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Relevant People (and Batman)



Mickelson reminds me of a hockey team that fights so hard all game to keep their 1-0 lead.  It’s their only goal – preserve that lead. 

They fight like dogs, block shots with their, lets say… jaws, and play as a unit. 

The second that lucky goal goes in to make it 1-1, the wheels fall off. 

It looks like Phil has one goal:  Catch that leader.  Which, he almost always does, then follows up by playing the next three holes with his brain on pause and the throttle stuck in overdrive.

The guy has finished second at the US Open either four or five times.  He played great today, so it was a bummer to see him finish like Derek Boogard shooting with a shovel.


In the non-golf world, my house in Kelowna has become a bird sanctuary for birds that lack common sense.

A robin (named Batman) has built a nest above the speakers we have on the deck.  Instead of discouraging this, my loving mother has cut down deck-related activities 50%, and put a pillow under it in case the babies fall out.  My mom makes Martha Stewart look like a convict.



Well, I’m off to New York tomorrow for Bri’s grad, which is on Friday.  Pretty standard itinerary for me: Kelowna (four a.m. wake-up) to Seattle, then to Salt Lake City, and eventually on to JFK (11:45 p.m.).  Another breezy travel day for the kid.

But don’t fear!  I now have a BlackBerry (Balsillie, I hate you… but that’s some product).  As much as I’m annoyed by the site, the name, and the simplicity of the concept… I will be twittering.

Forecast of morning phone calls, afternoon beers and midday naps… God I love travelling.


Oh, and get well wishes to my brother who is back in the hospital with a busted femur (hey bro, at least you get those great mints after the smashed peas and diced carrots they’ve been cooking since you were a fetus).  Love ya.


2 Responses to “Relevant People (and Batman)”
  1. Travelchic59 says:

    Wishing you a safe trip back to NY.

    If the graduation is over early enough, maybe you and the family can head over to the Coliseum and watch with bated breath like the rest of us long suffering fans (aka suckers) as Garth finally makes the #1 pick. The ticket prices are really worth it. . . .FREE!

  2. smoboy says:

    So no direct flight from YVR anymore?

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