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Scott Gordon and Halle Berry (…No Connection)



So, I’m sure I’m not alone in periodically liking (or disliking) something for reasons that are unbeknownst to even myself.  When the Islanders hired Scott Gordon, a guy I’d never heard of, I liked it, but wasn’t sure why.  Let me try to explain it to myself:

Part owner of a "waste management" company in Jersey?

Some owners hire coaches to give their fans the impression they hired a good coach.  You know, a guy with a name, something that won’t cause a huge negative ruckus.  This means you end up recycling coaches based on fame, not success, and before you know it, Mike Keenan is running your franchise.

I’d love to see more coaches with lower level success work their way up the ladder.  Mike Babcock didn’t get the Red Wings job based on his days as a player, he got it cause he won with every damn team he coached.  I think the game today is well-suited for a young coach who understands the more free-wheeling NHL (hint: defense-first is still your focus), and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hiring trend in this direction continue (again, St. Louis hiring Davis Payne was exceptional – he’s doesn’t have Babcock’s NHL success yet, but I believe he’s got the same ability).

So good for teams that hire Davis Paynes and Scott Gordons – if Tampa Bay would do the same, they’d find out real fast what sort of team they’re actually dealing with.

Islanders are in a playoff spot in the middle of January, Rick DiPietro just got a shutout, and a 19 year old is leading the team in scoring.  And the Red Wings are currently in 9th in the West.  AND THE COYOTES ARE TIED FOR HOME ICE ADVANTAGE AT FOURTH.  I’m dizzy.  I need to sit down.


I doubt many of you watch much ECHL hockey.  So far this year, I’ve watched zero minutes and no seconds, so I know where you’re coming from.

Well, the Victoria Salmon Kings (real name) scored a goal so ridiculous it ran on ESPN SportCenter yesterday.  Yeah, it’s that good.

The goal made me think two things – one, that at that level, there are a few kids that are going to be legit NHL studs mixed in with a few who’re going to be legit rec league duds (though not many, you’d be surprised at the quality).  What that means is, occasionally, someone gets burned so bad they should be forced to take their gear off and quit.  If that were the case, the Islanders Andrew Macdonald would’ve put entire teams into retirement during his months in Utah.

Secondly, it made me shudder at the sound of their goal song.  I was twice on teams that eliminated Victoria from playoffs, but when you’re on the wrong end of a game there, and that crowd gets fired up, it’s real easy to post a plus/minus that looks like Tiger got hot at The Masters. 

Oh, minus five, good hustle Bourne.


Really, Dwayne Johnson… “The Tooth Fairy”?  I guess we can finally start calling him “The Rock Bottom”.



I watched the Golden (Halle Berry’s) Globes on Sunday night, and thought it might be worth mentioning that I, like pretty much everyone else, love me some Ricky Gervais.  That guy is money.  Also, Halle Berry continues to defy human aging laws.  ———->


Puck Daddy wrote an interesting bit on Mike Richards battle with the media.  The guy is the perfect captain for that team o’ douches. 

Here’s what sucks about how fun it is hating them: if they can get some GD goaltending (I feel like I’ve written that before), wouldn’t you not want your highly rated team to play them in the first round of playoffs?  If I’m Buffalo or New Jersey, I’m praying the Isles or Panthers sneak in.  I’d be interested to see the betting lines on them come playoffs, they might make for a sneaky round one money-maker.


That’s all for today!  Sorry no Monday post – I was super busy watching FIVE STRAIGHT HOURS of Dexter with Bri. 


21 Responses to “Scott Gordon and Halle Berry (…No Connection)”
  1. Char says:

    It’s not so much the goal that impresses me but the fact that they actually showed hockey on ESPN. Sign of the Apocalypse.

  2. Pat says:

    I agree with the current trend of promoting head coaches from within the ranks. The problem for Tampa doing that is they don’t have anyone ready to step to the plate at the NHL level. They just fired their head coach in Norfolk, and promoted their assistant to that role. Jim Johnson (new guy) seems he has the resume to fill the void that Tocchet is creating, but will need some time to cut his teeth as a bench boss first.

    Bold prediction (?) – Neither Lecavalier nor Tocchet with the Lightning opening day next year.

  3. ms.conduct says:

    You had a 5 hour Dexter-thon, too? Did you feel a little queasy after? I sure did.

    Every time I watch that Salmon Kings goal, I halfway expect the breezers of all the defenders there to just drop to the ice in unison. Maybe a nice, comedic “SPROING!” sound of their suspenders failing. Someone photoshop that for me?

  4. Cassie says:

    Don’t even get me started on Rick Tocchet. I’ve been trying all season to not write a scathing blog about the guy. I have nothing against him personally, but the Lightning really need an experienced coach. And promoting from within isn’t an option. Rick Wilson can’t coach the defense, so how can he coach the entire team? About the only guy I’d feel okay with who’s currently on the staff as head coach is Wes Walz, and even then he doesn’t have much experience.

  5. jtbourne says:

    It’s not like AHL coaches have two-way NHL contracts, Pat, Cassie. You can hire any one from any team – most of those guys are trying to make the bigs just like their players on one way deals. If I were Tampa’s GM, I’d dig up the best AHL coach from ANY successful team and offer whatever the league’s least paid coach is making. Who wouldn’t leave for a better resume and huge pay raise?

  6. Cassie says:

    Justin, the problem is money. They’re still paying Melrose, I believe. They got out of Tortorella’s contract because the Rangers hired him, but they were still paying him, Melrose, and Tocchet up until that point. They can’t afford to fire Tocchet, still have to pay him, and then hire another coach – no matter who it is.

