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Tis The Morning Of Game 7 – Here’s My Column On It



New Hockey Primetime: a “Midweek Musing” on Game 7, and why tonight’s game will be low-risk, but exciting


6 Responses to “Tis The Morning Of Game 7 – Here’s My Column On It”
  1. AiH says:

    Once this Game 7 thing is decided will there be more pictures of Tyson and Jiggs?

  2. MattyJ says:

    Good column today, I mean at the link. I never thought about it that way, the hero vs goat thing. Sometimes it’s not even a player that gets the tag. What comes to mind when you hear the name Steve Bartman? Nobody remembers the other missed outs and dropped balls.

    How about Marty McSorley? Love him or hate him, his legacy was and always will be ‘the stick’.

  3. Got this email today from what is listed as your email addy


    My sincere regrets for this sudden request, things actually got out of control on my trip to London. I was mugged and all my belongings cash, cellphone and credit cards were all stolen at “gun point”. It’s such a traumatic experience for me. I need your help flying back home as I am trying to raise some money.

    Am Cash Strapped at the moment. I’ve made contact with my bank but the best they can do is to mail me a new card which will take 2-4 working days to arrive here, am currently concluding my documentation at the embassy so i can fly out, I need you to lend me some money to sort my self out of this predicament, will pay back once I get this over with.

    Please let me know if you can assist me in anyway so i can forward you details to effect a transfer. You can reach me via email or the hotel’s desk phone 08455850344



    I looked at the full header and it seems to have come from Australia and the internal “reply to” is set to

    I read about this “london mugging” scam last week or so.

  4. Tom says:

    Justin ,

    Getting off topic but I received an e-mail message this morning claiming to be from you ( from stating that, while in London, you were robbed at gun point of all your cash, credit cards, etc and you need help returing home. The message requests contributions and says use e-mail, a hotel phone number, etc.

    Has anyone else received such a message – it smells like a phishing scam that is using Justin’s address book.

  5. vx inTN says:

    It is now T minus 1 hour to game time. I predict that the game will be decided by the first (if any) Luongo goal. If its another Softie, his teammates will collectively once again quielty groan ‘here we go again’ and will quit like they did all the games on Boston.

    You know what the Bruins are bringing. Game 7 is Roberto’s game to win or lose.

    (Tim Thomas is already locked up with the Smythe)

  6. jtbourne says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to get things ironed out, but it ain’t easy. Lost all my old emails, all my contacts.

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