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I Just… It, um… This Gets Its Own Entry



This is it for today, just a couple minute video that’s puuure smiling time.  I had planned on a second post, but realized I’ve got my first USA Today Power Rankings to get started.  Soooo, hockey research day!  Hope you have a great long weekend.  Just think, after that, it’s the sports season!  So without further ado….

I present to you, courtesy my cousin’s girlfriend Jocelyn on twitter, MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON.

“Hmmp, uhh. N-I can’t, I can’t I can’t lift anything up at all.”


17 Responses to “I Just… It, um… This Gets Its Own Entry”
  1. The Franchise says:

    Ha love marcel the shell with shoes on. It is as classic as “Kittens inspired by Kittens” (

  2. Sarah says:

    i can’t count the number of times I’ve watched this, dear god.

  3. Nathan says:

    I can’t view or listen to youtubes at work, so could somebody or somepeople please describe to me what’s happening?

  4. ms.conduct says:

    Tell ‘em you’re sick and go home and watch them. Nobody will care. It’s a holiday Friday.

  5. jtbourne says:

    Haha, yes, can somewhat describe that, please?

  6. Nathan says:

    Aww, but I already saluted the boss with a “Good morning! How are you? I’m great!”

  7. jtbourne says:

    Ahh, change of plans all, just the one post today. Nathan, the video is an animated talking shell named Marcel, and he’s got shoes on. That’s pretty much the gist of it :)

  8. Nathan says:

    I don’t find that so funny. Maybe it’s one of those youtubes where you really need to see the video and hear the audio to be amused because my imagination isn’t working with this description very well.

  9. minnesotagirl71 says:

    I didn’t think it was very funny either. Except the part where he ties a ball of lint to a hair and pretends it’s his dog – that kind of cracked me up.

  10. jtbourne says:

    Ummm, Nathan can’t actually see it, minnesotagirl71. Have you no sense of adorable?

  11. Sherry says:

    Nathan, beyond the fact that the whole concept is bizzarely funny (to me at least) – its the interplay between Marcel and the guy who is filming her (she’s a “her” right?) that gets me. That and her dog. Must see vid – gonna send out the blog post link to my people.

    Have a good weekend everybody! I’m pumped because we’re going to see Machete (orale ese…) after tuning up with El Mariachi and Desperado on DVD. Vamonos!

    Oh and speaking of thugs – I read today that Cooke is going to be on Staal’s left (Malkin on his right) this season Justin. If that’s true, it’s not bad for a “criminal”… :)

  12. KarenfromRochester says:

    O sure…now it starts! Blowing off the blog in order to do paying work! juuust kidding! : O )

  13. Nathan says:

    Thanks Justin! I haven’t heard that from anyone except my aunts and that was at least sixteen years ago.

    Thanks Sherry!

    Happy long weekend people.

  14. minnesotagirl71 says:

    Bourne – Give me cute animal pics – that’s adorable. Even you having a “scrap” with your cat and being afraid of babies is adorable. A shell with shoes and one giant google eye – that’s just a little creepy.

  15. john says:

    I have never seen the Marcel video before, but it moved me. Back in the day, I owned a couple of hermit crabs with my then-girlfriend, and those little guys were the balls. Each one had its own personality, and they would regularly “wrestle” on the living room floor with their big-ass shells clinking around. You could pick them up in your hand and pet them, or just put them on your shirt, and they would just chill with you while you watched TV or such. I miss the heck out of them. I would love to get a couple more of those guys, but not the best idea, as we now have a sizable cat who is all business when it comes to small creatures making their way across the floor of the abode. Oh well

  16. Mike says:

    My kids loved that video. Man are they going to be pissed when hockey season starts again and find that this is a hockey blog that’s all about one-timers, slap shots and fights and certainly no kittens.

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