  7. jtbourne says:

    Haha, no way? That’s so crazy. It’s amazing how many guys are collecting multiple paychecks. My Dad and I were having dinner with Guerin in ’07, and he made a joke about it being “not so bad getting three paychecks”, (I assume Boston and Dallas?).. Must be nice.

  8. Cassie says:

    Getting three paychecks AND playing hockey? Yeah, I think I could live that life.

  9. Will77 says:

    Think thats nice? Yashin has been getting paid almost 3million a year to stay the hell away from long island, and I think that continues for a couple more years. Personally, I’d mail him each check in a box filled with dog feces.

    Gotta love Gordon, and he’s really got the Isles clicking right now. 9-2-1 in their last 12, beating some quality teams. If you told me Moulson would have 15 goals on the season, I’d have taken that with a smile. That he has 19 goals and January isn’t even over yet is incredible.

    Btw, don’t teams watch video? They haven’t learned yet that Sutton hits you at the same exact spot on the blue line any time you have your head down? He’s hard to not see out there, even if moving at the spead of WHOCARESITSANDYSUTTON

  10. Pat says:

    JB…..I understand that the AHL coaches want to get to the NHL. But, with most AHL teams having NHL affiliations and strong working relationships, it’s not as easy as Tampa going and “looting” some other organization’s coaching prospect. It’s the balance of development versus instant opportunity. Personally…..a young coach would be better in Tampa than any other options. They need to grow the whole organization and develop some loyalty among the youngsters. You won’t do that by bringing in a hired gun veteran coach to try and turn things around.
    To make a comparison, look at how Rex Ryan developed a new swagger with the Jets and introduced a winning attitude. The guy cut his teeth as an assistant (with too many programs to name) and is squeezing the most out of a young, inexperienced Jets team in his first head coaching gig. The same new philosophy would work in Tampa.
    (And as painful as that was, I will accept some form of congrats for working a Jets mention into a discussion about the Lightning.)
    Lastly…..all of this talk about improving the Lightning is pointless until the ownership figures it out. Or…they finally give Brian Lawton some room to work. Neither will happen anytime soon.

  11. Pete L says:

    Five straight hours of Dexter is a great way to spend a day. Was it the end of the last season on DVR or were you hitting the dvds? Doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoyed the body count.

    Pretty sure the guys playing d on that goal aren’t enjoying the fact that it is going viral!

  12. Neil says:

    It’s interesting to look back at last year and the abuse Gordon took for giving his young guys such big minutes despite constantly losing games, there were reports about Guerin getting pissed about the attitude towards winning, all sorts of “what the hell is he doing”. Easy to look smart with the benefit of hindsight, but the young guys are looking pretty damn solid, they drafted some guy named Tavares, and it looks like they will be right up there in the playoff race.

    Totally agree on the Flyers, they are scoring 5-7 goals a game right now with three legitimate scoring lines, if they could be a little more responsible and get a guy like Huet in net (…Emery) they would be built a bit like the Hawks. The young guys, the vets on D, proven stars up front… this team should be dominant.

  13. Neil says:

    …not that Chicago has vets on D. But Philly has the right pieces in the right places and Emery has been to the dance before (I think… too lazy to check).

  14. Scott Gordon came with an impressive resume but had a tough time because it was an ex-Jack Adams winner he replaced.

    I warned Mr. Snow that the day will come when he will be remembered as the GM with the guts and foresight to give Jack Adams award winner Scott Gordon his first NHL job. This weekend, Newsday’s Arthur Staple echoed that sentiment in an article he wrote.

    Scott Gordon, in only his second year in the NHL, is proving that he has a very promising career at this level. I’m just happy he’s showing off HERE on Long Island!

  15. Ron says:

    You mis-spelled both “Keenan” and “ruining” in the first paragraph. ;)

  16. Bomski17 says:

    Any one else get heated when people comment on spelling…it’s like the kid in class thats asks questions that he already knows the answer too…..

    I guess my point is, “What’s the point”? It’s not like you are going to go back in time, make the correction, and republish the artical with the words spelled correctly.

    Or maybe you’ll put it in your memory bank for the next time you are writing about Mike Keenan and “ruining” in the same sentence.

    Or maybe you will write back to the person and say, Wow..thanks, I appreciate that you called me out and that you can spell Keenan. Maybe I’ll send you a sandwich for making me look like a jacka$$.

  17. jtbourne says:

    Haha, I guess if it’s glaring I’d want to know so i don’t look retarded, but that sort of stuff is iffy – the only thing about that particular error, was that I meant to say “running your franchise” not “ruining your franchise”. Sooo…. I did have the Keeennnaaannnnnn thing wrong (<——– how I'm spelling it henceforth for safety sake!)

  18. Ron says:

    Holy crap – it was a joke, people… do we no longer get sracasm unless there is an emoticon afterwards? I knew you meant “running” – I saw an opportunity to throw a one-liner out.

    Wait, I even did put an emoticon afterwards. *shrugs*

    My apologies to those who saw this as the spelling police. Next time I’ll go with after a one-liner.

  19. Ron says:



  20. jtbourne says:

    Ha, s’all good Ron… that was quite the response you got.

  21. Bomski17 says:

    Wow I didn’t know that I would spark such the con tro ver C! Is that how you spell that by the way?

    J Bourne is up in arms, Ronnie’s apologizing…I think Mike Kennan (SP?) even called into NHL Live to sound off with Don Legrecca and EJ Hradek.

    Bomski (now feeling very comfortable referring to himself in the 3rd Pizz’erson) is realizing that creating controversy maybe his key to fame and fortune.

    I should have been a trainer!

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