visor rule…while the sight of the bad eye causes sympathy pain, the good eye just made my Monday. Good God – you and Brianna are going to have beautiful children.

  8. MWL says:

    JB, speaking about your coaches the one previous to Shyiak has been taking a lot of heat from the Gopher Faithful. Not sure if people are looking for a scapegoat or what but the A.D. confirmed Lucia is staying so now they want Hill out. Thoughts on his coaching? Not asking you to drag him through the mud, just curious about your opinion. He had an interesting career path concerning your squad…

  9. KarenfromRochester says:

    wow! Did you have a 6 pack of Red Bulls for breakfast today?! I need some of that energy right now!

  10. Madeleine says:

    Best part of that video is watching the player on the guy’s left trying not to laugh.

  11. ann says:

    Not sure if anyone here has had the, ahem, pleasure, but having seen Jamie Koharski call a number of games at the AHL level, there have been times where I wanted to do exactly what Playfair did there. ;-)

    Anyone know where I can get an Office Linebacker…..

  12. marie says:

    I really like the player on the coaches right acting like nothing unusual is going on. “Just another day at the …office..”

  13. The best part about that Playfair video is the player to the right who looks like he’s trying not to laugh and covering his mouth with his glove.

  14. Char says:

    What are the two most important parts of a man’s body? His jewels and his eyes. Would these guys play without protecting their jewels? I’m sure they’d skate more easily if they ditched their cups.

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