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Two – Spit Detroit



The fact of the matter is, Osgood is outplaying Fleury, and Detroit plays the best team defense I think I’ve ever seen.  They look like the Devils during the trap and smother days, but they do it without making fans feel like they ordered the Nyquil Big Gulp from the concession stand.

Random thought: Can Babcock win the Conn Smythe?

I gotta say, I loved seeing Malkin realize he was 6’4″ and give Zetterberg a little scare at the end of the game.  I can promise you, guys in the Red Wings room are dying laughing about Zetterberg engaging with Malkin, even throwing punches, but leaving one glove on.  If I may Don Cherry up this blog a bit, that really is something only a European player would do.

I’m pre-frustrated for the “Sid has been shut down” coverage that’s coming.  Sid was a flurry of skates and will, creating a couple great chances: Walking out from behind the net and hitting the inside post; feeding Guerin for a one-time in front that rattled off the inside post; slicing through the D at mach speed and throwing a quick snapper that Osgood kicksaved like only Billy Ranford could… he’s still damn near everywhere.

I made a comment to my Dad today, something to effect of “how long can they count on fourth liners for offense?” in regards to Detroit, but apparently they can do it all the way to the Cup.  Abdenflavour, or whatever that kids name is, is shooting rabbits feet with horseshoes I think.  That, or Fleury is single-handedly crushing the entire city of Pittsburgh.  Either or.

Zetterberg is making game changing, Stanley Cup earning plays, like drapping himself across the goal-line to stop Sid from making it 2-2 in the third, right before Allenskater scored to make it 3-1.  TSN turning point. 

Big game coming up in Pitt – here’s to hoping for a long series.

Friends and fam – I’m sans cell phone ’til I get to the States to buy a new one, probably on Friday.  I finally had to take Old Yeller behind the shed and thank it for the memories.


5 Responses to “Two – Spit Detroit”
  1. Julian says:

    red wings will win even without there guys they outmatch pittsburgh in terms of talent in every time

  2. Neil says:

    It sometimes seems like Detroit is the only team where the players listen to the coaches… It’s impressive seeing guys like Franzen and Zetterberg pick the deep dump and quick change over rolling the dice, and see them making that choice over and over, even making that choice down a goal in the second period. And not to give the dirty wings too much credit, but these guys show amazing discipline with taking dumb penalties, they always stay pretty calm and you can just watch the meter fill up with the refs- as if they don’t just love those guys. God I hope the Pens make a series of this.

  3. sullyfan says:

    Great post as always. Sorry to hear about your phone, but upgrades can be good! The cool kids here in the States all have iPhones…I’d get one. Then you can blog from your phone! Gets you on the golf course faster….

  4. AerosFan says:


  5. jtbourne says:

    Such a good point. It’s so difficult to make yourself do those annoying little things that coaches preach when you know you’re talented enough to do the fancy stuff that might lead to a goal. Babcock clearly has been the difference-maker. Detroit is an extremely talented team, so getting those guys to play the right way makes them nearly unbeatable. Pitt will make it a series though, they’ve been playing well.

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