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Being Sensitive, Explaing Why Habs/Bruins Won’t Be A Scrapfest



New Puck Daddy: Teemu Selanne and that art of being a lurker


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I used to think I didn’t enjoy overly sentimental TV, music or books because I wasn’t sensitive enough.  It’s recently come to my attention that it turns out I don’t like getting invested in those things because I’m too sensitive.  Feeling bad for other people tends to simply ruin me, so when there’s not something I can do about it – like with characters in a movie – I just plain don’t want to feel that way.

As a guy, that seems like obvious solution: avoid it.

Take, for example, the Modest Mouse video (Little Motel) in this (unsurprisingly fantastic) old post by Chris Jones – the song is great, but I can’t enjoy it because the video hurts to watch.  Why do women seem to enjoy doing this to themselves (intentionally watch tear-jerker movies, I mean)? 

Odd.  Anyway, I’ll get back to sports here in a hot sec, right after a recommendation:

For something inspirational/emotional well-worth your time, this Joe Posnanski piece on Rulon Gardner is a must-read.


Tonight the Bruins and Habs reunite to play their first game after Zdeno Chara executed his perfectly mapped out plan to fracture vertebrae in Max Pacioretty’s neck (or whatever it is the Montreal fans and their police are claiming).

One or two at most. Otherwise, a damn good hockey game.

Here’s why you won’t – repeat, WON’T – see a fight-a-thon.

First, a disclaimer: I’m not saying they Habs won’t want their pound of flesh from Chara.  They may hack, whack and slash him.  They may hit him every chance they get.  Hell, someone (who do they even have, Ryan White?) may even try to fight him.  Those are all possibilities.

But both teams are playoff-bound, and those are coming up mighty quick: 10 games for the big bad B’s, and eight for the speedy Habs.

Both teams are unsure of their seeding still, which makes the points crucial.

The commish and every other fan will be watching this game with eyes wide open Stanley Kubrick syle (Clockwork Orange, not Eyes Wide Shut, btw).  The refs will be paying uber-close attention.  This isn’t like being a juror in court where you can’t know anything about the case to rule on it.  This game will be on lock down, thanks to all the authoritaw paying attention.  You gotta believe the refs are going to call a couple minors early to set the “hey, no fucking around tonight” tone.

The most important thing for playoffs is entering them healthy.  Teams get knocked out strictly on injuries alone some years (as a certain Daddy of Puck has mentioned, with a healthy Tomas Vanek, the Sabres may actually beat the Bruins in round one last year).

I just don’t see any way that now would be the right time to exact revenge.

If you recall the Bruins and Dallas Stars had a monumental amount of tilly’s to make up for something that happened the year before.  File this in the same bin as that game.  There’s a time and a place.

This is neither.


Trying to meet up with Joe Yerdon of NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk for a pint today.  Good guy, follow him on twitter here.  Have a great Thursday!


12 Responses to “Being Sensitive, Explaing Why Habs/Bruins Won’t Be A Scrapfest”
  1. Cassie says:

    I’m the same way – I can’t watch overly sentimental stuff. I’m far too empathetic for that crap, and get sucked in completely. So I avoid it whenever possible, too. I don’t get how other women enjoy wallowing in it, either.

    On a hockey note, I agree (again) that the Canadiens-Bruins game won’t be as ugly as people predict. Or, perhaps, want it to be. I think it’s more because the officiating will be tighter than usual because of what happened.

  2. ms.conduct says:

    Ditto on the sentimental crap. I will bail on something if I feel like it’s manipulating me emotionally. Like a movie makes you fall in love with a character and then they KILL THEM. Well, Eff You, movie people. I don’t need that shit.

    I figure life is tough enough, will bring enough tears and grief, why would I inflict someone else’s sadness on myself? Absolutely won’t see movies or read books that are reputed to pull emotional strings. Make me laugh, or talk about hockey, or GTFO.

  3. jtbourne says:

    Boom, you nailed it. Probably why you’re hockey fans.

  4. Char says:

    //Why do women seem to enjoy doing this to themselves (intentionally watch tear-jerker movies, I mean)?//

    Catharsis, sometimes. Makes you feel better to have a good cry and clean out the emotional sinuses, so to speak.

  5. Sherry says:

    Hey now, not so fast – I *love* hockey (as I love other sports) and I’m as sentimental as they come. Of course, because I’m a menopausal female, I can’t see, hear, or read any effing thing that doesn’t make me cry. I cry at *everything* – and sporting events are right up there with the highest of my triggers.

    But hormonal caveats aside, I’ve never been one to run from pain, real or manufactured. I think there can be something cleansing (not to mention strengthening) about letting yourself feel on all those uncomfortable levels. Now, cheap sentimentalism sometimes just isn’t worth your time because it’s just not, that, good – but to me, the myriad of emotion that we can feel is sometimes what makes life worth living.

    I do understand Justin, that you as a guy, just want to *fix* things (got the husband who is just like that), and find it frustrating when you can’t. And that you don’t want near anything that not only can you not fix, but makes you feel terrible to boot. But my approach is that all the good and bad in life is what we are meant to feel, try and understand, bear up under, overcome, rejoice in, share – so even the things that hurt are there for a reason and are due respect and care. And another thing – once you learn how to deal with feeling wrecked, and overcoming it, you do get better at it.

    I haven’t read that piece on Rulon Gardner yet, but I plan to. I was watching when he won that Olympic match against the never before beaten guy. Cry? Yep. And the Olympics where he left his wrestling shoes on the mat as a sign of retirement after his last match? Cry? Check!

    However, I’m not all about the senitmental (especially being a middle-aged mom who is frequently tired and cranky), and sometimes I just need to escape. The husband and I are escaping tomorrow with a double feature of Battle: Los Angeles and Sucker Punch. Boom baby!

    And OMG I can’t wait for the Pens/Flyers, Bruins/Habs games tonight (gonna have that sports bar thing going on around here). Annnnnnnd, Go Aztecs!

  6. TJ says:

    Ditto on the sentimental stuff. And I would also like to add another reason to stay away from cry-fest movies…why in the hell would I pay $10 to sit in a theater and cry for 3 hours? Seriously! I can’t do it. Give me some production value…car chases, sports, fights, and violence! Nice!

  7. minnesotagirl71 says:

    I’m on Cassie and Ms. C’s team. I cry over the real situations in life – I don’t need to watch/read something that is designed to make me cry. Yuck! One of my biggest peeves is the movie that looks fun and light in the trailer and then is a hidden tear jerker. Deception! I’ll stick to hockey and baseball…and even those have brought me to tears when I see the players faces (especially the high school kids) after a disappointing loss.

  8. TheOldefirm says:

    This is why I have a love/hate relationship with Joss Whedon’s work. He creates these awesome characters that you can’t not love, and then *thwack* Wash is dead :(

  9. Sherry says:

    I am a leaf on the wind… Yea, Wash’s end sucked.

  10. Jeff says:

    Group hug needed here?

  11. jgwinup says:

    Gravatar gravitar gravitar!!!

  12. Madeleine says:

    I’m also in the hockey fan and tear-jerker movie lover category. I swear sometimes it feels that half of me is a dude and the other half is a chick.
    I like the crying movies because it just feels good to cry about it sometimes. I dunno, I guess I just like getting in touch with those emotions and knowing I have them.
    I can’t figure out why people watch scary movies though. To me there are much better ways to get an adrenaline rush.

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