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Today, In New York



Today, in New York:

I had my first cannoli.  Probably enjoyed quoting   ”The Godfather” more than I did the actual dessert.  “Take the gun.  Leave the cannoli”.  A little embarrassed that today was my first cannoli.


Clark wasn’t around today, because he was playing golf at Deep Dale with Michael Goddamn Jordan.  Awesome.


Went to The Hangover.  Mike Tyson did the funniest Mike Tyson parody I’ve ever seen.


Got NY insurance on my car.  Cost in Utah? $107 monthly.  In NY?  $301.  Can’t wait to change it the second I leave this state.


The biggest news?  Charlie Kronschnabel, American league superstar (you’re welcome, Chuck) is a decently smart guy.  I’ve been looking into pricing for building a website – somewhere that Bourne’s Blog can nestle in without being judged by the other WordPress blogs (which by the way is a wonderful program).  Charlie literally just did it.

The launch date is nearing because he hooked it up for free, so I’m super excited about it.  More info to come.  Lets go Pens!


5 Responses to “Today, In New York”
  1. Matt says:

    JB, glad to hear you’re moving to a new site. It’s been busy lately, but I’ll get back to you in this week. Thanks for going easy on the Canes after the Pens tore through them.

    Oh and cannolis are awesome.

  2. Neil says:

    Nice call on the Pens, it’s funny, I think this is the first time I’ve seriously entertained the notion that Detroit might not win, and it’s turning me into a big (temporary) Pens fan (although I’m saying Pens there because I’m not 100% on how to spell Pitzbergh). Um… Go Sid! Not to mention Hall Gill and Matt Cooke.

    I am eagerly anticipating the pre-game-7 thoughts, put me down for PENS in OT! no I’m joking of course….

  3. Neil says:

    oh whoops i meant to post this on the last entry

  4. pat says:

    So Justin do you have any bachelor party “Hangover” stories of your own to share?

  5. Hailey says:

    Charlie is more than just a pretty face? Who knew.

    “You may get this a lot… But is this the real Cesar’s Palace?”

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