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Stanley Cup Mugs and a World Record



New Puck Daddy: on the process of coming back from injury. (Take the time to enjoy the comment section on this one.)


We might as well start the day off right.  Here’s a guy setting the world record for shallow diving. 

All he had to do to get it was jumped from 36 feet into one foot of water.  Apparently “diving” is a loose term.



So yesterday, my St. Paddy’s Day Puck Daddy post was on drinking within the hockey lifestyle.  Or maybe you don’t remember, because you spent the evening partaking yourself.

Anyway, the picture at the top of it was glorious, and everybody wanted it (check yesterday’s blog to see it).  It turned out to be a photoshop, but still, the idea remains amazing: a Stanley Cup shaped beer mug.

I was digging around to see if such a thing exists, and solicited my twitter followers for help.  Thanks to one man, we have some info:

There is nothing made yet, but there are two patents taken out.  Check ‘em out below.  ….And where can we pre-order?

I'll take one, please.

...and a dozen of these.

Patents are listed here and here respectively.  Don’t these expire after seven years or something?  Shouldn’t I snap the idea up if  that’s the case? (UPDATE: some research reveals they have 14 year terms.  Also, some common sense reveals you’d need NHL licensing.)

Anyway, those are cool.


Sorry about the light blog week – I’m starting to get carpal tunnely feelings, so I tried to back off the word count a bit.  Have a great weekend!

Team Drinking, yay!

Wow that’s a bad picture.


7 Responses to “Stanley Cup Mugs and a World Record”
  1. Jarick says:

    Totally need to photoshop Kesler over that lady’s face in the background.

  2. mikeb says:

    Comments section… Gold.

  3. Nick says:

    Best comment so far in the other article: the guy who seems offended at your choice of words (“can you imagine being a competitor like Sidney…”).

    Jeez Justin, why you gotta be such an elitist? Crosby is just a blue-collar jack-off like the rest of us.



    …*backs away slowly*

  4. Chris says:

    I’m always surprised at the number of “fans” who don’t believe that a concussion is a serious injury. Sure, a lot of those comments on the Sid story are just hilarious or strange bits of ignorance, but there are legitimately some people there who think he’s “faking it” or something. So confusing.

    That said, I’d really like to know what Sid the Squid (or any approximation of such) actually means to the people using it. Do they mean he’s an elusive creature that has been able to survive and thrive in many variations throughout the history of underwater evolution? That makes him sounds stealthy and cool. Do they think that he’s best represented by an animal that has more arms than a human being? Thus making it sound like he’s capable of accomplishing more at once (and having greater reach) than the rest of us? Do they mean that he squirts ink? Like, as in, cries black tears? Because there’s a certain other hockey team who takes great pride in the disgusting practice of flinging their little ink-squirter/crybaby onto the ice. Sorry, that seems like its taken. All of the other nicknames seem to at least make a tiny bit of sense to me. This one, jeez. WTF?

    I looked around for that beer mug after reading your booze story, too, and was quite bummed to find it doesn’t exist yet. You should totally snatch up that patent if it comes free. I want enough for all 15 of the Pens fans I’ll be watching us win the Cup with at Claudia’s Sports Bar here in Portland, OR.

  5. Chris says:

    Or, woah… are they referring to him as “The Man Who Killed Batman?” I totally can’t figure that one out.

  6. Jono says:

    I made some enquiries of my own and found that it certainly was possible to make such a mug, it would probably be using a mold of some sort.

    If you do want one, you’d need to get it custom made by a glassblower or something like that.

  7. Fish says:

    regarding yahoo post:

    I think I’ld pay to see that cindysucks fella go one on one against Crosby.

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