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This and That



I dropped off the lady-friend this morning sometime around a number that starts with “5″ in the a.m, and sat down on the couch to polish up today’s Puck Daddy column, on why it’s better to have a legit starter and legit back-up than two starters.

Corner of Dobson and Ray

I am an absolute zombie, which is kind of a bummer, cause I intended to go to my favourite sports pub and catch the Isles game at four, and I’d like to be in a good mood.  I’ll need to be if I intend to tolerate barstool chat with The Guy-Who-Can’t-Go-Home-Cause-He-Hates-His-Wife (“Simmons is old!”) and the Guy-Who’s-Been-There-Since-His-Long-Lunch-And-Gave-Up-On-Going-Back-To-Work-So-Now-He’s-Shithoused-And-Chatty. 

I mean, I’ll still probably go, I’ll just be pulling my hat lower.  Gotta get outta the house.  Come on down and watch the Isles game with me if you want.

And here, for no particular reason, is Ralphie pouring a pint:

He has a Darth Tater tatoo, beat that.


Here’s some fun stuff:

Go check out Joe Posnanski’s piece on the 32 greatest sports calls ever.  I’d say I got goose bumps and chills a full five times, and I only listened to a dozen-or-so of them.  Great stuff there.  Al Michaels “Do you believe in miracles?  YES!”  Made me realize, y’know, I still haven’t seen the Miracle movie.  Isn’t that crazy?  Just sorta thought I’d run into it eventually.


Yesterday’s Puck Daddy column on “love to win” vs. “hate to lose” was inspired by a phone call with a gentleman name Addison Carpenter who works with Human Exventures.  Basically, they focus on the maximizing the potential within athletes.  Addison, if you’re reading this, please, plug anything you want in the comments section, good chatting with you.  Talk up  Total Player Talent, Who The, whatever you want.


Insert randomly googled image.

Here’s a shared experience:

How many of you smartphone-owning guys keep everything in your left pocket (if you’re a righty) like wallet, keys etc, and just your cell phone in your right?  Admit it, I just nailed your pocket set-up.  If not, whatchu got?  Walk me through your system.  I’m always looking to upgrade.

That brings me to the “I love cargo shorts” segment of today’s blog.  I’m dreading when they go from “not exactly in” to “horribly out of touch,” cause they’re just so practical.  I have two pairs I wear regularly, and I swear, I could go on vacation without packing a bag if I stuffed those things right.


I’ve been obsessing over my new Jimmy Eat World album, cause they only come out with one every few years and they’re like, 12 songs long.  If you like slow, soothing stuff, they always do it up right.  I love the song “Invented” off this album….. called “Invented.”  Get it.


This one is tough to explain, but I’ll do my best.  Actually, I think I just figured it out as I wrote that sentence:


There seems to me to be this divide between hockey players who are everywhere at once, and guys who do things singularly well.

Curtis Glencross does each individual skill phenomenally well.  Skates like the wind, heavy shot, can run guys over, all that good stuff.

But something, for me anyway (and remember, we were teammates) was…. not lacking, that’s not the right word, but “off,” maybe?  Maybe since he’s become a pro he’s ironed out those details, but it just seemed like everything had to be perfect for him to showcase that shot, or speed, or whatever.

It probably boils down to this:  he wasn’t a stop and starter.

Someone like Patrice Bergeron, or anyone who people consider to be a great defensive forward, these guys just never seem to be out of the play.  Sometimes they might miss rare, rare opportunities to jump for a breakaway I’m sure, but they just always do it the right way, they’re on the right side of the puck, and you can count on them.

What I’m trying to say is: I feel like Glencross (a great player with tons of skill, whom I like, yada yada) is on one of those bubble hockey tracks and can’t get off it, forward and back, forward and back – meanwhile Bergeron is able to be anywhere.  I dunno, that was meandering, but there’s a point in there somewhere.


Ho’kay, friends, Romans, countrymen – it’s a Justin/Tyson solo weekend.  Follow me on twitter if you’d like to be a part of the magic.

And in the meantime….. Here’s me on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg.  We have a good time doing those bits, and he actually seems like a really good guy.  Despite his preference for what Wyshynski described on-air as ”baby gap tees.”

Watch Bourne on TSN


TGIF!  Hope it’s as sunny and warm there as it is here!  C’mon down to Nate’s around 4:00 for a beer!


36 Responses to “This and That”
  1. ms.conduct says:

    Loved the goalie piece today (natch). Honestly never occurred to me that a team would really much care either way. Inside perspective on that dynamic is something else… thanks.

