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Thoughts From Coyotes/Canucks….And Of Course, The Cats



New Puck Daddy: An Interview with Open champion and Atlanta Thrashers season-ticket holder Stewart Cink.  He’s a great guy, so I didn’t ask him about ruining the greatest sports story of the decade in stealing the major from 60 year old Tom Watson. (I kid, Cink played amazing, clutch putt on 18)

I’ve got a fairly interesting “instructional” type post tomorrow on a way more guys are scoring these days, be sure to stop by and check it out.


So for whatever reason – whatever annoying reason, that is – YouTube periodically won’t let me upload videos I take on my phone.  Other times, it takes ten seconds and it’s a snap.  Twice I’ve had wicked cat videos that they’ve denied: one, Tyson “greeting” his new bro with vicious hisses, and two, just now, he basically put Jiggs in a headlock to clean him.  I’ll try again later.

Instead, I only got this, the nice video.  They really are bestest buds.

 …..okay, now it won’t embed.  Eff it, go look at it here: Tyson cleaning Jiggs

It’s cute, but it’s not reality.  They usually play rough.  It’s usually a flurry of white rabbity fur around Tyson’s head, who takes it for about 30 seconds before begrudgingly kicking the snot out of the little warrior.  It’s usually something more….like….this:



So I went to the Canucks / Coyotes contest here in Phoenix yesterday, my thoughts:

*To say the crowd was 50% pro-Canucks might be an understatement.  If there weren’t more of them, they were louder.  They chanted Luuuuu, sang the anthem loud and proud, and even the damn green men showed up in full effect.

Hodgson rocked the birdcage last night, not the best look for him.

*Oliver Ekman-Larsson is going to be a top-10 defenseman in the NHL someday.  The kid is what, 19?  It says he’s 6’2″ (looked taller), and as I tweeted ever-so-homoerotically, he skates like a dream and handles the puck even better.  Goodness.

*Bissonnette skates better than he did when I played against him in Wilkes-Barre, by leaps and bounds.  I’d even go as far as to say he’s a good skater at the NHL level.  In general, he’s actually not a bad player, I had let his self-deprecation get to my head.

*The Sedins pass the puck really, really well.  Constantly fit it into areas that were no bigger than a stick blade.

*Kesler is a monster of a dude.  He’ll be an absolute menace to play against in playoffs.

*Also as I tweeted, Cody Hodgson skates a little wide.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, but he doesn’t bring his skates all the way back under his body, which makes for a shorter, less efficient stride.  Mason Raymond?  He comes wayyy across his own center-line.

*I’d have pulled Bryz after the Hodgson goal.  Brutal in a 2-0 game to let a puck go in not all that hard and halfway up the net.  I think he expected a better shot and was bringing his glove up for a quick one, but it was a change-up.  Still, gotta yank him there.

*Yandle is as good as I remembered, good, hard, smart outlet passes all night.

*The Coyotes looked poor, but only because the best team in the NHL looked really good.  Phoenix just isn’t quite on that level, as disciplined as they tend to play.

Anyone else go last night?  What’d you think?


17 Responses to “Thoughts From Coyotes/Canucks….And Of Course, The Cats”
  1. Nadeau says:

    No mention of the Johnson Shutout + KO on your boy Ricky D!!!?

  2. Dean says:

    Stewart’s a great guy! I met him at the Thrashers opening night last season, and see him around town with his wife watching bands occasionally. You should’ve asked Stewart about the knee hockey rink in his rec room. Evidently, he’s got the lines inlaid in the carpet in everything. There were some pictures on Twitter at one point.

  3. Liviu Bird says:

    Another game, another resounding Canucks victory. If we don’t win the cup this year, we never will. That is all.

  4. LaurenceB says:

    Why exactly did Yandle got a 10min misc??? It looked mysterious…

  5. SierraAZ says:

    Great insight across the board as always, JB. Yotes looked outclassed last night. Needed Bryz to steal one, and I agree, should have pulled him after Hodgson’s goal. Backbreaker to let that in. Taking into account their recent gutpunch losses to San Jose and Edmonton, they’re definitely behind the 8 ball when it comes to making the playoffs in a hypercompetitive Western Conference… especially if they don’t want to run into the Canucks or (shudder) the Wings again as a 7 or 8 seed.

    Keep up the great work, you bring a voice and insight I can’t find anywhere else.

  6. Alanna says:

    Any update on the Jigga Man’s gimpiness? The boys are adorable together, BTW. They remind me of my older brothers—look after each other for the most part when they weren’t beating the shit out of each other.

  7. Neil says:

    Phoenix isn’t going to make the playoffs the way things are going right now, too many streaking teams in the West. They better turn that ship around ASAP, every team below them in the standings has at least one game in hand, some of them have 3 (Minny, Colorado). 30 games left…

  8. Deirdre says:

    That is definitely Tyson’s look of “you hate me, you must or you wouldn’t have released this *thing* into my house.”

  9. Tom Curran says:

    The Canucks played so well because they were playing in a cold environment in the desert for a change!
    It felt like home!!
    Enjoy your visit with your old man JT!
    Sturg is always a little emptier without him!
    any word from the Island if Dipietro is out for the season with a broken tooth and totally smashed ego?
    That punch seems to be a total analogy of his whole career!

  10. Tom Curran says:

    The ‘Nucks are for real!
    4 starting d men out and still rolling along!
    your thoughts on Bobby Lou’s 17-2-5 record since the 7-1 thrashing at home to the Hawks?
    Kesler is a !@#$% machine!!

  11. Tom Curran says:

    I was waiting forTyson to take a bite out of his ear!!

  12. jtbourne says:

    Curran – you have a 2-to-3 night free pass at Chez Bourne. We have a room for dad, and our living room couch is a full bed too. In a month or two, gorgeous tracks will have cut their rates in half (or more). BOOK IT.

  13. Tom Curran says:

    Thanks for the invite mate!
    Will take you up on it!
    Have new clubs to work out!
    Look forward to hanging out with you, Bri, and the furr brothers!

  14. Tom Curran says:

    Will do the cooking for dinner one night while I’m there.

  15. TheFecklessPuck says:

    I was at the game (as I am at all home games – gotta get in as much hockey as I can before Glendale pisses away the Hulsizer deal and the team moves to Left Noob, Manitoba). That was Gretzky-era effort from the Mutts. I knew from about the two-minute mark of the 1st that we were going to get blown out, it was THAT OBVIOUS.

    And I think on the whole, Don Maloney is sitting at a solid A grade as GM but the Rozsival trade is looking worse and worse with each passing game. The tentative play, the passes into the shin pads… it’s like Jovo without the offensive upside. I still think we needed to trade Wolski but not for this guy.

    Glass half full – your cats are awesome.

  16. Joe says:

    Thanks for taking Rozy off our hands. Wolski is fitting in nicely here in NY.


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