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A Terrific Hockey Video, Quick Rant on NCAA Rules



New Hockey Primetime: On defending star players, and adjusting to their style of play


So, earlier today Rob Pizzo tweeted a video that Greg Wyshynski had sent him, and he passed in along to his followers.  I had to do the same, because holy shit is it funny.  That’s probably all the prelude it needs.

Ahhh, that’s some great stuff isn’t it? (Well, for one of the two fanbases, anyway.)


The Glambourne Project, part five!


Also, if you’d like to hear myself and co-host of Hockey Unfiltered Todd Lewis prattle on about the Stanley Cup finals, you can do so here.


I wanna weigh in on something different today:

I’m sure most people have heard about the Ohio State football players that were suspended for trading merchandise and signatures for tattoos?  I’d like to go on record as saying I’d have done that in a heartbeat in college (though not for tattoos).  The rules on student-athletes are stupid.

"Free tattoo?? Why, he doesn't deserve that!"

You’re broke in college.  Some players are having their education paid for which is awesome.  But during those four years as an NCAA athlete, you don’t have time to work a job on top of taking 15 credits a semester and training and practicing and travelling and playing games.  My stipend from the school, after paying rent/utilities left me with like, a couple hundred bucks per four month semester.  Go crazy, son. 

I happened to have parents who recieved my phone call “hey I need ______” and they would generally put money in my account.  I was blessed.  But if I were, as an ex-Ohio State player said today, a broke kid who wasn’t nearly so lucky as to have parents with the opportunity to do that, I’m not sure what I would’ve done besides eat at booster families houses (after filing the correct paperwork!), get a meal card from the school, and never do anything fun.

On top of that, those guys KNEW their school was making money hand-over-fist on them (where mine certainly wasn’t).  It couldn’t have felt very fair.

Knowing that in my situation that I would’ve, say, brought in a hockey stick for a free tab at the bar one night or something, there’s no doubt in my mind I would’ve done the same thing those players did at “The” Ohio State University.

I’m only the ten billionth person to weigh in on this, I just thought I’d take a second to say it’s ridiculous that a player can’t capitalize on their success in any way financially in college.  It shouldn’t be a big deal for a guy to swap a little ink on paper for ink on arm.

(Note: once you’re getting into like, cars ‘n’ stuff, it’s a touch ridiculous.  But getting some perks off your name shouldn’t be a big deal.)

….Oh, and by the way? Game one of the Stanley Cup Finals is tonight, Atlanta moved to Winnipeg and Colin Campbell is no longer the league’s disciplinarian. But that’s all for tomorrow’s presumably lengthy blog. Tune in next time!


5 Responses to “A Terrific Hockey Video, Quick Rant on NCAA Rules”
  1. KForbes says:

    I remember ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary about the University of Miami’s football team and it talked about some of the players who were more or less taken off the streets because of their talent, but still having to scrape when it came to living because of the NCAA rules.

  2. PotvinRocks says:

    Pst. You went to school in Alaska, what did you need money for?
    NCAA has to look at the situation that they are putting their kids in, and how many times is there going to be some sort of blow up because of what they are “secretly” getting money on the side. The NCAA wants to keep all the money they get from the TV rights.
    That video is awesome for the first 1:30, I didn’t care for the turn.

  3. Frank says:

    Justin, from the booster side of the coin, the NCAA it is frustrating as well because you want to help out student athletes that as you said sometimes are on a shoe string budget…..but there is so much red tape to get through for anything that is okay under the rules that it feels ridiculous. I agree with you…..universities in the US make so much money off athletics who are they kidding? Anyone who disagrees just needs to look at the bowl system in college football for “playoffs”.

    On Winnepeg how do you think the Atlanta players are going to feel about moving from a place they can play golf year round to the icebox of Canada?

  4. marc says:

    I’m not going to go ahead and call you retarded there Bourne, but having been at a big ten school for long enough – I can assure you that most of the “student athletes” there are actually retarded. Yes college sports are massive money makers and I agree that players rightly do deserve more than they get monetarily. But some days when I look at the diploma on my wall and think that it looks pretty much the same as some of the mouth breathers I met there doesn’t feel right either.

  5. MWL says:

    What did you do all summer? I’m not sure what your package was, but those Ohio State kids could certainly get a job during the summer months and save (gasp) enough to “have fun” with during the year. Granted i wasn’t an athlete, but i made 8 grand each summer i was in school, with plenty of time to work out (which i chose not to do).

    The fact of the matter is, those kids are getting a great opportunity with their scholarships, and as someone who has a hefty loan to pay back, it pisses me off they are bitching about not having enough money to spend. Under no circumstance should the NCAA give stipends (more than they already do) it wouldn’t solve the problem whatsoever. The same idiots breaking the rules would still break the rules.

    Like you said, college kids are broke…figure it out, tough it out or get a job (when you can) and stop bitching about it…

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