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Stick Stylings and Summer Workouts



New Puck Daddy X2: How I prepare my stick (I think I wrote about that once for Bourne’s Blog years ago too, shh), and the progression of summer workouts. Hope you like ‘em.


7 Responses to “Stick Stylings and Summer Workouts”
  1. Derek says:

    Stick Prep: Two BIG differences I have with you. I HATE the half tape. For some reason I only feel the ridges and it distracts me. Not sure if that is actually true, but that is the way it seems to me. And I have to use black tape on the blade (of course white on the top). I wholeheartedly buy into the goalie can’t see the puck on the black tape legend. I doubt it’s actually true, but I find I think about the goalie seeing the puck when I use white tape on the blade. I am very particular about the knob too. Has to be white tape, with a tape-width flat knob, about a 1/4 inch thick, then one round of tape very thin about six inches down the shaft. I also dislike grip sticks, but prefer the feel of the shaft after being rubbed extensively with the *expletive-deleted*.

    Summer workouts: I never played any pro hockey, but I did have the good fortune in playing in a summer league that featured regular appearances by a bunch of pro’s and ex-pro’s. On the downside, by team had one AHL/ECHLer, while other teams featured a couple of NHLer’s. Regarding your earlier article about the unwritten rules of those games, one of them reminded me of that league. One opposing player had just come back from the team that drafted him’s (in the 6th round) summer prospect camp. He wore his team logo’d helmet/gloves/pants and team practice jersey out for the game we played against him. We made it our mission to make his life hell that game. Usually the defense is pretty lackluster, but I shadowed the shit out of him. No hitting, but I made sure I put the body on him every time he came near the puck, gently put the stick to him as much as possible, did the ole stick to the back of the skate off the face-off thing, etc. There was also copious amounts of chirping about his gear. He finished the game pointless, despite being the best player on the ice. Served him right when he went unsigned by the NHL team. I understand guy’s who play in the NHL only having NHL gear. But this kid still played in the OHL, and hadn’t even been signed, let alone played in an NHL game. Don’t wear that gear til you earn it.

  2. ms.conduct says:

    If it’s possible to screw something up as a goalie, I’ve done it. Many times over. I’m really pretty bad at it.

    But I’ve never ever lost a puck on a black stick.

  3. Sprout says:

    I always used white tape on my stick, and my stick handling sucked. One day I found a roll of black tape in the locker room, used it and it completely transformed my ability to catch and handle the puck. My theory is that it made it easier for me to see my blade in my peripheral vision while watching the puck.

    Also, the best tape I’ve found is Howie’s Hockey Tape, I’ve used the Renfrew but it just doesn’t…. feel right for some reason.

  4. Me says:

    Wax: I use a candle. Rub it all over the blade, then hit it with the heat gun to melt it. It absorbs into the tape. Let it cool, rub more wax on, hit it with the heat gun again. Repeat one more time. No idea if it helps, hurts or is just wasteful, but it’s what I do.

  5. frank says:

    great articles, Justin. One question for you since you have trained at a high level for hockey….how many rest days do guys typically take a week to allow their bodies to recover from the workouts? One of the things I always struggle with as an aspiring athlete is that balance between pushing your body harder but not too hard into overuse injuries……..what do athletes at that level do to balance that?

  6. frank says:

    Justin, what is your take on the 52 pick-up/conference shuffling of college hockey in the US?

  7. lazydaisies4u says:

    What Frank said. As a college hockey fan I’ve got my own thoughts on all this restructuring of the conferences, but would love to read about the thoughts of someone who has lived NCAA hockey.

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