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The Trade Deadline Ends. Thankfully.



Not sure if you caught it yesterday, but David Booth squared up and fought Mike Richards last night, which was the greatest thing in the history of the NHL ever.  I think.  Oh, and he had a goal and three assists.  And he’s on my fantasy hockey team.  I love David Booth.

Puttin' on the foil.

Think Team USA could have used one more goal scorer?  God it sucks that he didn’t get to play for his country… If I were Booth I’d have waited til Richards dropped his gloves, picked my stick back up and tried to crush his hands.  I’m just really proud of the guy for sticking up for himself against a tough character in Richards, that’s old time hockey.  Toe Blake n shit.


Mercifully, that trade deadline is over. The paint has dried.

But in the end, I like the paint colour.  I’m so excited that the Coyotes got Wojtek Wolski.  Living here in Phoenix, who did you want to go see play, who sold tickets?  Jovonovski?

Coyote fans are in for a treat.

I finally have some real insentive to go.  I love that they were so aggressive, I was just completely blindsided by it (seeing that they’re spending the leagues money and all.  But this makes so much sense!  This is what I’ve been saying!  If they want to make it here, they can’t do it without having a team worth watching!).  I’m not so sure if I stand by my prediction of “sell” now that they have five new guys in the lineup working to make a first impression on Tippett.

So yes – I like the moves my “hometown” boys made, trading for the offense I thought they lacked, and that I thought was going to catch up with them.  Even picking up Petteri Nokelainen was a great move, this guy is just waiting to blow up.  The only thing I don’t really get, is trading for Morris and Schneider.

The Phoenix Coyotes are leading the NHL in goals scored by a d-corp.  They’ve been solid defensively, playing in front of a guy they trust.  So what’s the point in bringing in offensive d-men when you’re doing great in that area, when the two guys coming in are both a “little” suspect defensively?  Now your defensive-liability-list is starting to look a little scary (and old).  It’s a good thing Tippett is such a good coach.  ….Plus, anytime you can get Vandermeer out of steady rotation you’ve improved your team, so good for the Coyotes there.


The NHL Network asked the question “who improved more, Washington or Pittsburgh?

Washington added: Joe Corvo, Scott Walker, Eric Belanger and Milan Jurcina.

Pittsburgh added: Alex Ponikarovsky and Jordan Leopold.

Wait, I'm on a real team now?

So many people loved Olympic hockey, because you didn’t have to sit through the shifts of tough-humans-who-can-skate-but-not-play-hockey like, oh I dunno, Scott Walker.  Admittedly, I don’t know much about Belanger (step up, Wild fans) or Corvo (step up, that-one-guy-from-Carolina-who-occasionally-defends-his-team-that-we-haven’t-really-heard-from-much-this-year), so I’m not really sure what happenend with Washington, I just know that any team adding Scott Walker is confused about how winning happens.

As for Pittsburgh, they made two golden, golden moves.  For me, last years Stanley Cup win was so incredible, because I thought they did it on the backs of about four or five guys, not a full team.  I figured it was going to be a lot harder for them to repeat than people thought.

With these moves, they picked up depth on D – Leopold is a hell of a player – as well as some size and scoring in PonikathankgodI’moutofToronto.

So early ruling, until we hear from readers – Pittsburgh gets the verdict over Washington…. likel usual.



22 Responses to “The Trade Deadline Ends. Thankfully.”
  1. House says:

    They got Schneider because they are second to last in the NHL on the power play and he is excellent on the power play. He is also, probably the best Jewish player ever to play in the NHL, but only the second best , at this point in time, to Cammalleri. Not that the Jewish part has anything to do with him going to Phoenix, just a fun note!

  2. jtbourne says:

    Hey, anytime you can get an old veteran out of the American Hockey League to fix your powerplay, you have to take it :)

  3. RewskiUVA says:

    As for Washington:

    These are not my opinions, but those of Boudreau and McPhee, as reported by the Caps color commentators.

    Belanger played under Boudreau in the AHL up in Lowell, Mass., Boudreau wanted him. Belenger is also high in the league in face-off wins, which Boodreau likes to pair with Ovechkin or Semin’s quick release. We had Jurcina for years before he was traded out west earlier this year. They consider Corvo a “puck-moving” defenseman that will fit into their system.Not much was mentioned about Walker other than he’s a hard working tempo guy.

