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Two for Three


As my more frequent blog readers know, between (and sometimes within) my hockey tidbits, I tend to slip in posts about animals, stand-up comedy, and the occasional Nannerpuss commercial:


One for three, check.

Let me go for a second one.  Today is new-mini-Newf day for the Gillies, making this their third Newfoundland (four if you count Clark).

Their new Newfoundland, Cash, is 13 weeks old and roughly 40 pounds.  In an earlier blog I posted pictures of these happy, cuddly beasts, but pictures don’t do their size justice. 

This one is of impressive stature for his age, and likely to be the largest of the lot (recently departed Hogan was pushing 150 lbs).  Pam, Brianna and I picked him up this morning and tossed around names (Diesel, Crosby and Jethro among the contenders), but all loved Cash – a tribute to how he was bought, spare change saved over 15 years.

As Kevin Croxton did for me, allow me to fill in a blank day on your April schedule:  April 18th, between noon and 8 p.m. on the eastside, NYC SNUGGIE WEARING PUBCRAWL.  God I want to go.

I’m heading up to Boston for the weekend to spend time with Bri’s sister/brother-in-law, and to apartment hunt (anyone got any leads for me?).  That means I need to get some writing done early.

Surviving the locker room got a great response, I just wish I could have written it with a little more, um, spice; less PG.  So what’s next sports fans?


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Part two of my series on A Hockey Player’s Life is up on now (and, apparently).  Due to the massive amount of stuff that goes on any given game day, it was tough to narrow it down to generalizations, so I hope it’s still a fun read.  Next week I”ll take a look at the sweaty-suited world of team travel days. 

Yeah, nothing prolongs the life of my $150 dollar dime-store suit like sleeping in it on a bus for four hours, thanks for ruling out track suits, coach.