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Root For The Rangers? Will Do.



A few round recaps, followed by a few rant hash-outs.  Enjoy.

(2) Les Capitales vs (7) New Stupid York

(Prediction: Washington   Series: NYR 3-1)

In general, my predictions have made me look like I sort of know what I’m talking about.  I’m up or tied in most of my series.  Sadly, in a moment of weakness, I picked the Capitals to win the cup.  I’m not selling out on them.  They can still do this. 

But times are dire.  Down 3-1, I’m facing the obvious fact that my Ovi-awe may have skewered my vision.  Are they tough enough?  Do they have the goaltending?  Probably not.  But dude.  Ovi is sooooo good.

(1) Beantown vs (8) Montreal

(Prediction: Boston   Series: Boston wins series, 4-0)

I’m not sure which Montreal d-man it was that set up Boston’s Michael Ryder for the one-timer right down broadway, but I wouldn’t be suprised to hear he was found downtown with his jersey tied around his neck and a fleur-de-lis up his you-know-where.  That was exactly how you would want someone to set the puck up if you were in the hardest shot contest.  Yikes.

(4) Blackhawks vs. (5) Flames

(Prediction: Blackhawks   Series: Tied, 2-2)

What a roller coaster. 

That was one of those games that fans love to watch (5-4, wow!) and coaches hate.  A turnover laden debacle, this game had more bad plays than off-broadway. 

While Calgary tried their hardest to let Chicago grab the game, the ‘hawks never stepped up.  Even after blowing three leads (2-1 in game one, 2-0 in game two, 4-1 in game four), the Flames have held on to make it a good series.  And by good, I mean there’s a chance we may get to see Iginla finally blow that gasket that we can all plainly see is under a heightening amount of pressure, and we might get to see someone commit the world’s first actual on-ice murder. 

 Chicago is likable and chalk full of talent; they even seem to have that extra bit of edge (and if I may say something Don Cherryesque), that good amount of Canadian playoff style to go with their talent.  They’re just so young, it’s tough to know if they’ll realize their potential.  But if I’m Jim Cramer from Mad Money, I’m pointing you towards Chicago’s stock and yelling “Buy! Buy! Buy!” 

Let’s hope we don’t see them go bye bye bye.

(Playoff Prediction Record: 2-0)


Okaaayyy, okay, that’s a lot of hockey coverage lately.  I’m still super into it (it’s just heating up) but here’s a little lighter fare for readers who don’t drool on their baggy couch clothes the second the Hockey Night in Canada song comes on (or the second whatever-it-is-that-Versus-plays comes on for my deprived American friends).

Lemme switch gears:

1)  You know how sometimes you’re watching TV at someone else’s house and the volume is wrong?  You stew on it.  It eats at you.  Something needs to be said.  “Hey, would you mind turning the volume up a bit?”

Inevitably, someone hits the up button like a half dozen times.  Now it’s too loud.  And you can’t be a complete dick and correct their correction.  That’s just being demanding.  I wanna know… what is wrong with the double-button-push?  If other people are watching television with you, and not complaining, the volume couldn’t have been too far off.  Two in either direction can make things right, I promise.  Which brings me to my next point.

2)  Old(er) people:  I understand that your hearing goes a bit as you get older.  You like the TV louder, but for some reason, the radio quieter.  I’m not getting into that now.

But in movies, the volume will fluctuate.  People whisper.  Theres car chases.  Guns.  Tender moments.  Not everything is meant to be heard on the same plane.  It adds to the intensity of dramatic moments, and to the sincerity of quiet ones. 

I feel like every time I let an elder run the remote for a movie and someone whispers, we need a TV extension to read how far the volume bar stretches across the screen.  Just a thought: triple digit volume is never necessary.  Nothing better than the transition from the whisper to the car crash at volume higher than Courtney Love.  I like that ringing sound to last for hours.

3)  Speaking of asking people for moderate favours, is there any bigger f-you response than “will do”?  Is there any chance anybody is actually following through, taking notes on, or even thinking of that thought again after saying “will do”?

“Say hi to your folks”  … “Will do”

“Call me on the weekend!” …  “Will do”

“Dismiss me in the most demeaning way possible without using any unkind words”  …   “Will do!”

4)  Phew, long rant.  Here’s an observation:  I enjoy my tuna sashimi (the observation is coming). 

On the east coast, it has a nice dark pink colour, with little segmenty deals in each slice.  On the west, it’s a light flesh colour – equally delicious, but totally different.  So, um… yeah.


