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The Sporting Climax Approaches



The sports world is heating up isn’t it?

As I sit here holding down my couch springs while loving round two of March Madness (aka Gamblers Paradise), I can’t help but get excited for the weeks to come. 

The Masters?  The freakin Masters??  If you aren’t aware of my obsession, here’s an earlier stream-of-consciousness blog: .  I just saw a commercial:  “Amen Corner…     Where you pray, to survive.”  Tigers back… Phil is hot… I can’t even deal with it.

The NHL playoff race is thick right now.  There’s 20+ teams with legitimate playoff hopes, so we get treated to playoff intensity early.  And as much as everyone loves the finals, the first round has to be my favourite.  Four great games every night, anything can happen, and lots to bet on, including “who can claim the most-vague injury”.  I’m staight giddy for night number one.

Oh, and did you notice the NBA is headed down the stretch too?  I need Lebron to win a title and be the Tiger of the NBA, where they’re just too. damn. good. to question.  Even baseball is getting started, and the Mets have K-Rod; maybe I won’t have to threaten violent assaults on their bullpen this year.

The college hockey tournament gets started in a week too, with the Frozen Four the same weekend as The Masters.  It’ll be an amazing tournament like it is every year, despite the notable absence of my alma mater, the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves, who were “upset” by the Denver Pioneers 3-2 and 4-3, thus eliminating the fellas, and starting the mandatory post-post-season college bender.  My liver recoils at the memories.

Shout out to my linemate and road roommate from my senior year, Paul Crowder.  After his third season with Seapups, he just signed with the New York Rangers… maybe you’ve heard of them?  Paul you owe me money, I made you.  No?  Okay probably not.

Please soak in the below picture of Paul and I hooking up for a powerplay goal, with the rival Fairbanks (possibly fat) d-man turning in misery, with the ref doing the goal point.  Ye-he-hesss.


Either way, fun times ahead.  People get chunky over the holiday’s and try to start getting fit in the new year.  This is my holidays; I reserve the right to gain a wee beer belly before focusing on tidying up my flesh for summer.   After April, what’s the next thing you care about in sports?  I literally can’t think of one, which means I’ll have to get outside, thank heavens.

So get on your sweats, clean the dust off the TV and get involved.  Maybe join a gambling website.  Maybe write me and propose a bet.  I don’t quite deal in Charley Barkley dollars, but I’ll bet on anything, if I can tinker with the odds.  What are Bourne’s Blog readers most excited about in the upcoming weeks?  I bet I can guess….

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5 Responses to “The Sporting Climax Approaches”
  1. Jake says:

    baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball… Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Yankee Stadium. Drink blasters!

  2. P. Deezy F. Baby says:

    Chump Chowds signed for rookie max I might add! He was one the highest sought after college free agents……must be from being under the wing of ole #12. I’ll miss his tiny little head and akward smile.

  3. I chose the Masters for the reasons you mentioned, and also Padraig Harrington is trying to keep his attempt at the Paddy Slam going.


  4. Hockeyman says:

    Amen to this time of year. Only go Magic because I live here and wanna see some playoff games. Plus, Howard is amazing in person. Also, Bay Hill is next week, Tigers in, and I may have a line on free tickets to a chalet on #17. A hole I birdied when I played 2 years ago. Can’t wait for frozen four to be in Tampa so I can go. The worst part about this time of year is it all seems to end at once. Cold turkey let down is rough.

  5. Scott ONeill says:

    Love the blog found it via the hockey news article love it! I’ve been reading non stop for about two hours. Get a twitter so we can enjoy these clever comments all day long.

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