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The Sedins, Free Skating at Fenway



When the Sedin brothers got drafted 2-3, it was a bit hokey.

As in, yes Mr. Burke, it would be neat if there was this pair of odd-looking Swedish brothers with crazy twin-sense that could dominate the league, but come on.  Tons of brothers have played in the NHL, and nobody got to call “we’re a package” before.  Lame.

Would you be more surprised to find out Tigers a cheater or they're robots? Tiger thing, right?

Would you be more surprised to find out Tigers a cheater or they're robots? The Tiger thing, right?

A lot of Canucks fans, used to being dumped on by their team, figured they were too soft.  They started calling them “The Sedin Sisters” and all that stuff.  College kids were taking a shot every time one of them got knocked off the puck, and were needing their stomachs pumped by the third period.

Well, for those of you who hadn’t noticed yet, the investment has been seriously paying off.

Fans in Vanvouver definitely know by now, but is the rest of the league’s fan base aware?  Aware that these guys are in the leagues top 20 players, and there’s probably only a couple player-pairs on other teams you’d rather have?  They were scary good last night.  Again.  In the past, I’ve just said “scary” (read: appearance).  But they’d make me damn nervous if I was a defenseman and they had solid possession.  They certainly don’t need it long to score.


 I just read Deadspin’s article about free skating at Fenway before the Winter Classic.

What a neat thing that the people putting on the game have done for the fans (the article is about how scalpers got the free tickets first and are selling them for human babies + a Kings ransom).

I just wanted to mention something about the skate, and it isn’t meant to take away from the intent of the promoters letting people skate – it’s a really nice solution actually.

I’ve gotta believe they’re having people out there skating, because (not sure if this is common knowledge) new ice is awful.

Playing professional hockey means playing in a big buildings, which also tend to host concerts, basketball games, conventions and all that other jazz.  For the most part, they’re able to just lay boards over the ice and make that the floor, but occasionally you’ll play somewhere that they just put the ice back in.

Pleasedon'tlettheFlyerswin, pleasedon'tlettheFlyerswin...

Pleasedon'tlettheFlyerswin, pleasedon'tlettheFlyerswin...


The ice comes up in big chunks, the puck slides like it does on a driveway, and it feels like the rink is uphill in every direction.

Only once it gets carved up, flooded, hacked apart, flooded, scarred and healed does it function like a normal sheet, which, I’m sure, is why the promoters have the rink in early and are “letting” locals have a free skate on it.  Well played, good sirs.


Congrats to Michael Vick for winning the Eagles award for commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courageppppfffffffffffff!!!  Haha, sorry, I almost kept it together there.

He really won that award though. 

Commitment to sportsmanship and courage, or to not breaking parole and paying off his debts?  Yep, kids, there goes a shining example of how to do it right.


Here are some of my thoughts on shot blockers.  Oh, and check back tomorrow for an extra special Christmas edition!  Santa is guest blogging!  Or Jesus might – still waiting to hear back from his PR guy.


Thats all for today folks.  Happy holiday shopping.  I’m gonna go buy my fiance a knife set, because it’s the easiest present you can wield to make the line shuffle left… OR ELSE.


10 Responses to “The Sedins, Free Skating at Fenway”
  1. Goody says:

    Ah… unfortunately the “free” skates are scheduled for after the game.

  2. Char says:

    No other brothers could say “we’re a package” because no other brothers could say, “if we’re not drafted together, we’re staying in Sweden.” It’s all about leverage.

    A knife set? You romantic devil, you. ;-)

  3. jtbourne says:

    Ahh, no kidding? Well, there goes that theory. But still, it doesn’t change the main point – new ice is bad ice.

  4. Alanna says:

    …and the other main point, that scamming and reselling free tickets for hundreds of dollars makes you an a-hole (in my book)

  5. Alanna says:

    Also wondering if you’re following the World Juniors at all? I’m generally pulling for Canada but their buffoonery leading up to the champs this year is beyond off-putting.
    Exhibit A (in an exhibition game no less):
    A little write-up about theur behavior (and another of Cormier’s cheap shots)

  6. minnesotagirl71 says:

    I sports hate the Sedins. Their twins intuition/psychic ability gives them unfair advantage…unless of course they were playing for my fave team…then they would be using their god given talents!

  7. Neil says:

    A Bourne’s Blog shout-out to Hank and Dank is all I wanted for Christmas! Have a great Christmas buddy, tell the family I said hello!

  8. angus says:

    The Sedins never demanded to play for the same team and were quite willing and accepting of the fact they would be in different cities.

    Happy holidays Bourne – as a Canuck fan and a Sedin supporter through thick and thin, it is nice to see them finally emerging as superstars in this league.

  9. Josh says:

    Oh wow, I was just about to burn you on your Sedin analysis. Then I did a bit of research, and you’re 100% correct. I guess I really don’t keep up with Western Conference hockey, just like the east coast media. I’m about as myopic as a Leaf (or die-hard Isles) fan. I stink.

    Have a good Christmas with your family and fiancee, Justin. Tell your brother to lay off on the life-or-death scares.

    By the way, did you receive a gift basket from Msr. Pascal Morency? It snowed on the east coast last weekend. It probably will arrive on the 26th or 27th.

  10. Maria says:

    in any event about the ice they been having games and stuff on it for the past week or so (they were letting people rent in by the hour for like $30,000 if you wanted to) soo im sure it’ll be perfect by the 1st! A few prep schools from Connecticut rented it last week and played an entire game on it…3 hours..hahaa

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