    Always wanted to just hit up my favorite pub when Mr.C is out of town and engage in bar stool chat, but felt like a woman alone in a bar chatting up guys could be too easily misconstrued and get weird. I’m jealous that guys can do that without the “could get weird” part. Need a “Pretend I’m a lesbian” t-shirt or something…

  2. Sherry says:

    Sooooooo, my life has slowed from apocalyptically chaotic to merely chaotic, so I have time to throw a little This and That back at you…

    Not sunny here – dreary all day (even was spritzing on us when we did our Leaf test drive this AM).

    Loved the Off the Record interview. Is that “in the room” raunch a way of establishing some distance in what must be a very intimate environment shared by men (and is that question even a “Duh.” one in and of itself?…)?

    Sorry to hear you are o solo mio for the weekend, and that you have to endure that fabulous company at the pub tonight (just reading your description of the guys was enough to give me chills). As for me, I will get the luxury of planting on my butt alone to take in the Pens-Isles game (husband and child will be off to dinner and ice-cream without me as he’s been gone most of the month and leaves again tomorrow). Good GOD, could we please get a win at CONSOL?!? Hate for that to be against the Isles and Eaton – but it is waaaaay past time for it.

    After the game (and kid goes to bed) it is so ON for some power drinking and watching some awesome action flick in Blu Ray on our 63 incher (while hubby keeps fingers crossed for getting laid when we do hit the sack – was that too Avery of me?… :) ).

    Oh and, speaking of movies – you gotta see Miracle. Great movie, wonderful to re-live the event – but it always makes me sad that Herb Brooks is gone.

    Buck up Justin, enjoy your bachelor’s weekend and give the T Man a tummy rub from me.

  3. jtbourne says:

    ms. c – Yeah, I never really thought about that, what a crappy thing that women can’t just go belly up. I’m a big fan of it for the most part (save for the guys I described). Glad you liked the goalie bit.

    Sherry – naw, not too Avery, standard household dynamic. Good point about that dressing room talk being a way to distance yourself from what is, i guess, an intimate environment. Even calling it intimate bothers me, so yeah, fuck you! Don’t go all psychologist on us!

  4. Sherry says:

    Did you have to go punch a wall or something after typing the word intimate (and you just did it twice!)?…


  5. HockeyPhool says:

    JT – for me:

    Left front pocket: smartphone (G2) and Blistik
    Right front pocket: car keys if I *have* to carry them and don’t have a better pocket
    Left rear: empty
    Right rear: wallet (unless I’m in a crowd and paranoid – then right front)

    The only thing about cargo pockets is the way they make the legs of my shorts swing weirdly; otherwise I’d probably keep my phone there.

  6. Tom Curran says:

    Amazing self-control when given a shot at Landsberg!!! Given the opportunity to grind him about his plastic surgery, hair, sweaters, and over-all douchebaggery, I would have gone Dave Attell on his ass!
    Check out Dave Attell/Skanks for the memories for some good yucks!

  7. Tom Curran says:

    Your Dads team name in the Sturgeon Hall hockey pool: Aintno81Isles
    The best thing about Stanley Cups: No statute of limitations on Chest Thumping!!!

  8. Matt says:

    Front Right – Keys
    Front Left – Phone / iPod
    Back Left – Wallet
    Back Right – Random / Tissues if I have a cold

    I’m right handed but I think I’m half lefty. Shoot right too.

  9. Ralphie says:

    Wow I feel lucky and privileged to have a pic of my dumbass on tour blog! Woohoo! Pockets are: right front, iPhone only, left front, smokes, Burt’s Bees, lighter, cash, right rear, wallet, left rear bandanna, keys(on carabeener clipped to belt loop) and a coozie. Go watch Miracle already! Great flick! See you Sunday when my Broncos beat the Jets in Mile High! Bring your oxygen masks and inhalers boys!

  10. mliay says:

    I don’t care how uncool they ever get, I will wear cargo shorts until I die. I’m lucky enough to get to wear cargo pants to work. My favorite pocket configuration is wallet in back right, phone back left, keys in front left and everything else in the front right. Unless I’m wearing cargos, then keys go in the right cargo pocket. Just my humble opinion.

  11. Jarick says:

    Sorry…can’t dig the new JEW. Clarity will always be #1. I liked Bleed American and Static Prevails a good bit, but I didn’t like Futures, couldn’t stand Chase This Light, and Invented is right down there with them. Even my friends that have stuck with them through thick and thin didn’t like it.

