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San Jose Poaches Wellwood (Mmm…Eggs), Jiggs Move In



New Puck Daddy: on getting cute with the puck, featuring a goal by Mattias Tendenby, and a turnover by Ilya Kovalchuk

Oh, and from yesterday….

The Hockey News: me once again railing about “shoot from everywhere” being stupid - it actually relates nicely to today’s PD piece, in that it leads to a point - if guys need to shoot less and wait for better scoring chances in today’s NHL, then guys who are good at “getting cute” have more value.


Okay, should I drop the Jiggs pictures on you now, or wait?  Let’s start with one, then some hockey, then a few more.  Lots to discuss today. 

I give you…. JIGGS!

All ur hartz are belong to meee

Dude is a maniac. Got his paw inexplicably stuck in chair thingy, wedged it in so good I had to pry it out.


So, the St. Louis Blues acquired Kyle Wellwood from wherever the hell he was, and as is protocol, they had to run him through waivers first.  San Jose picked him up, and now St. Louis gets a kick in the nads, and the Sharks get a hockey player.

Really dude, a wood blade?

You may recall that the exact same thing happened a week or two back when the Blues were trying to fill the same hole with Marek Svatos, only that time the division rival Nashville Predators got the hockey player.  St. Louis still took the junk shot.

Whatever the reason is for teams to do this to STL, whether it’s to fortify their own rosters or keep St. Louis’ depleted, it’s stupid that it can happen.

First off, offer sheets are a taboo in the league, but this isn’t?  I realize the guy isn’t officially on the first team that claims him (as the offer sheeted player is), but how silly is it that the other teams can sit back and poach a player nobody wanted until they did?

The best idea we cooked up on twitter (we being friend of the blog, Kennedy aka @skennedy39) is that that the NHL should make the new team, in this case San Jose, at least have to pay, say, 5% more than St. Louis was going to (the minimum).  And then you offer St. Louis the chance to re-raise on that another 5%, so that the team who’s serious enough about wanting the player can still attain him, and the guy getting signed gets what he deserves.  If multiple people want you, you earn more money, that’s the supply and demand of sports.

When this shit happens, I can’t help but think of whoever the call-up 4th liner on the Blues is, who’s making three grand EVERY DAY he’s on an NHL roster (where he probably makes $70k in the AHL), so he’s on a roller coaster.

We acquired Wellwood?  Fak.  Back to the minors.

The Sharks claimed him?!

And then he celebrates like PK Subban after an overtime winner (which I loved, by the way.  Sick wrister, sick celly).  And of course, the reverse is going on over in San Jose.

The Sharks making some changes, hey?  And good on ‘em.  If you suck, somethings gotta give.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve gotta say about that, it just seems ridiculous that it can happen.  And while we’re talking SJ, check out this pic I took of a dude with a chopper and  a Sharks tattoo….think he’s a fan?

It's actually a damn cool tattoo


In other news, there were rumours Crosby might hold out of the all-star game because he’s bitter about head shots.  Turns out it was just complete speculation from one slightly convoluted “opinion piece” by David Shoalts.

The reason I knew that wouldn’t happen and immediately shook my head at the rumour: Crosby doesn’t make waves, he avoids them.  This would be completely unprecedented.  And if there’s anything we’ve come to expect from Sid, it’s same ‘ol same ‘ol, evvvverrrryyyday.


If you like twitter and sports, I recommend checking out the website – it’s like twitter, only you don’t participate.  Basically, it’s a sports news aggregator that provides links to stories and quotes of interest around all the major sports and college leagues.  It doesn’t have a ton of hockey, but it’s branched out into “some” since launching I think a week ago.


The NHL All-Star game captains have been named: Eric Staal and Nick Lidstrom.

So now they’ll flip a coin and start picking players – I’m really excited about that part, but not the captains, just because they’re a couple of guys who say the right things, and are in general polite dudes.  I was hoping for a little more chaos than I expect out of those two, but still, excited to watch the whole thing go down.


And for the finale….let’s get Jiggy with it:

Tha boys

Tyson giving us the "what the fuck did you bring into my kingdom?" look.

Day four, as close as they've ever got. Jiggs snuck in there while Ty was out.

Last one, for now

Have a solid Tuesday folks, see ya tomorrow.


