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Sports Prediction of the Year



I love sports for a million different reasons.  Last night was the best example of reason number 834,777 that I’ve ever seen in my life.

#834,777  - the random prediction come true.  You know, when you’re sitting at your cubicle and you call your shot with the crumpled paper – “Off the printer, clip the water cooler, then garbage”.  Bam.  In the garbage. 

Whether you call it a prediction, or a called shot, you have to love those moments.  And it’s just as great to call someone elses shot.  It’s fun being the guy standing behind your buddy while pointing Out-Of-Bounds right, just before he tees off… only to have him hammer it Out-Of-Bounds right.

Listen to the call by the Mariners announcer before the game - a prediction about a kid who’s never hit a big league homerun.  I so so apologize that the only place I could find the clip was from *shudder* Rachel Maddow (poorly clipped too.  The announcers start getting excited earlier in the count when it starts looking possible).  But you’ll enjoy it:



Sooo, what the hell?  Hossa is out til “late November”?  And I was so pumped about picking him up as a third rounder in the Bourne’s Blog Hockey League.  Don’t worry though, I just checked out my team and we’re still stacked.  There was nooo bias in my “Carey Price is going to have a good year” comment from the video blog… Noooo bias at all.


And last… It’s official.  I’m a USA Today staffer.

The blog on their site was sort of a “tryout” period, so thanks for all your support – especially you, Alaska and New York.  You combine for almost 50% of my blog hits (with my long-time hometown of Kelowna contributing about 1-2%… thanks Mom, Dad and Bro).  To those of you who’ve linked to my blog, and promoted me on hockey forums, blogs and everywhere else… more thank you’s.

I’ll be writing a bi-weekly NHL column called “Other Side of the Glass”.

So, throughout the year, I’ll be looking for NHL topics to write about.  Given that the column isn’t all that frequent, I’ll have ample research time.  Hit me up if you think you have something story worthy!


12 Responses to “Sports Prediction of the Year”
  1. ms.conduct says:

    Congrats on the column gig! That’s fantastic!

  2. Blake says:

    Congratulations on the gig Justin. You’re movin’ on up!!

    Also, I’ve got a random prediction for you…The Phoenix Coyotes will make the playoffs this year.

  3. Got any history regarding puck bunny/stalkers? Perhaps not a USA Today topic though …

    And congrats on the column … even though I continue to envy you.

  4. ann says:

    Congratulations, Justin. I’m looking forward to the column…

    That clip from the Mariners game is awsome. And I couldn’t help laughing at Mike Blowers laughing.

  5. SDC says:

    hey, I pulled my weight in the Kelowna clicks too! Congrats!

  6. Officer Koharski says:

    Congratulations dude, I’ll do my best to spread the links around on the USA today stuff especially

    That Blowers call is unbelievable, he said it with such disregard, too. Practically blurted it out, like he knew it way before they asked.

  7. Neil says:

    Nice work Bourne! But your fantasy team is garbage.

  8. Tom Curran says:

    Congrats Justin, The gang at Sturg will be reading!
    Now I know what you were doing behind me on the tee-box!! (hard left)

  9. John says:

    That’s great to hear, and so well deserved. Hats off!


  10. rod gonzales says:

    ..UAA HOCKEY..V-V-M-M-RER-R-ROOOO will BREAK RECORDS!..the aces will be so D minded that they may loose a lot of 1 goal games (sic) this kind-uv, visions are good, now! cuz’ the team can work it out of their system..nothing worse than a goal starved team. “shoot to score!” how do i post my hockey art this season? here?

  11. Tony says:

    Co. Mustard in the kitchen with the candle stick

  12. JustJeff says:

    Hey JT what do you think of Weight being named captain for the Isle’s?

    and Beer of the Week is Lagunita’s Imperial Red Ale –

    It’s a strong american ale. It’s pours a deep red bordering on brownish\copperish with a very thin head. It gives a hoppy pine flavor with a sweet and spicy malt. 7.5% ABV 84.2 IBU (but the bitterness is balanced by the nice malty-ness)

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