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The Coyotes, Guerin, And The Mets



I’m not sure why the sports networks are so insistent on using Redfield T. Baum’s full name, Redfield T.Baum, but it appears the guy made exactly the decision I needed down in Phoenix, shooting down vacant-eyed DingleBerry inventor Jim Balsillie.

As I mentioned earlier, I met with the head of the ‘Yotes marketing department, Mike Bucek, and still hold some hopes of being a part of their staff.  There’s probably easier jobs than marketing the Coyotes right now, like being a deep-sea diver without oxygen, but I’m excited about the potential challenge.

“Your 2009-2010 Phoenix Coyotes: Now offering small 401(k) contributions to season ticket holders!”


Anybody happen to catch Guerin’s interview at the Penguins Stanley Cup parade?

He represented everything the playoffs does to a guy.  Pale, haggard, and hung-the-f**k-over.  He sounded like he started hacking darts the second the final buzzer went, and finished the pack right before his morning baileys and coffee.  Man, champagne hangovers must suck when you’re trying to keep up with 20 year olds.


And lastly, for today, I’d like to thank the Mets for reinforcing what they’ve already made clear: being a fan is a struggle.  Not the way being an Islanders fan is.  Being an Isles fan, you know there is zero Cup hopes by November, and you start finding little positives and hopes for the future.

The Mets tease you, string you along with moments of greatness, and just when you let down your guard — wham!  Dropped ball by Castillo, loss to the Skankees, beatdown loss to the Skankees, I hope that hurt you stupid mook Mets fan.  It did.  Thanks for that.


4 Responses to “The Coyotes, Guerin, And The Mets”
  1. Jake says:

    I LOVE THE SKANKEES!!! 15-0? Dang. Figure it out. Miss you silly J.B. Had a blaster with Redd for you the other night at Mack & Charlie’s. Stay black.

  2. Travelchic59 says:

    OMG!! That pictures says it all. That’s how I feel about all my teams – Islanders, Mets, Jets, Knicks.

    Though on a brighter note things are looking up for the Islanders and Jets. Of course, the season hasn’t started yet, but I am trying to keep the faith.
    Ain’t easy.

  3. pat says:

    I pledge $5.00 for J.B.’s satellite radio for his next ride cross country………dont want you to miss any METS games ( following the SOX would be so much easier and enjoyable!!!!)

  4. Donny 22 says:


    Been a long time since we talked when you arrived in AK at UAA – I was then managing the Aces and talked with your dad about you coming to UAA. Still get back to visit Brock & Netherhill Sask every couple years. Sound like you are having quite the adventure and I had interviewed with Coyotes before taking on the Challenge here at UAA – PR, Marketing, Corp Partnerships and Promotions here for the UAA Athletic Dept. We should get in touch and talk about taking on daunting challenges! Derek Donald.

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