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This Just in…



Since I decided it was a suitable subtitle for my blog, I figured it was only fitting that today’s blog be called:

This Just in…

The Maryland women’s basketball team came up with it’s slogan for next year:   “We eat kids”.  

I frickin’ love it.  I don’t need a slogan, but if I did, I’m pretty sure it’d be along the same lines.  I’d probably tone it down a bit though.  Maybe ”I punch babies.” 

It wouldn’t be entirely true, but I think I’d do it if it people didn’t tend to frown on it.  Maybe I’ll change my blog subtitle to that.  Bourne’s Blog:  I punch babies.  Goo goo ga - BAM!

This Just in…

A place called 123 Burger Shot exists.

In today’s post-meeting NYC wandering, I stumbled upon it as a lunch spot.  Guess what it serves?  Burgers.  Shots.  Beer.  Apparently, you give the kind gentleman behind the bar eight dollars, and he gives you one of each.  Where was that in college?

Also – I saw Hell’s Kitchen on a restaurant sign.  Thinking of the reality show, I wandered over to take a peek, but noticed the place beside it was a part of Hells Kitchen too.  And the one across the street.  And the one beside that.  How many of my Canadian brethren knew that Hells Kitchen was actually a part of New York City?  Well, now you do.

This Just in…

I think pigeons kind of walk how horses run, all neck-first ‘n stuff.  Aren’t you glad you read my blog today?

This Just in…

I know most of my readers are avid hockey followers, so lets discuss:

If you were looking at the NHL as a business, and were considering taking fighting out of the game, do you think you would be able to replace the blood-loving fans who might stop watching the game?  Are there hockey fans out there who are so turned off by the brutality of fighting that they’ve stayed out of the rinks, but would return if we exiled the scraps?  Aside from how it would effect the game, and the product to the fan who would watch either way, how do you make up for the likely loss in attendance?

The NHL is seeing a seismic shift in the demographic of it’s fan base.  From a business standpoint, I would contend that there is no way the NHL can afford to cut fights out of the game, dangerous to the players or not.  The players know the risks involved in their profession, and choose to fight, fully aware of the slab of slippery concrete beneath them.  I have a feeling I’ll be getting further into this later.

And last…

This Just in…

Puppy Cash and I, with Bruce peekin’ in:


6 Responses to “This Just in…”
  1. Travelchic59 says:

    Love the pic of the mini Newfy. I bet he grows to be HUGE! I had an uncle who had 2 of them. He got them as show dogs, then gave up on that and just let them be pets. My earliest memory of them was hearing my grandmother crying over how they tore up her kitchen floor and ate it. No matter how much they were fed they were always hungry and chewing something.

    I can’t believe you never heard of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a really famous (or should I say infamous) part of NY.

  2. ms.conduct says:

    Yes to punching babies
    Yes to burger/shot/beer (genius, though my fav “gimmick” restaurant in NYC is still S’Mac–all mac and cheese!)
    Maybe to pigeon vs. horse gait analysis (further study required)
    Boo to any hoser who quits watching hockey if fighting is banned
    Yes (x infinity) to giant, fluffy puppies

  3. Ja9 says:

    I don’t see fighting as being a critical issue in re: retaining/recruiting more avid hockey fans. Like you said, it’s doubtful that if it were taken out of the game hordes of people would start piling into arenas. The more likely result of disrupting the status quo would relate to a media disaster that can only hurt the NHL by alienating die-hard fans. Also Don Cherry might throw himself off of a roof and that would be said.

    Furthermore, I think most people who have a problem with fighting are lukewarm fans/casual observers who 1) don’t realize that back in the day fights were much more common (I believe there was a fellow named Gillies who was involved in a few of them) & 2) equate “fighting” with all-out bench-clearing brawls. Then again I have friends (girls, truth be told) who get all “OMG, they’re fighting!” the second two guys get into some shoving.

  4. Geezette says:

    Brian and Joey Mullen were pretty famous hockey players that came out of Hell’s kitchen.

    As far as fighting goes, I have seen people (usually a woman with young children) get up and leave when a fight broke out. It was their first and last game. I don’t like the obligatory fights, but will put up with them if I have to. To encourage the blood-thirsty and possibly drunken element, why not have a fight-off instead of a shoot-out if the game is tied? That way I could go home when the part of the game I enjoy is over (I don’t mind ties either) and yet the other element could be satisfied.

  5. Neil says:

    Agreed, if you stop watching hockey because the fighting is out then good riddance. In terms of the audience increasing or decreasing, in Canada I don’t think it would matter: as long as the hockey is aggressive, big hits, etc., then a slow, planned removal over 15-30 years (like the one underway) wouldn’t stir people as much as some claim, imho. The best hockey that gets played each year is in the Stanley Cup playoffs and teams almost never fight, although guys get broken in half by Scott Stevens a lot. When I watch Euro hockey I think the ice is too big and guys don’t have to be tough in close anymore; fighting wouldn’t help that. As for the US audience, that’s a question I would love to know the answer to as well because one of the mantras repeated over and over in Canada is that Bettman is trying to “soften the game for the American audience”. Who watches hockey in the US and why?

  6. GBCK says:

    This just in… Puppy is unreal, Bruce is cute, you are just okay. (But I do like the hat- Unfortunately we will have to coordinate because I just bought a baby blue that fits as mediocre as that one does on you.. Call ahead is all I’m saying)

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