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Broken Noses ‘N’ Newfoundlands


Is it Friday again, already?  Man, quick week.

{Anyone know how to fix a stuck BlackBerry rollball?  I’m about to throw this thing through my TV.}

Sooo, David Booth got thumpersized again, but this time on an actual hockey hit, delivered by a shoulder that was in front of him the whole time.  I took the almost the exact same hit against Binghamton a couple years back, and feel the guys probably-broken-nosed-pain.  Equally painful, is the feeling of “no one to blame but myself.”

Oh, pre-broken noses are so pretty.

That hit was the exact hit I was pushing to keep in hockey.  Guy buries his head and waterbugs it in transition, defenseman sees the guy coming for about a decade, and flattens him with a shoulder.  Because the head is down, the head gets hit, and “facial lacerations” ensue.

I feel really bad for David Booth.  The guy had such a tough injury early in the season, but came back like a house on fire – I watched parts of his first game back after getting clipped by Richards, and he was taking the puck to the net with no fear.  I only hope he’s as confident coming back after this second one (Yahoo! reports he will be going with the team to Ottawa for tonights game).  Actually, I need him to be that confident, as he’s on my fantasy team, and it’s playoff time.

On the broken nose front (I have no idea if his nose is broken, but it sure looked like it), my favourite tale of nose woe:

My Dad’s career NHL totals should include a “broken noses” column (his own), and he’d crack the Hall, I’m sure of it.  It’s something like eight.  I’m still trailing by about five.  Either way, other than losing your teeth (which we’ve both done), few things are as unpleasant as breaking your nose.  The scariest reason?  Sometimes they have to re-break it to set it.  Like, literally with a mini-hammer – this never happened to me, but according to Dad, he’s been on the wrong end of that hammer a few times.

Lookin' forward to next years Isles uni's

Anyways, after a broken nose towards the end of his career, he had to have a little touch-up surgery on it.  They packed his nose full of gauze, both sides, and sent him home for a few days to let it heal.

When it was time to take the gauze out, Dad needed someone to drive him home after, as it’s apparently not the most fun procedure that involves some pain killers.  Naturally, Dad asked his next-door neighbor, Clark Gillies, to drive him.  Clark obliged, waited in the waiting room, and Dad went in to get the gauze removed.

The doctor pulls out an ungodly amount of gauze with Dad on the table, and steps out to grab something, saying “just don’t get up for a few minutes”.  Dad doesn’t listen.

Whatever the reason for the light-headedness, I don’t remember – but he stood up, and passed out.  And fell on his face.  And broke his nose.

90 minutes later, Dad walks out of the doctors office, looking exactly the same as when he went in, packed full of gauze.  Clark: “Bourny.  What the hell happened?!?”



Feel like having a few chuckles?  Check out the annual Name of Year bracket, including only actual names - these gems include Nohjay Nimpson, Dick Smallberries Jr. (yes, jr.) and X’Zavier Bloodsaw.  Enjoy.


Regarding Gary Bettman:  Why is he so defensive in interviews?  It’s always SO tense, cause the guy acts like every topic is off-limits.  It’s not like the host is calling your just-dead friend an idiot, Gary, we just want to know about the new rule.  Don’t act so indignant.


Happy weekend friends.  I’ll leave you with happy time, as the boys at PTI say.  Except in my case, it means pictures of Bri’s dogs and our cat.  Enjoy!


Two for Three


As my more frequent blog readers know, between (and sometimes within) my hockey tidbits, I tend to slip in posts about animals, stand-up comedy, and the occasional Nannerpuss commercial:


One for three, check.

Let me go for a second one.  Today is new-mini-Newf day for the Gillies, making this their third Newfoundland (four if you count Clark).

Their new Newfoundland, Cash, is 13 weeks old and roughly 40 pounds.  In an earlier blog I posted pictures of these happy, cuddly beasts, but pictures don’t do their size justice. 

This one is of impressive stature for his age, and likely to be the largest of the lot (recently departed Hogan was pushing 150 lbs).  Pam, Brianna and I picked him up this morning and tossed around names (Diesel, Crosby and Jethro among the contenders), but all loved Cash – a tribute to how he was bought, spare change saved over 15 years.

As Kevin Croxton did for me, allow me to fill in a blank day on your April schedule:  April 18th, between noon and 8 p.m. on the eastside, NYC SNUGGIE WEARING PUBCRAWL.  God I want to go.

I’m heading up to Boston for the weekend to spend time with Bri’s sister/brother-in-law, and to apartment hunt (anyone got any leads for me?).  That means I need to get some writing done early.

Surviving the locker room got a great response, I just wish I could have written it with a little more, um, spice; less PG.  So what’s next sports fans?


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Part two of my series on A Hockey Player’s Life is up on now (and, apparently).  Due to the massive amount of stuff that goes on any given game day, it was tough to narrow it down to generalizations, so I hope it’s still a fun read.  Next week I”ll take a look at the sweaty-suited world of team travel days. 

Yeah, nothing prolongs the life of my $150 dollar dime-store suit like sleeping in it on a bus for four hours, thanks for ruling out track suits, coach.