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Trade Deadline Madness



Like every other hockey outlet, I’m stepping up my game for trade deadline day.  If you’d like to chat about what’s happened, BS about what might, or just generally listen to NHL information filtered through my hockey-addled brain, you can do it.

Come join in the live chat over at Hockey Primetime (starts at 9 a.m. EST), or better, tune into the three-hour long (1-4 p.m. EST) radio show that I’m co-hosting with Todd Lewis.  We’ll have some guests (Michael Landsberg, Paul Kelly and more) some laughs (if not you can laugh at me) and all that other good stuff.  So stop on by and have some fun.


2 Responses to “Trade Deadline Madness”
  1. yuri says:

    when’s the trade deadline?

  2. Jace says:

    I’m surprised the Penguins didn’t make any moves today.

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