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This, That, and The Other Thing



Let’s have a couple quick Friday night thoughts, shall we?

First, the “don’t touch the cup” theory, regarding the conference final trophy.

Hogwash.  Hockey is a sport, not a game.  Talent wins sports, luck wins games (with golf walking the thin line as a gort… possibly a spame).  Touch the damn cup.  Congrats to Sidney Crosby and the Penguins, who sent a message I like – that being, who cares?  Yeah, we touched it.  We aren’t reading tea leaves or reading horoscopes.  We touched the cup.  Now we play the Wings.  Next storyline, thanks.


I play golf, hence, I have a farmer tan.  But recently, I got some sun in Phoenix, meaning everything got a shade darker, which is just a farmer tan, but, um, darker.  I got home yesterday, and played golf in 30 degree (celcius) heat, and burnt my face.  Undeniably, I look like walking neopolitan ice cream.  Sick.


My brother Jeff, is organizing a Rick Hansen Foundation event in Kelowna, and thanks to the event holder, Sturgeon Hall (and Jeff, of course), it’s going to be a wonderful afternoon.  For a $20 dollar donation to the Rick Hansen Foundation (spinal cord research), you can get two pilsners, a Bourne Burger or a couple hot dogs, a couple hours with some good folks, 50/50 draws and auction items on June 27th in Kelowna.  Anyone interested, hit the guy up at


Beef tenderloin, medium rare, with peppercorn gravy, onion and mushroom for dinner’s main event tonight.  Top that.


2 Responses to “This, That, and The Other Thing”
  1. Travis says:

    A bowl of Fruity Pebbles after waiting all day just to watch the Aces get smashed like its no ones business. Take that, beef tenderloin. Ugh… Thank you for writing (nearly) everyday.

  2. byron moore says:

    well that opens up a debate, don’t it!
    “Hockey is a sport, not a game. Talent wins sports, luck wins games”. yes you play a game of hockey, so it is a game. but i think i see what you’re getting at. scrabble or poker are games in the sense that luck is far more involved ie: luck of the draw of letters or cards. if a card player goes on a good run he’ll say he was “lucky tonight”. if a hockey team goes on a streak, well luck is involved certainly, but you make your good luck when you’re good. and your bad luck when you’re bad. talent is the thing that wins there. so, sports – talent, games – luck. hmmm.. neat to ponder. thots are things you think.

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