    I did love the Hate to Lose vs Love to Win article. Finally I have something in common with GOOD hockey players! And it makes me wonder about the MN Twins.

    Left pocket – cell phone or keys
    Right pocket – keys or cell phone
    Back pockets – incredibly small wallet

  12. keith says:

    Left pocket – DroidX
    Right pocket – cash, license, debit card (and a pen on gamedays)
    Back right pocket – car keys
    Back left – on gameday a small notepad

    I stopped wearing cargo pants because they became places for my kid to put random crap he’d find in the pockets.

  13. derek_com says:

    front right – phone
    front left – money clip and keys
    back pockets – empty

    the second i get to a bar or table, all gets put on top of bar or table.

  14. Tom Curran says:

    front right – small bills, change, last nights atm/bar tab reciepts
    Left front – golf tees
    Left back – Yesterdays scorecard
    right back – wallet (including golf cart reciept)
    no phone cause I woke up late and hung-over and had to rush to work, phone still on bed table.
    Thus the reason I’m wearing the same pants as yesterday!!!

  15. TN Hockey says:

    Miracle is worth full retail price. Of the DVD. See it somehow. Curt Russell is great as Brooks and the story is Correct. (tho i thought the russians were portrayed as more villianish than i remember them)
    goosebumps just thinking about that movie again and I havent seen it in years.

  16. Tom Curran says:

    Miracle uses original play by play! Michaels rules!
    Ken Dryden as play by play guy might have been the worst idea until MNF put Dennis Miller in!
    Ken Dryden:………….Bueler……..Bueler……..Bueler………………..

  17. Marc says:

    I better see this twitter update this weekend:

    “I watched miracle, then using a time machine, punched myself in the past for having not watched it til now.”

  18. Jeff says:

    Nice piece about tendys on PD today.

    Left Front – iPhone
    Right Front – Keys, Carmex, change
    Right Back – Wallet
    Left Back – always empty

    right handed.

    Just listened to Invented decent track.

  19. Tom says:

    Right Front–Keys
    Left Front–Phone, change, other small misc. junk.
    Left rear–wallet
    Right rear–nothing, maybe tissues in allergy weather.

    Of course at the bar/club or some other crowed place that changes and wallet goes in the front. Learned that the hard way once.

  20. moose says:

    prefer carpenter pants…left front: copenhagen, right front nothing, right rear, wallet, left rear nothing, keys on d-ring hooked to belt, iphone in thigh pocket on right leg, fits perfect and can alway feel it vibrate and not afraid to sit on it.
    loved the goalie part. reminded me of “the game” when dryden was talking about a practice and he was racing his back up to the net for a drill, and decided to peel off which ” reminded bunny that i was the starter, and he was the backup”….yet he realized that bunny was pushing him to be the best he could be.
    thanks justin, you really make us realize why we ALL play this game. fun, exercise and the stories.
    if ya ever wanna see folks jump out of a plane, come on up, i can let ya ride along and watch sometime.

  21. SDC says:

    cargo shorts rule from a practicality standpoint. It’s too bad their big brother, cargo pants, don’t work so well fashion-wise anymore. I got stuff, they got pockets. Bam. But if it gets cold out, I can have my legs covered, but I can’t have my carrying pockets anymore; what gives? I guess that’s what jacket pockets are for?

  22. Liviu says:

    For pants, right pocket = wallet and left pocket = phone.

    And as for Curtis Glencross, I remember watching both of you guys in college. Used to pee my pants when you guys were on the ice against UAF. Coincidentally, UAF is currently ranked 14th in the nation. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  23. Tailboard Jockey says:

    I don’t know what I’m going to do if cargo shorts go out of style. What I do know is that I sure as hell won’t be carrying a man purse (“it’s a satchel”) to carry all of my shit. I guess I’m lucky that I live in sunny California, so I can wear shorts almost year round.

    (I’m also a righty)
    Right upper- keys
    Right lower- Droid 2
    Left upper- gum/mints
    Left lower- wallet
    Nothing in rear pockets- bad for the back when you sit down

    It’s good to see another UAF fan on here. I took some classes there in the early ’90′s, while I was in the Air Force. I always hated that name, Nanooks, though. I wonder who came up with that gem? I took a class through UAA also, so I guess I’m a Seawolf too. : )

    You need to see Miracle. There aren’t too many good hockey movies, but that is one of them.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Christmas Card is the best Jimmy Eat World song. End of discussion.

  25. minnesotagirl71 says:

    So you guys all have a system for carrying your essentials. How many of you turn them over to your wife or girlfriend to hold for you half way through the evening?