12 Responses to “San Jose Poaches Wellwood (Mmm…Eggs), Jiggs Move In”
  1. StoneDevil says:

    He’s…so…fluffy… squee

  2. @skennedy39 says:

    Hey – on the plus side for Wellwood it’s San Jose over St. Louis. Can you imagine a guy thinking he signed a deal in Miami and ends up getting claimed by Edmonton. Now that would suck.

  3. Yuhas says:

    I really don’t like the fact that you can claim a guy who signed with another team through waivers. I mean if you really wanted the guy, why not sign him in the first place? Also, if said player wanted to play for your team, wouldn’t he have signed with you in the first place. I don’t like the rule and think it needs to be changed. I like the idea you guys came up.

  4. Mlembo says:

    I believe the Blues did the same thing to the Isles a few years back. Dubie signed with the Isles after playing in Russia, got to the Island, and was turned right around.

  5. Mark says:

    I kind of like the waiver claim thing. It’s basically saying “hey, GM, you did a shit job and thought you could wing it without carrying enough depth, and now you think you can just grab up guys halfway through the season on prorated deals? Nope.” Maybe it’s not the optimal way of doing it, but I think that there does need to be something like this in place so that teams are inclined to pile up as much depth as possible at all positions.

  6. Mark says:

    Also, yeah. That cat.

  7. Neil says:

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that having to send a guy through waivers in this context was done to prevent teams from sending (or allowing guys to go) to foreign leagues and then being able to bring them back at their leisure. This way, you risk having another team pick him up. I wish I could remember the article, but there was a certain example that happened a few years ago that pissed GMs off and they made this rule quickly to prevent it happening again.

    It’s weird, Kyle Wellwood takes a lot of crap on the Internet for being a bad hockey player, but I watched him for a while in Vancouver and I thought he was great. Yeah, he’s small, he doesn’t hit, but he’s smart with the puck, has great hands, and he’s defensively responsible. Good luck getting him into the gym on a regular basis, but not a bad pick-up at all. I don’t think teams are doing this because they are worried about St. Louis, I think so far it’s been two teams with depth issues picking up guys that have already demonstrated they’re NHL-worthy (to an extent) and they probably know that St.Louis is looking at them. jmho

    Sometimes Shoalts is alright, sometimes his articles are crap (he was firmly in the “Cambell didn’t do anything wrong” camp when the emails came out, and his occasional suggestions for how to improve the NHL will make most fans cringe). In this case, he wrote a pretty irresponsible piece based entirely on a comment from Crosby’s agent that was taken out of context and made to sound threatening. I read that article thinking “No way did Crosby say anything like this”, and guess what? He didn’t. Nobody did.

  8. Cari says:

    Your cats are so cute!!

  9. Alix in SJ says:

    Come for the hockey, stay for the cats.

    Jiggs really is frakking adorable, and I so am familiar with Tyson’s reaction to the interloper. Hopefully you have my luck, and after a couple of weeks, your two will be happy as two peas in a pod snuggling together and making everything explode in adorableness.

  10. Mark says:

    Wellwood was really quite good last year in Vancouver. His problem is that he doesn’t LOOK like a decent 3rd line centre, and he certainly doesn’t run around smashing guys and basically plays in a way that makes coaches tear their own faces off. Statistically, he did a good job, especially considering who he was playing with, and he was very, very good at supporting low in the D zone and moving the play forward.

    Also, as much as he takes heat for coming to camp fat a couple years back, he came to camp probably too skinny last season, and had a hard time adjusting to playing so light. It’s a real shame about Wellwood. If he were less timid, and/or were, say, 6′ 190lbs, the idea of him going unsigned would be ludicrous. Apparently a real popular teammate, too.

  11. ReaganMask says:

    Love the last picture with the bottles in the background.

  12. Deirdre says:

    We were talking about the All-Star last night after the reporter asked a question to the 2 Captains about “who’s gonna get picked last.” They both responded with very neutral “everybody on this team is good” comments but wouldn’t it be *awesome* if in a back room the Captains tossed a coin, figured out who was going to get Crosby* and then agreed to make sure he got picked last? The look on his face would be priceless!

    *It wouldn’t have to be Crosby, but Ovie would find it funny far sooner that Sid would :-P

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