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On St. Patty’s Day, The Leafs and Devils



New Puck Daddy: in honor of St. Patty’s Day, a piece discussing drinking within the hockey lifestyle.


How badly do you want this? Yeah me too.

Happy St. Patty’s Day to one and all out there! (Why is Big Crosby’s “Christman in Killarney” still stuck in my head?)

I love that to is equally as fake/BS as Valentine’s Day, but everyone’s down cause they get to get sauced at noon. 

Since today’s officially Point Out Your Irish Heritage Day: A few generations back my family last name was O’Burne.  Something about coming to this continent and changing it to avoid persecution I guess?  Anyway, I’m something like 30% Irish, a little more Ukranian (pierogi!) and a mutt mixture of about eight other places.  But today….. IRISH!


While we’re talking heriti (plural of heritages), I’d love to have some people recommend their favourite food from their country, I could use some new stuff to try.  As of this morning, I was advised on twitter to try “salo,” a Ukranian food which appears to be uncooked bacon or something.  But whatever, I’m down.  Whatcha got, folks?


The playoff races are a lot of fun to follow right now, specifically the Eastern Conference, largely because of the tremendous stories that the Maple Leafs and the Devils have  become.  The Leafs are four points out of a playoff spot with 11 remaining games – the Devils are six out with 13 to go. 

One of them could make this work, I’m tellin’ ya.

"Optimus Reim" and the much-discussed glove hand has been the saviour.

The biggest thing (in my opinion) is that they’re both actually chasing the Rangers.  I think the Sabres are too good to fall off, but I could see NYR hitting some stumbling blocks down the road.  The Sabres added Brad Boyes at the deadline, lost nothing, and were underachieving to begin with.

The question I asked on twitter this morning was, how, in a conference with that many bad teams, do you fall so goddamn far behind?

It feels like these two teams have won every game since Christmas (aside from the little Leafs skid).  And if I remember right, I think the Leafs started the year with something like an 6-2 record.  What, did they just get buckled every night after that?  They’ve climbed out of a pretty deep hole – I just dug up my Power Rankings vote from December for USA Today, I had them 28th.  28th!

And every time I look at the schedule for either team, it seems like they play a pushover two out of every three games.  Tonight, they’re playing Ottawa and Florida respectively.  Those should be wins.

And now they’re a team in the playoff hunt.  I’m sure they’d like back a few of those games around the middle of the schedule, eh?


Be safe today, and have fun.  Back at it tomorrow, most likely with a fun picture or two, and possibly a hangover.


7 Responses to “On St. Patty’s Day, The Leafs and Devils”
  1. MattyJ says:

    Re: Beer. Our beer league team has a hat we pass around to the team’s star for that game, who has to bring the beer next week. We have some real talent on our team but I think they hold out because they’re cheap. It’s an interesting dynamic.

  2. Jim M says:

    Saganaki my friend. Nothing like a sizzling hot plate of broiled Greek cheese to make you feel like a complete fucking waste of life after you demolish the entire serving. Cheers!

  3. Matt says:

    I have the Leafs schedule on the wall of my cube, and I have the wins and losses marked down. At the best point the Leafs were 5-2-1, then they lost 8 in a row. Sure would like the losses to Ottawa and Florida from that losing streak back.

  4. minnesotagirl71 says:

    I’m all about the ethnic desserts! Lefse – practically mandatory at Minnesota Christmas gatherings. Baklava – a high school friend is Egyptian and her mom made the best baklava!

    My in-laws (from up dere on da Minnesota Iron Range dere don’cha know) introduced me to potica – Slovakian rolled walnut filled pastry thing and porketta – Italian spiced pork roast. Love potica…not so fond of porketta.

    Hey – Phoenix folks – have you been to Pollo Campero? It’s a Guatemalan version of KFC, but SO MUCH better. Their Campero beans and Yucca fries are great! The chicken is good too.

  5. Deirdre says:

    Halvah – Middle Eastern dessert that is made of *awesome*, but don’t get the flavored ones (it comes in chocolate and marble) just go for plain. Joya makes/sells a pretty decent version here in the states.

    Bacalao – Portuguese salted cod (sounds awful, is awesome). They fry it up into little dumplings and wow.

    I’ll second the recommendation for a good Baklava (you can tell good from bad by the number of layers of filo dough before you get filling – the fewer the better, but also the harder to make.)

    Kabuli Pulao – Afghan roasted lamb (or chicken) dish where they cook the meat ’til you can cut it with the side of your fork and then serve it to you under a mound of saffron rice with carrots and raisins and other stuff mixed in.


  6. Alanna says:

    “…Tonight, they’re playing Ottawa and Florida respectively. Those should be wins…”
    Without the aforementioned Optimus Reim….f*ck.

    As far as food, I’m 1/2 Canadian so I figure you’ve got that category pretty well checked out. I’m half Irish, and real Irish food ain’t nothing to write home about. Every day: boiled back bacon, boiled potatoes, boiled cabbage, mashed tunips or parsnips. Eh. The best part of every meal is soda bread, which you can’t buy in the States (every soda bread I’ve seen here has nuts or raisins or other weird crap added to it and it’s not even close to the real thing. Real soda bread is really dense and I think it’s cooked on the stove. My grandma used to make one every day and it was fab-u-lous. My mom can make a pretty good one, too). Lamb is popular (eew) and Shepherd’s Pie was always a favorite treat that came out from time-to-time (I don’t know if the Irish or English get credit for that one). Anyway, out of all that rambling I’m voting for Shepherd’s Pie, which you’ve probably had before.

  7. hills says:

    If you’re looking for a decidedly American dish, I’d recommend cheesy blasters:

    Heritage-wise, I’m Scotch-Irish, so I’d recommend a deep fried candy bar or beer & cheese soup.

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