    All in all, as a hometown Caps fan I like the Belenger and Corvo moves at face value. They didn’t cost much future value. I’ll be interested to see how they play out though.

  4. Jarick says:

    Belanger is top 10 in the league in faceoffs (57.6% I believe), a great PK’er, has some speed, solid defensively, but has few offensive talents. Not good enough for a second line center but an excellent third line center.

  5. jtbourne says:

    Nice to know guys, thanks.

  6. kev says:

    I think the Capitals’ management recognized that they weren’t lacking in goal scoring, but they needed the defensive play and grit come playoff time. I think Walker brings that tenacity and grit. He might not score goals, but we don’t need him to. It might also cause other teams to think twice before taking runs at Ovie or Semin (maybe?). Belanger fits the 3rd line center bill perfectly. We’ve been in search of a reliable one all season. Gordon/Steckel don’t provide enough offense, and Fleischmann isn’t good enough in the faceoff dot. Belanger fits that need nicely too.

  7. kev says:

    The only problem for the Caps is that with 4 NHL players coming in and only 1 leaving, it’ll be interesting how Boudreau shuffles around the lineup to keep everyone happy. There will definitely be some unhappy healthy scratches.

  8. Ben says:

    As a jaded football (soccer) fan from England who has followed the NHL for 20 years and become a fully signed-up fan in the last couple of years (ie watching the Hawks in the middle of the night and importing overpriced crap from the US), the Booth/Richards mini-fracas represents so much that is great about the sport and the guys who play it as opposed to the charlatans who get all the attention over here. Thanks for the great blog JB

  9. Ben says:

    Oh, and I’d just like to add that I haven’t jumped on the Hawks bandwagon. I picked them years ago because they mirror the football team I support, Tottenham, who have a rich history but been a bit rubbish and haven’t won the big one since 1961.

  10. AiH says:

    I’m going to take the last two sentences of the opening paragraph as a personal shot to my agates. I will continue to read on, but I’m doing so very reluctantly. Reluctance is the only way to proceed after blow to the peppers like that.

  11. jtbourne says:

    Haha, your peppers got punted. You wouldn’t want Booth anyways, he’s a bum ;) I have to be honest – I agreed with everyone that I thought I was pwning you in that trade, but hey, maybe you’re smarter than you…look?

  12. Mike P. says:

    Corvo is a good D man. Eric Belanger played for the Canes a short time. I always liked him. Granted I haven’t seen much of his recent play with Minnesota. Skated hard, played a good two way game, never really took a shift off. I always thought he was a good under the radar player.

  13. PVeltkamp says:

    A few things.

    You are dead on that it is nice to see guys stick up for themselves! but, where was the fight, lol? I was expecting to see a half decent tilt.

    I was kind of surprised to see Colorado trade Wolski, form their perspective I must admit I don’t understand. Good on Phoenix though for getting a guy like him!

    As far as the Washington Pittsburgh debate is concerned, I would give the win to Pitt. I think all they did was add good depth that shouldn’t really hurt them in any way. Washington added, Walker who I think is gonna cause you as much harm with penalties as he will do good with adding energy. Jurcina, meh nothing to write home about. Corvo, they don’t call him Oh No Joe for nothing, half decent offensively but has a penchant for turning the puck over. With Mike Green there his role seems pointless to me. Belanger I think is a great pickup for them though. Some offensive punch, not that they need it, but he come from Minny so you know he knows his way around the defensive zone, which will be really helpful in the playoffs.

    Finally, you were hosing AiH in that trade, it is only coincidence that those guys are working out right now. Almost 2 months after the fact.

  14. Doug says:

    The best take I’ve seen on the Caps’ trades is that they were depth-related moves. Belanger gives them a good penalty killer, with the added bonus that Dave Steckel doesn’t have to take every key faceoff. Jurcina pushes John Erskine to the bench. Walker can fill in on the 4th line if they have injuries up front. Corvo is basically a poor man’s Mike Green (I would say he’s a homeless man’s Mike Green, though it seems I have a higher opinion of Green and a lesser one of Corvo than most people).

    Pittsburgh’s moves might be bigger, but the Pens also had bigger holes to fill. Since I’m a Caps fan and I love to rain on Pittsburgh’s parade, would Poni crack Washington’s top two lines? And if Leopold is so good, why has he been traded away by 3 teams (Calgary traded him twice)? Could Leopold be one of those guys who has all the physical gifts that constantly entice GMs, but can’t put it together in the NHL and ends up disappointing?