  26. jtbourne says:

    I’m just blown away by how many people use their back pockets. Between sitting on my wallet and the fear of losing it, I would NEVER chuck it back there. Interesting.

  27. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    Front right – Wallet (It’s one of those with 3 slots and a clip. Slim and aerodynamic.)
    Front left – Phone and keys. (I recently put keys on separate rings. Keeps it from being bulky.)
    Back right – Tin (If I haven’t happened to quit that week.)
    Back left – Nothing

    HockeyPhool: Spot on call with the weird swing-y thing. Still wear, and will forever wear cargos; but, that is the lone drawback.

    derek_com: Keys and phone on table, but wallet always in pocket. Otherwise, with ya all the way.

    minnesotagirl71: I usually ditch the keys and phone immediately. The tin and wallet stay on me at all times. Something that gets me: The number of people that absolutely MUST have their phone with them. My phone frequently spends the night in the car or on my nightstand in silent mode. Sure, if I’m leaving town or something, I have to have it, but the grabbing it to go to the store or go to the bar? Don’t get it. (Maybe it’s because my phone is just that. A phone. It can text, but I’m not a fan. And no web or data stuff. That’s why I have a computer.)

  28. jtbourne says:

    By the way, derek_com – good to know other people do that. Not only does EVERYTHING come out, watch comes off to. I move in.

    Also, I could never leave the house w/o my phone. Id feel stranded on a desert island. I take it to the mailbox.

  29. Justin says:

    Front left-phone/keys
    Front right-wallet

    all comes out when i sit down at table/bar

    Great Islander win tonight over the av’s. Hope you caught it.

  30. john says:

    Great job on the TSN interview. The earlier clip you posted some months ago was great considering you hadn’t done much, if any, on-air before. But this TSN clip was great…period. You took your time responding, owned your air-time, and barely used any “fillers”. You just seemed like yourself, and I don’t even know you personally, but suffice to say that the JT I saw in the interview had the same vibe as the JT who writes this blog that we all so enjoy reading. So hats off on that one. On-air stuff is not easy at all, and you just took a big step there amigo.

    Right front pocket – change, receipts, Crackberry

    Left front – keys, chapstick in winter, mini-lens drops for contacts when I remember to take them

    Left rear – wallet

    Right rear – empty

  31. KForbes says:

    Late to the party, but…

    Right Front: Apartment keys, change, sometimes phone
    Left Front: Office keys, swipe card OR if not at office, this is where my phone is
    Back Right: Wallet

    Usually phone comes out when I’m at the bar and sits on the table.

    Taking the watch off is how I switch from ‘working’ mode to ‘casual’ mode (or at least how it works in my mind). Sure I might wear the watch if I’m out at night, but 9 times out of 10, if I’m off the clock, I don’t have the watch (and don’t have the office keys, thus phone in my left pocket).

  32. sherm says:

    May as well be a ‘joiner’…

    Right handed.
    Right front: keys, fingernail clippers
    Left front: phone, chapstick, inhaler (yep, I’m one of those kids)
    Right rear: empty
    Left rear: wallet – ’cause when you pull it out and open it, you wanna use your more dexterous hand to count the bills, or swipe the card right? Why keep it on the right so you have to switch hands?

    Nice job on the tsn spot, honest, even though it doesn’t paint the game in the best light.

    Nice job on the goalie thing too. I think many of the people over there who comment miss the point.

  33. minnesotagirl71 says:

    So where do all you guys keep your sunglasses and/or contact case? Those are the items that my husband hands to me to hold for him – and sometimes his checkbook (yes – he still carries a checkbook like it’s a security blanket) and keys. I have to warn him when I am using my hockey game purse because it only has space for cash, ID, one credit card, burts bees, a small pill box and my inhaler. (Sherm – I am also one of those kids. Having a beer in a damp, cold hockey arena – sets me off. Don’t leave home without it!)

  34. Sherry says:

    Completely unrelated, but thought you’d appreciate this Justin since you’re such a softie :)

    O.M.G. so cute.

  35. sherm says:

    minnesotagirl, my sunglasses do not leave the car unless I’m going to be outside for a long time (more than just a walk from the car to…), in which case I’ll be wearing them. That’s how I’ve managed to have the same pair of sunglasses for the past 10 years – hard to lose them.

  36. HockeyPhool says:

    @minnesotagirl – my shades ride on top of or behind my head when I’m inside. Used to swap them for eyeglasses – the non-worn pair would hang from the front of my shirt. :-( Glad I finally decided to try contacts.

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