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StacheGear, Illegal Curves, The Spectrum, and Crosby



If I learned anything awesome yesterday - and I think I did - it’s this:

George Parros has a line of mustache-based t-shirts and hats (for children’s charities), which you can find here.  While you’re hunting mustache-apparel, don’t forget: it’s Movember.  Get behind a person growing a moosty for a good cause and donate.  May I suggest Sean McIndoe of Down Goes Brown or Parros himself?


As a sidebar, I had a friend that trained with Parros for a few summers, says the guys call him “Zeus” cause he’s built like, y’know, a Greek god or something.

The more you know.



I had this discussion with a friend on my rec team last night – is there no more illegal curve penalty in the NHL? 

I remember in Kovalchuk’s early days, the Thrash wouldn’t order his sticks the way he wanted them cause the curves were illegal, so he was having a buddy buy his particular stick in his pattern from a local sports store and was smuggling them in.  Which is badass.

If that’s true (that there’s no more illegal curve), I feel robbed that I had to play under the Flat Blade Regime.  I would’ve loved my hook to be a tight letter “C” that no one could dig the puck out of.

This came up, cause we were discussing the best shots in the NHL (Semin, Kovy, Ovy, Stamkos) and how I know at least the first three use ABSOLUTE hooks, but I wasn’t sure about Stamkos.

Here’s Semin (2:00 mark), quite frankly, just entertaining himself last night.   Hiiiiii-yah!

@jtbourne:  I mean, he doesn’t even start the wind-up ’til the hashmarks. That’s not the ladies tees, he’s teeing off from the fringe.

Yeah, he executed that better than Robert Reichel did in the playoffs.


Jon Sim scored a hattrick in his first game in the AHL. 

I don’t really know what else to say about that.


Ah, the 'ollll Spectrum

I love this story.

They’re tearing down the spectrum in Philadelphia. 

…Wait it gets better.

They’re charging $25 dollars to walk in the building, putting a three hour max on your visit, and saying “if you can carry it out, it’s yours.” 

This event is bound to be PACKED with memorabilia and collectible diehards.  That just can’t end well, can it?  Who fights who over what, do you think?

I read about it on Deadspin, check it out there if you want to know more.


So, I love that Crosby fought Niskanen yesterday.

As much as owners and fans say they don’t want their premier scorers dropping the mitts, it’ll help him in the long run.  As in, if you know a guy will never drop the gloves, you can take occasional liberties on him.  You can say whatever you want.

But if there’s even a chance that guys have to answer the bell, they tend to back it off a touch.

You know what was an incredible stat I read (via Ryan Lambert) – Crosby now has five career fights (regardless of what you think of their quality).  The tough, gritty Tomas Holmstrom has three.

I’m not saying anything there, just sayin’.  Pretty crazy.  Enjoy.


After an initial stumble The Kid looked STRONG, didn’t he?



Bri has a couple of her girlfriends coming for the weekend, they get in tomorrow  morning.  That equals a long weekend (and bleeding eardrums) for me, so no blog tomorrow unless I have some time tonight to set one up.  The weekend is on it’s way!


23 Responses to “StacheGear, Illegal Curves, The Spectrum, and Crosby”
  1. TheOldeFirm says:

    I’m not sure what they’re doing with illegal stick curves these days. It’s always seemed that it was too much trouble for a coach to call an opposing player on one. If you’re right, you look like an eagle-eyed genius, but if you’re wrong, you look like a petty whiner. Wasn’t there also an actual penalty for being wrong on a stick-curve challenge?

    With regard to the Spectrum, I look at it as being similar to a safe-injection site for drug addicts. The people of Philly seem to have an addiction to rioting, looting, and general hooliganism, so why not let them get their fix in a relatively controlled manner? And hell, if you’re getting *them* to pay *you* for the privilege, I call that a win!

  2. wmsheppa says:

    And the tough, gritty Ovechkin has exactly… zero. When the DC media started singing Matt Bradley’s praises for zooming off the bench and breaking up a potential fight by answering the bell for Ovechkin, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was less of a “oh God, save him for the good of the team” and more of a “oh God, he’s going to get his ass kicked and make a fool out of himself, I’d better get my butt down there so we don’t get humiliated.” Honestly, I suspect it’s a bit of both.

  3. Alanna says:

    Psst, that Semin vid is actually Ovi.

  4. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    I should do that when I move out of my apt. Take what I want (flat screen, computer, etc.) and then charge people to raid what’s left. It’s like a garage sale minus the effort. Hell, I’d even hide things. Pull out the vent grates and stick something in there… Oh, the possibilities.

    As for the curve, the league can crack down on that as soon as goalies quit wearing king size mattresses as pads. Kind of like the pass interference penalty in football. The D sneezes and a flag flies. So they resort to nasty bump-and-run tactics and the occasional, I-know-I’m-getting-flagged-but-I’m-taking-you-down-anyway play. I love a guy that gets scorched, but straight tackles his assignment.

