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A Short Post: Jiggs, Jets, and Column Recaps



New Puck Daddy: Showboating shootout moves, and the slow evolution to them becoming acceptable in the hockey world


A week from today Breezy and I bring home our second (and absolutely final) cat.  We put the deposit down, and think we’ve come to agree on his name: Jiggs!  More accurately, if you ask Bri, it’s Jiggs McMeower Kitten Mittons Bourne.

He’s a blue-mitted ragdoll, and he’s wicked.


Moving on.


So, tomorrow the Jets play the Colts in playoffs, a well placed Saturday night game.  Bri and I will be taking our NEW upstairs neighbor – the guy who had the audacity to replace Miss Arizona - to our pub for drinks (the first in nearly a week, yay diet!).  He seems like a good guy, always good to have nice neighbors.

The Jets are definite underdogs, but given that I’ll be sporting my new sparkling white Dustin Keller jersey, I think we can assume he’ll score at least two TD’s.  So we got that goin’ for us.

Who ya got?  Any fellow Jets fans out there?


I’m down to 205.6 today, meaning I’m 2.4 lbs. lighter after five solid days of dieting.  Moving in the right direction.


Here’s a recap of my columns for this week, if case you missed any of ‘em.  Hope you enjoy, and hope you have a great weekend:

Monday: THN – Organizational depth
Tuesday: PD – Spread offense, stretch defense, break the cycle
Wednesday: HPT – Bottom hand position
Thursday: PD – 3 ways to stop a comeback from happening
Friday: PD – Effective showboat moves being taken off the blacklist 


18 Responses to “A Short Post: Jiggs, Jets, and Column Recaps”
  1. Jarick says:

    I have trouble enough trying not to kill the first cat. Holy crap these things don’t sleep at night.

    Holding steady at 2.2 lbs so far.

  2. James says:

    I’m a Jets fan for the playoffs.

    I’m a Redskins fan who is married to a Jets fan.

  3. JIllian says:

    GO COLTS!!!!

  4. Derek says:

    You missed the best example of what you were talking about in the PD article. Roszival’s between the legs move in the shootout a couple years ago was one of the first times most fans got an inkling that even crappy defensemen have sweet moves. Small nitpick aside, it was a really great article, although I’m sure you’ll get hit with a million “you didn’t play in the NHL, how do you know they can do that?” comments from the morons at PD (hence why I am commenting here).

  5. NHL fan says:

    He should be taking you at for drinks for pulling that move. No matter how much of a good guy he is, he still has repalced Miss Arizona……GO JETS!

  6. Matt the Aussie says:

    Derek, do you mean Marek Malik perhaps? I’ve not seen the Roszival move…

  7. marc says:

    Heya – I was still mulling over conversations about why the winter classic is ‘special’ and then I ran across what you said in goal celebration piece:

    As a North American hockey player (okay, Canadian, but Americans are taught the same stuff), I quickly learned The Rules: shoot the puck, drive the net for rebounds, finish your checks and keep your celebrations to a minimum. Don’t get too cute.

    The spirit of Pond Hockey is the direct opposite of that. And thats why pond hockey, and the Winter Classic, will always be special to hockey players. Who knows, maybe in 10 more years it will be less special, but if thats the case its probably because someone started letting the kids have more fun on an indoor rink again.

  8. Karen From Rochester says:

    Justin, this weeks columns kicked a** and that cat is gorgeous! oh…ok, it’s a male cat so…he’s REALLY cute!

  9. Derek says:

    @Matt the Aussie.

    Yeah I meant Malik. Understandable brain fart (two overpaid Rangers defensemen).

  10. noam says:

    top notch cat! …that is all

    and the guy with the comment on the shootout column got it right: the guy at the top right of the grabovski picture in that is a modern day hero

  11. Tom Curran says:

    Hey J.T.
    Rahel and I are getting married at Sturgeon Hall on Sunday!!
    All the guys are wearing their hockey jersey’s
    It’ll be nice to see your dad in his Isles gear again!
    Happy New Year to you and Bri
    Enjoy the double duty on litter box patrol!!!
    How about those ‘Nucks!!!!!!

  12. Deirdre says:

    Tom’s comment reminds me of these:

    I want to find a team that would be willing to wear these – they’ve got ‘em in white too! Far too awesome.

  13. Mlembo88 says:

    A Rec roller team that plays at the rink near me used to wear those… Team name = “dressed to kill”…looked cool at first but the novelty wore off quick.

  14. Thanks for the diet update, makes me feel like crap. I seem to alternately drop a pound or two, and then gain it back. Maybe my scale is busted and I’m staying even. Either way, I need to get down to that number-that-starts-with-one as well. I need a 12-pound drop to get there. But, what I really need is the know-how to do it. I’ll take any recommendations. (Note: I live in Minn. Outdoor activities are permissible, but probably not until Monday or Tuesday as we will be in the -10 to -20 range for the near future. Wind chill is supposed to be -30. First year I have had to bench the skates for a week straight.)

  15. Tom says:

    I’m a transplanted New Yorker, now in Alaska, who has been a Jets fan from the beginning of their AFL Titans days (in the Polo Grounds). I saw Joe Willy play at Shea Stadium, am wearing my Jets green while waiting for the Saints to wake up.

    GO JETS!!!

    I am a UAA Seawolf Blueliner and loved to watch Justin during his college days.

    PS – I was living in Baltimore when the Colts were stolen by Indy and only wish them bad things.

  16. Tom says:

    YES, Next week it’s the Pats!!

    GO JETS!!!

  17. Cory says:

    Tough Battle for the Jets, but they made it happen when it counted…but now they have to play the Pats…

    Awesome name for the new kitty. I hope some pictures of your two cats interacting are going to follow.

    Have a good week,


  18. liverning says:

    J-E-T-S… Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets!!!!
    Awesome new cat! Hope Tyson acts more like a big brother and not a big step brother…
    So is Jiggs named for Isles TV play-by-play caller Jiggs McDonald?

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