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It’s Okay To Talk To Reporters, Guys



New Hockey Primetime: The Oshie situation, what happens when players miss practice with “unexcused absences”


Love those uni's.

By the time I finished my four years at the University of Alaska Anchorage, I had gotten to know Doyle Woody well.  Doyle worked for the Anchorage Daily News (still does), covering the two main acts in town, the Alaska Aces my own UAA Seawolves.

After that final season, he compiled nearly a full page spread on me, and it immediately became one of the things I was most proud of from my hockey career.  That being because it wasn’t about me as a player, it was about my willingness to actually attempt to give decent answers to his questions (the spread was actually my top quotes over the years).  I continue to be flummoxed by the fact that there are only a handful of NHLers out of 30 teams that are decent about doing this (Shawn Thornton is great).

I couldn’t find the article online to share with you guys, but contacted Doyle, who searched the newspaper’s database and dug up a few of the quotes.  Without further ado, here are my four fun ones I thought I’d pass along for kicks:

Many of the Seawolves — Chris King, Curtis Glencross and Spence Gilchrist among them — opted for a team-bonding outing Thursday and had their hair cut in mullet fashion, short on the top and sides, long in the back.

“Mullet power, ” Glencross said after Friday’s win.

But freshman Justin Bourne, the sardonic team quipster, opted to keep his black locks long.

“I figure if half the players have the option of not looking like an idiot, I want to be part of that half, ” Bourne said.


Rookie winger Justin Bourne, new to the team after finishing his UAA career, didn’t yet know the Aces’ power-play systems, so he simply pursued the puck when it was dumped into the offensive zone. Said Bourne:

“I’m like a puppy with a tennis ball. They fire it in, and I chase it.”


After getting badly blownout, Bourne asked “We only get one loss for that, right?”


UAA winger Justin Bourne said he was heartbroken when he had a great chance to score in overtime last Saturday in a 3-3 tie with UAF, only to have his stick snap when he tried to launch a one-timer from the slot. The sound of Bourne’s stick breaking could be heard in the high reaches of the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, but it was unclear just where it snapped.

Bourne said the shaft of the stick snapped between his hands, but he didn’t immediately drop the stick, as required by the rules, because he was so disappointed.

“I held onto it for a few seconds because… I guess I was in denial, ” Bourne said


Check out Down Goes Brown’s post handicapping this year’s NHL awards.  Absolutely hilarious.


Today’s post should be up soon.  Thanks for all the support!


12 Responses to “It’s Okay To Talk To Reporters, Guys”
  1. Blake says:

    Love the quotes!

  2. cole says:

    Great use of the word flummoxed!
    (Solid quotes as well…)

  3. ms.conduct says:

    Hahaha… please come play for the Aeros when you make your comeback, JB. :)

  4. jtbourne says:

    Ha, thanks guys – the first one actually got me a little fine, apparently the be-mulleted weren’t pleased.

  5. Joe G. says:

    You’re right, not enough guys go beyond the monotone cliches. I would imagine if even half of the wit used in the locker rooms was used when talking to the media, you’d have a few more recognizable stars to market.

    Speaking of Thornton, what’s your thoughts on the chirping from the Hawks bench, Justin?

  6. vx says:

    That’s Gold, Justin, Gold!

    Any chance you could print the entire article or link to a jpeg or something?

  7. Matt the Aussie says:

    AWESOME quotes man :)

  8. Derek says:

    Those are some pretty good quotes. Really capture the spirit of the the thing.

    I wanna echo Joe G’s question. Seems like the Hawks were out of line for chirping a guy with that kind of injury. I know chirping is pretty common, but seems like guys tend to show respect when someone is hurt, especially something that bloody by his eye.

  9. Mike says:

    Frozen 4 starts Thursday I believe? WCHA comprises 2 of the 4…represent!

  10. Pep says:

    I would love to see more the quotes as well. Great stuff!!

  11. Fish says:

    “I guess I was in denial”… great one.

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