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Seabrook/Wisniewski, Campbell/Bourne, Cooke/Bruins



Yesterday, Mike Wazowski James Wisniewski got suspended for eight games.  I guess we all really worked Colin Campbell to a climax on that one, huh? 

Whatever – if you saw the Wisniewski interview, he looked like he felt really, really bad…. that he got suspended.  I’m not saying the guy’ll play like an angel the rest of his career, but forfeiting the price of a nice house in Phoenix might give him pause for a few seconds, I would think.

I messed up by not running the hit yesterday, and by only commenting on it in the comment section.  Here’s me making up for it, if you haven’t already seen it…. which you have, so umm… move on.

While we’re discussing Colin Campbell, as we often to seem to be….

My Dad and ol’ Coley couldn’t exactly be described by the phrase “BFF’s” back when they played.  ….Oh look, two clips – and by the way, they’re awesome – the commentators crack me up.

Colin Campbell vs Bob Bourne

Ahh, that felt good and it wasn’t even me.  I love the casual nature of the color guy in this one, doing the math on PIMS.  Just another whistle between plays…

Apparently they also score fight wins by take-downs, as Campbell was the “clear winner” against Sutter.  PS, that first left from my Dad was a bomb, thank god it didn’t land, for everyone’s sake.


Okay, on to Matt Cooke vs. the Boston Bruins:

What did people think was going to happen? 

The circus demonstrated how badly some people are out of touch with the realities of professional hockey.  This was the type of thing that emphasizes to the guys in the room how much certain fans and media outside that room don’t get their job.

Every night some guy has a target on his chest, which is of secondary importance to the win.  Every night. It’s a long season, and you play the same teams plenty of times over the year, hell, over a career.  And, it’s not a cliche - their jobs ACTUALLY depend on winning.  And people flew in to catch this game expecting to see fireworks while the biggest fight is their battle for eighth? 

Granted, this one happened to be an extreme case (due to it’s blatant nature, followed by no suspension), and the guys are well aware of that.  But the night unfolded the way it did to appease those that went out of their way to be a part of the “event”.  Cooke had to fight if he didn’t want to be crucified in the (for once) vendetta-aware media, and the Bruins were no different.  In no way am I saying they wouldn’t have fought if not for the media, I’m just saying it wouldn’t have gone down like a bout at Caesars Palace 1:58 in.








The fact is, these are professional athletes, and though they often act spontaneously, you don’t get to that level without some measure of discipline.  Many-a-nights you leave (frustrated) after taking a number and just playing the game.  Just because the media sniffed out the obvious “hey, their gonna be mad at that guy, right?”, this all seemed a little…. forced.  It doesn’t usually happen the quarter-second after a guy’s skates hit the ice, but eventually, guys get found.

And it’s not always a fight – a late hit, an extra shot, whatever you can get in there and not hurt your teams chances.  As soon as a guy puts his vendetta ahead of the team goal, he sits.  He may get healthy scratched the next day (and the coach will tell the media its because a guy wasn’t “effective” to avoid the circus.  Read: Avery), and if it happens enough, he may get dealt.

For those who thought they’d fight Cooke everytime he stepped on the ice, chase him around and make highlight-worthy plays on him…. with Colin Campbell and every east coast media guy there?  To quote NFL Countdown, C’mon, man.  In the end, they may not be done with him, but they aren’t idiots.  They put on the show people came to see, right away.  But they’ll find him again when it’s not mid-playoff push.  They’re disciplined.  They’re pros.


14 Responses to “Seabrook/Wisniewski, Campbell/Bourne, Cooke/Bruins”
  1. greg says:

    exactly…something tells me cooke isn’t done paying for that hit…

  2. Pete says:

    now with inside info, you could at least tell us what collie said to your dad that set off the second fracas.

    or you could keep us in the dark, and “turgeon takes a dive” may just lay down for the weekend.

  3. jtbourne says:

    Haha, alright, alright, I’ll ask. He told me at some point, but I forget. JUST DONT LOSE!

  4. Char says:

    Word on the media. The sports talk radio station in Boston that normally avoids the Bruins like the plague is STILL harping on this damn thing. And since they know absolutely eff-all about hockey, it makes your ears bleed. Cripes, go back to talking about Tom Brady’s wussification, willya?

  5. Aces Arbitrage says:

    Off Topic, but are you going to be able to catch the Islanders/Rangers game in 3D? Curious how it will look on TV.

  6. Aces Arbitrage says:

    …They also mention that The Masters will also be available in 3D…hope you can find one of the new TV’s.

  7. “but forfeiting the price of a nice house in Phoenix might give him pause for a few seconds, I would think.”

    Are you implying a fine? If so, doesn’t the current CBA limit the maximum fine allowed? Wasn’t Ovechkin fined the ‘maximum’ for slew footing Rich Peverley earlier this season? In reality that fine probable represented the money Ovie would have earnt whilst taking a crap, such was the minute amount involved in comparison to his pay packet and what he earns per minute on the planet!

    As for Cooke, a Vancouver supporting friend of mine told me he was effectively run out of town by his old team mates after basically ignoring the respected team pros like Linden after they asked him to ‘think’ a little bit more about how he acted, and what that meant for the team (both on the ice and in terms of image)

    He ignored, so the Nucks players basically made it clear they didn’t want Cooke any more

    Allegedly of course…

  8. Neil says:

    That wouldn’t surprise me at all Duff, because the Canucks f-cking rule.

    I remember listening to the radio the day Cooke left town. Nobody was sad.

  9. jtbourne says:

    Duff – when you’re suspended, you forfeit the wages you wouldve earned to the players emergency fund. He loses $230,000 or so.

  10. Beer:30 says:

    My dad could beat up your dad ………… well maybe not.

  11. Pete L says:

    LMFAO over that first fight. I went looking for video of Campbell taking a good beating after the Cooke incident, and found those two. Very funny to see you link them to the same story. I really like the Mike W cross out. He was like an under the bed monster on that hit.

  12. Hi Justin – yeah, I know the money goes to the emergency fund (IMHO the ‘correct’ thing to do with the money). But it differs slightly as to whether a guy is suspended or fined, that was what I was trying to clarify.

    As you say, Wisnewski forfeits his $230K because he is suspended.

    However, Ovechkin was fined (not suspended, just fined) earlier in the season for his slew foot on Peverley. But the actually amount the league can fine a guy is limited by the CBA isn’t it? Or at least, it has a maximum. I can’t remember if it’s a fixed amount, or a percentage of salary or what, but either way it’s a pretty poor amount that isn’t a massive deterent for a lot of guys who are earning 6 or 7 figures.

    I was trying clarify if you meant you felt the league should whack big (or bigger) fines on players like Wisnewski as a punishment? Because a straight fine is limited under the current CBA (right or wrong) – or if you simple meant the amount he is giving up as a result of the suspension might ‘hurt him’ more than the actual ban?

    I can see how my query might have got lost in translation before! ha ha

  13. Deirdre says:

    Ok – is anyone else totally distracted by those um…I’ll go with incredible… Canucks Jerseys? OMG Those are horrible!

  14. SDC says:

    Maybe Big Bad Bobby B should roll into Colin Campbell’s office, dust him up again, and take over as NHL VP….

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