10 Responses to “Root For The Rangers? Will Do.”
  1. pat says:

    If your still moving to Southie you need more than a mere 10 sentences about the B’s kicking C’s ass. Tim Thomas is amazing .Kessel, Lucic,Savard,Chara, Hnidy,Wheeler,Bergeron,Thornton( not on ROIDS never was )and the rest of the team played the best hockey I have seen in awhile. Justin its never to much hockey info… keep up the great “hockey” blog..

  2. Officer Koharski says:

    Lucic is such a game changer. It’s crazy that he can physically dominate most any other player at his age. It’s been a long time since a 19 year old could be an impact player without being a scoring whiz. Lucic is a power forward of the old breed – Nolan, Neely, Tocchet.

    He turned Komisarek into his personal bitch. Komi used to be a pretty formidable defenseman, but when Lucic is around he knows he really has nothing to say. In every physical battle he’s bested, and when he gets frustrated and tries to fight Lucic, he gets dominated and embarassed there too. Luch is a great young player.

  3. jtbourne says:

    Lucic is a bit of a beast hey? It’s frustrating playing a guy who can sound off about whatever he wants because he’s legitimately tough. You really have to get creative on guys like that, since calling him soft isn’t an option. You know, variations on dumb, ugly, whatever you can find. He clearly has a monopoly on tough – folks in Boston will LOVE him.

    As for Pat’s comment, yeah Boston looked great. They were clearly the better team, and to be honest, the series didn’t warrant a whole lot of attention. Despite some minor animosity, it never for a second looked like Montreal might have a chance to win that series. Though I did like the Carey Price/Patty Roy throwback moment.

  4. 1hockeychics says:

    Ah…Les Capitales only have one player who shoots and scores with finesse known as Le Ovie. Le Ovie is shut down officially. Sad, sad day when Avery’s team pushes a win.

  5. jtbourne says:

    Backstrom? Semin? Greene? I hope I get the chance to cut and paste that comment into my “nobody believed in them” entry on the Capitals in a week!

  6. pat says:

    In that series I was hoping Chara would kick the shit out of Laraque!!!!! Oh well maybe he can save it for AVERY.

  7. Andrew Belanger says:

    “Lucic is a bit of a beast hey? ,folks in Boston will LOVE him.”

    They do.

    Dude Justin keep it up man, your still my little bro’s favorite UAA skater, and now your my favorite “Pro” hockey blogger(runs in the family eh?)

    Is it just me or is Glenner a lazy player? I mean he makes good plays and the commentators have only said good things about him this seris but he doesn’t defend very well and doesn’t join the rush-either way. His game just seems a little slow unless he has the puck, did you notice that at the Sully?

  8. jtbourne says:

    I wouldn’t say he’s a lazy player… I think his style is better described as a moody. He has an interesting temperament, and if you can make him care, he’s an offensive force (and in college he could mow people over; I’ve yet to see that in the bigs). He’s just such a crazy good skater than I think he can turn it on and off at will.

  9. john says:

    I’m in NYC now, but grew up in New Haven, watching the Nighthawks play in the 70′s. I don’t think your Pop came through there, but many future Islanders did. Nystrom, Chico, Howatt to name a few. I was quite bummed when hockey left New Haven, and even more bummed when they demolished the Coliseum, as I have so many fond memories associated with that building.

    I was astonished when I heard Bridgeport was putting up their own building and getting an AHL franchise. Hell, good for them. I caught a game there back in what…2004? The whole setup was well-run and impressive. I gotta wonder though, how you took to Bridgeport? I actually think it has a lot of character in a Cleveland-sort of way. But also has a pretty tough reputation in CT. How’d you take to it? What’d you guys do for fun there?

    And can you please explain the term “Newfie Pirate”. I came across it in one of your earlier blogs, have no idea what it means, but can’t get it out of my head. Help me out here.


  10. jtbourne says:

    I actually really liked Bridgeport. There’s definitely some rough parts (you know, the part that’s called Bridgeport), but the area is so nice. I lived in Milford, and the best part was, I was like 70 minutes from my girls house in NY. I got to live on the ocean, which was gorgeous and play in a great arena. I really enjoyed my time there actually! As for the fun thing, very little. I was fairly concerned about actually playing well, so I spent most of my free time being a good boy and sauntering around that mall about ten exits past Harbor Yard Arena.

    Newfy pirate: “Newfy” is Canadian slang for someone from Newfoundland – a very particular accent and breed of human. Sounds a bit like a scottish person with a developmental disorder (I’m being funny, calm down newfy’s). And pirate is self-explanatory. He has a red playoff beard – it wouldn’t not shock me to catch an ‘ay matey’ outta the guy.

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