  5. So, about Crosby’s fights.

    #1: Andrew Ference. Ference is no pushover. This one was legit. So, Sid can hold his own in the NHL and is on to bigger and better opponents, right?

    #1.5: Boris Valabik. Crosby punched him in the nutsack when he was bent over and facing the other way. No fighting penalty given, so I guess we can’t talk about this one.

    #2: Brett McLean. Smallish two-way forward. Crosby jumped him after the faceoff. Crosby claims they had agreed to fight but McLean denies it, saying he was actually as surprised as he looked. Hmm…

    #3: Keith Ballard. Offensive defenseman. Crosby also received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the play.

    #4: Marek Zidlicky. Offensive defenseman, and European to boot.

    #5: Matt Niskanen. Offensive defenseman. Crosby’s Pens in a huge hole on the scoreboard.

    When Crosby fights a fellow star player or anybody of noted toughness, I’ll take note. Otherwise, I hope everyone eventually realizes that his fighting antics are more petty and amusing than impressive.

  6. I use an Ovechkin pro-stock and absolutely love it. Been obsessed with huge hooks since I picked up a Thurresson pro-stock last year. Sue me.

  7. Ralphie says:

    The Parros Stache Gear is awesome! As a hockey fan and mustache enthusiast I think it’s bad ass! Grow a stache and be proud to be a man! Movember is the time to do it!

  8. Section100 says:

    Poor John Sim, scored a hattrick in front of ~7,900 fans, most under the age of 10 (11am start time for school children). Not one hat hit the ice, only an opposing teams helmet that the ref had tossed in the Sound Tigers bench during play.

  9. sherm says:

    Didn’t they loosen the curve rule after the lockout? Wasn’t that one of the rule changes or am I just making that up?

    Cal Clutterbuck has started a twitter account for his ‘stache.
    While nowhere near as iconic as Parros’, it’s still a pretty damn good ‘stache… and apparently has a sense of humor too.

  10. Jarick says:

    I think Stamkos uses a Sakic curve. Funny that Crosby tied for league lead in scoring with damn near a straight blade.

  11. ms.conduct says:

    Anybody wanna talk about goalie blade curves with me?


    *hangs head* Yeah. That’s what I thought.

    Crosby always looks like that kid who finally got just fed up with being picked on at school and finds this monster strength and is just wailing on the guy, furious and probably crying. I love it.

  12. Char says:

    Ference is no pushover! ::giggles::

    I love Andrew. Really I do. I just… hehehehee. ::cough:: Yes. no pushover, our Andrew. Don’t mess with Andrew Ference.

  13. jtbourne says:

    Ha, Kanter, skipping the “regardless what you think of his fights” part eh. For what it’s worth, Keith Ballard is tough as shit too, scared me to death in college. Scoring doesn’t automatically make you weak.

    Ms. Conduct, what ever happened to the Curtis Curve, or whatever that off-set shaft thing was?

  14. jtbourne says:

    Not sure why that video is Ovy, yeah. I had the Semin one there at first, I even watched it on my blog after. WTF. Well, I’ll try to re-find it.

  15. andy says:

    i used a kovalchuk pro for about a period of mens league.
    zero backhanding ability. couldnt catch a pass to save my life.
    but the shot! oh man. i nearly killed the goalie in warmups.
    im tempted to try one again.

  16. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the Crosby love today Justin (at least the fights were something to write home about last night)! Ms C, I have the same characterization of Sid’s fights – god love him.

    I’m gettin’ a good feeling about seeing my first win in person tomorrow in Anaheim…

  17. Griff says:

    The old rule for maximum legal curve was 1/2″ (Easton Sakic) The new NHL rule is 3/4″ which is in line with what the euros have been using (Sher-wood Coffey curve)

  18. jtbourne says:

    Andy – Imagine if you took backhand passes everyday. Like, say it was your living. There has to be NO DOUBT in your mind that once you learned how to be adequate on your backhand it’d be worth having that forehand bullet, no?

  19. andy says:

    justin – of course! it was doubly difficult because i play my off wing.
    im sure its no different than any curve adjustment. after a few skates, it would come.
    id be the king of mens league! (b league at my rink only, of course)

    too bad nobody scouts dudes who are out of shape and a good ten years out of their prime…

  20. Kyle says:

    Crosby wailing on him???? He lands maybe 2 shots that don’t hit helmet or visor, and spends the rest of the time yanking Niskanen around to keep him from getting another bomb like the first punch in. If Crosby ever truly squares up with someone he’s going to get his ass kicked.

  21. Thanks Justin. I’ll admit, I didn’t know that about Ballard. I guess my point was that while Sid’s held his own in his fights so far, I’m not-so-secretly hoping that someday he gets his face rearranged by someone he shouldn’t have tangled with. I have a lot of respect for him as a player, just not his fighting performances/decisions.

  22. Joe Miller says:

    for the illegal curve rule- Spezza picking up the minor here, last year-

  23. jtbourne says:

    Fair enough Jeremy…. they have seemed to come at odd times, against random people.

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