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We Signed Who??



Trade deadlines, roster freezes, free agent cutoffs – these are all things all diehard hockey fans love.  It was fun waiting to see if the Canucks signed Plodalong Sundin right?

Well, think of this: There was some center in the Canucks organization who knew if Sundin signed, he would be traded or released.  These fun decisions aren’t so fun for everyone.

I try to explain it better here: .  Don’t be shy to “recommend” my brilliant work.

PS, I just figured out that damn “tiny url” thing (apparently, it wasn’t that complicated), so beware, twitter followers.  I’ma be comin’ with the heat.


One Response to “We Signed Who??”
  1. Meg Jarrell says:

    Bring the heat buddy!! We’re ready for your Tweet-storm!

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