  15. Neil says:

    I had a bunch of stuff to say but it has definitely been covered by the knowledgeable commentors that read your blog, Doug and kev nailed the Washington pick-ups in my opinion, Belanger might be the most versatile-yet-affordable center in the league. Porter/Mueller for Wolski was a great trade for both teams I think, shipping Porter out might have had something to do with bringing some bodies in (er… other way around), particularly when one or two untimely injuries to the back end can sink a team.

    Re: Schneider, maybe he’ll make me eat my words, but that guy was easily the worst player on the ice for Vancouver every time he got into a game. He was an absolute mess in his own end, looked two steps behind everyone, and didn’t play physical. The result? He flew down the depth chart, didn’t get into games, pouted, claimed he wouldn’t play at all, then grudgingly returned to the AHL after realizing he wasn’t going to get a paycheck. I’m happy the Canucks got a cent back for him because the word was he wasn’t getting along with anyone and made the Canucks management despise him in just months. (Cue the 12 PP goals in 20 games music….).

    That was sweet to see Booth drop the gloves. Even sweeter was seeing Richards 1) give him a decent shot to get his gloves off, square up, etc. 2) Give him the first swing (could be wrong…) 3) Not pummel him to death like everyone knows Mike Richards could have. Richards is known for his borderline hits and replays tend to make it look like he puts 110% into a guy’s face when 80% would do just fine, but his attitude in this fight won him some points with me. It’s a shame the Flyers are going to have yet another horribly disappointing year. A horrible shame.

  16. Neil says:

    Oh and nice work on the live trade blog Bourne, you did a pretty sweet job of providing comic relief to the ultra-serious-for-some-reason vibe and cracked me up more than a few times!

  17. zyllyx says:

    Why did the Yotes get Schneider?

    Because the alternative was keeping Anders Eriksson. Seriously.

  18. Madeleine says:

    Oh Alex, we’ll miss you.

  19. Blake says:

    Belanger is basically a steady, checking line forward having a contract year. He’ll win some faceoffs, he’ll be solid on the PK and every once in a while he’ll chip in with some points.

    Two things I love about this trade though.

    One, Belanger told Mike Russo after the trade that he thinks he can turn that Ovechkin kid into a player.

    Two, Jason Chimera (also of the Caps) absolutely HATES Belanger because of a check from behind that left Chimera spending a few days in the hospital. I mean hates to the extent that, the last time the two teams played, Chimera spent every damn shift chasing Belanger around the ice trying to get even. Now I don’t know about karma or anything like that…But hot damn would I love it if their lockers were right next to one another. AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWKWARD!!!

  20. penaltykiller9 says:

    Old #14 will slap you on the side of the head for those comments about the Islanders.the momentary blip was playing the “boy wonder” ship him to Bridgeport or better yet the ECHL. Why is Mike Milbury’s head still on .Does any one remember his comment” It’s off with my head if little Ricky isn’t the greatest goalie”

  21. possum says:

    I’m having a baby in June & getting married and this season there’s been a lot of not-hockey stuff going on here in Charlotte for me. Plus I went to the Olympics with my fiance, ate poutine, & don’t think I pissed off any Canadians other than the jackoff Delta Airlines employee I had to give The Business to at the airport. There really hasn’t been anything to talk about out of Raleigh except their defense is a freaking joke. Joe Corvo, the best #77 ever (to eat at the Raleigh Shoney’s), was one of the bright spots when healthy this year. He missed a bit of the season for an injury I can’t remember. He’s not terribly consistent defensively, but jumps in and scores from time to time. Of course, when you’re playing with pylons like the 2010 Aaron Ward, you’re gonna look pretty sweet. So as a Cap, I’m sure he’ll be overlooked.

    The two best things about the Hurricanes season is dumping the defense at the deadline and the Charlotte Checkers are gonna be the AHL affiliate for them next year. So long, Rangers and ECHL!

    Thanks for thinking of me,


  22. crushasaurus says:

    Don Cherry LOVES Joe Corvo. Guy gets a feature once on a month on Coach’s Corner on how much of a good guy he is. Hopefully he’ll just start watching Joe and stop whining about Russians.

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