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Chad Brownlee – From WCHA Captain to Blossoming Musician


A couple pre-Brownlee thoughts: “Andrew” wrote me about the etiquette of throwing rib shots in a fight.  Short answer?  Swing away.  It’s not MMA, but you’re trying to hurt your combatant any way possible, as long as that “way” is by bashing him with a fist.  So, bash some ribs.


I’m aware that you can get a good sweat going in like, three minutes.  But all these machines that promise you can “get ripped in just 11 minutes a day” don’t mention how you have to live the rest of the day to achieve that. 

Obviously, that’s assuming you’re grilling chicken breasts and eating salad for the entirety of your daily intake.   So then what’s the qualification you need to declare a “length of time” for you using the product?  I mean, if you were eating chicken and salad and drinking water all day you could work out NO minutes a day and see results.  So are the people selling these machines just picking arbitrary numbers?


Onto the good stuff.  A couple ex-teammates/WCHA boys have had some recent success, albeit in different ways.  Yesterday Matt Zaba (Colorado College) got called up to the Rangers from Hartford, so major congrats to him.



One of my closest friends (despite the male tendency to never pick up the phone to chat without purpose), Chad Brownlee, has had an interesting career path. 

We were junior hockey teammates for a couple years with the Vernon Vipers.  There, we managed to be two of three guys that made it from training camp in ’01 to our BCHL title in ’03.  Chad’s about a year and a half younger than me and was our team’s captain, largely due to the fact that he worked insanely, nauseatingly hard at everything he did.

Oh, and for some reason, girls like him.

Oh, and for some reason, girls like him.

He was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks (his favourite team growing up in Kelowna, BC), and earned a full ride scholarship in the WCHA, with Minnesota State @Mankato.  After battling through more than a few shoulder problems, he ended up wearing the “C” once again, and was a rock solid defensive piece of some pretty good teams in Mankato (see teammates: David Backes, Ryan Carter).

When we were in junior, Chad started playing guitar.  I remember him learning at the back of the bus, and me wanting to bust off some of the strings and choke him out.  He could always sing, and certainly wasn’t afraid to at any occasion.

Well, Chad spent a year playing in the ECHL, hating his life, and realized hockey wasn’t exactly his only passion.  He quit, and decided to fully throw himself into his music, which by then was an impressive free concert to hear anytime he decided to pull out the ‘ol gitfiddle.

Ironically, Chad realized his dream of being on the ice for a Canucks regular season home game last night – singing the national anthem.  His music career really is taking off - You can check his stuff out on iTunes or Facebook Music.  Even though it’s *gag* country music, it’s truly incredible to hear music like this come from the donkey I played hockey with.  Very proud of the guy.  Writes his own music, plays guitar, the works.  Enjoy:

Personally, I suggest clicking “next” a few times to get to “Carry On”, but this first one is a nice little vocal showcase too.


Thanks for reading folks.  Have a great weekend!