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Saturday Night Fever



Damn.  NostraBournemus is off to a good start.

Today’s (4) Penguins victory over the (Gonzo)Flyers pushes me to 4-0 in playoff predictions and has me a little excited about Pittsburgh.  Falling behind 3-0 on the road and coming back to win 5-3 in Philly is no easy feat, and speaks volumes to this teams belief in themselves.  Let’s not forget they’re the defending Eastern Conference champs. 

I loved when Gonchar scored to make it 4-3 and they cut to Philly’s bench.  There’s a Flyers fan behind them pointing at the coach with one hand and making the execution hand-to-throat gesture with the other.  The Flyers:  Always good.  Never great. 

Congrats to the Pens, but most importantly, the Islanders, who with Bill Guerin helping the Pens advance to the second round moved up from a fourth round draft pick to a third.  …hurray…


(1) San Jose Sharks vs. (8) Anaheim Ducks

To quote my Dad, regarding Joe Thornton’s first playoff goal: “huh — he finally got off his surfboard”.  And how true is that?  Joe “I play on xanax” Thornton finally managed to make an offensive contribution, and the Sharks won.

I feel like every game these two teams have played could have gone either way, and obviously tonight was no exception.  To say one team has a lick of an advantage is hogwash.  I’d love to see Thornton catch fire, it’s probably hard to focus on the ice when there’s - ”such killer waves, man” – going on outside.


(4) Chicago vs. (5) Calgary

In discussing this game tonight, a few of us agreed on one thing:  Last night was going to be a huge game for both teams, and it would be a fair indication of who’s the better team, who’s better coached, who has more talent etc, since both teams would be at peak performance for pivotal game five.

And it wasn’t even close.  As lovable as the Flames are (okay, not lovable, but they have Iginla and play in Canada), it was just really evident that the Hawks are on the way up and Flames are fairly “whatever”.  The Flames will need a special effort to win in Calgary (game six will be close, and you can quote me on that), but the ‘Hawks made it clear tonight which team has more going for them.


Quick sidebar, as I watched Mike Richards interview after being eliminated it reminded me of something.  No matter how much losing hurts, and worse, being eliminated, there was always an interesting feeling when the season ends.  You feel guilty for it, but it’s a bit of relief.  It’s tough to explain, but I guess you’ve been focused and grinding so hard to get wins that when you finally get eliminated and it’s over, there’s a weird weight off your shoulders.  Obviously it’s not a good thing, but I know at the end of every season (a lot better feeling when your last game is a win, of course), there’s a definite weightlessness that sets in.


One Response to “Saturday Night Fever”
  1. JD says:

    I think I’ve been swept in 3 different playoff series’, and even as soon as you get down 3-0, you get the feeling like “well, if we win – awesome, we get to play another game, if we lose – well life is going to become a lot easier starting tomorrow”. You definately feel guilty about it too and hate yourself for it. I had a coach one time too who figured that, especially when you have a team down in a big hole, it can be easier to finish them at home because they are already planning who’s having the party that night. Of course, this was junior hockey so partying habits are a little different than the NHL, but I always thought that kind of reigned true a little bit also.

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