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A Tear, A Curse, and a Link



I’ve got this weird soft spot for sports.  Like, I could watch a four hour documentary on blind people curing baby tigers with cerebral palsy and not flinch, but the second somebody is involved in some impressive sports feat, I tear up.

Mark Buerhle pitched a perfect game yesterday, that included a wall-scaling catch from his replacement center fielder, who was just chucked into the game to be a defensive specialist.  Nice call by Ozzie Guillen on that one.

Anyways.  Congrats to Mark Buerhle on accomplishing such an unbelievable feat, and receiving a phone call from the freaking president for it.  That’s the part that got me.  It was just… it was… so special… siiigghhh…


So, I try to keep curses out of my writing as much as possible, because I hope to someday do this for a living, and it’s generally frowned upon by reputable newspapers.  But, in order to keep it sounding conversational, I tend to slip the odd curse in, because, um, I slip the odd curse in in conversation.

Regardless of your stance on that, let this serve as a little disclaimer.  The following picture contains a well placed f-bomb, and I love it.


Half anteater, half Italian?

Half anteater, half Italian?



I love that somehow my blog in the NHL off-season has become the chuckle-hut, and people continue to send me hilarious stuff to include in the blog.  You’re really makin’ my job easy.  Keep ‘em comin’!


In other news, the fires in Kelowna have subsided.  Thanks for all the well wishes.  We had a little scare that our beautiful resort was about to be the Okanagan’s biggest bonfire, but she was saved!  The camp is ready to go as planned, and thanks to the fire, we even got a couple nice room upgrades.  Take a look at this picture taken from the lake that shows how close we were to losing The Cove:

The Cove fire


Phew.  It just barely made it.


As for a little real sports writing, my take on how the drafting of John Tavares will help Kyle Okposo out will probably be up in the next hour or so at  Check it outtttt.


8 Responses to “A Tear, A Curse, and a Link”
  1. Doug says:

    Glad to see you didn’t get singed there JT! Could’ve sucked big time.

  2. pat says:

    Do they know whats causing the fires? nature or some punks with matches? Hey more Curses not less !!! This is a hockey Blog we expect it!!!

  3. hockeygirl3 says:

    pat – the fires in westbank were all human caused!

  4. Maria says:

    I feel the same way about sports!! pretty much all sports movies leave me with chills and/or tears ha.

    Wondering what you think of this Aaron Ward trade– pretty much the Bruins traded Aaron Ward for a draft pick and patrick eaves. Then they put Eaves on waivers to buy him out. I don’t really understand what the purpose of including Patrick Eaves in the trade if they were just going to do that. But what do I know…can you spread any light on this for me cause I am confused…hahaa

  5. j says:

    I always cry when the Stanley Cup gets paraded around, even if I hate the team that won it. Buerhle’s reaction after the last out was fantastic, like he just couldn’t believe it happened.

  6. Holy crap – didn’t know what was happening in Kelowna! I was there a few years back – beautiful spot!

    I know exactly what you mean about sports, it’s weird. My son’s birth I’m cool as a cucumber but Gary Carter’s retirement (boyhood hero)….got me choked up. This can’t be normal.

  7. Brent Romenesko says:

    The thing that kills me about the fire photo is that even while the front yard of The Cove is getting torched, there are still some diehard pool rats taking the opportunity to take a dip and watch the fire roar. I guess the Anteater pic is funnier though…. Nice work, Bourne.

  8. fish says:

    When in a hotel/resort during aforest fire, the pool IS the safest place to be I guess…

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