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Ranking Sports, Ryder Cup Clothes, and a Nash/Malkin Fight



There’s no sport that I’d rather see a highlight package from than hockey.  It’s my number one. 

There’s so many different things that can happen – it’s not just different uniforms executing the diving catch, homerun, double play sequence on repeat.  The many different ways to score make it interesting, especially when you factor in huge saves, big hits, nice dishes, fights, and excitement.

That said, hockey isn’t my favourite sport to watch, when you’re talking about turning it on at the start of the event, and turning it off when it’s fully over.  (By the way, this whole thing is about TV viewing, not in-person viewing.)  Football’s my number one.  So I’m gonna go ahead and rank my six main viewing sports by fun-to-watchability, and then re-rank them for highlight packages.  Let me know where you stand.

Best Sports To Watch on TV, in Their Entirety

2. Golf (during a major, otherwise bump it down one)
3. Hockey
4. Basketball
5. Soccer
6. Baseball


Best Sports To Watch, Highlight Package Edition

1. Hockey
2. Soccer
3. Football
4. Basketball
5. Baseball
6. Golf

And eff it, lets do a live-viewing rank too….

1. Hockey
2. Basketball
3. Baseball
4. Football
5. Golf
6. Soccer (Never been to a game, so it’s default last. I’m sure it’s great. Calm down, soccer weirdos)


And while we’re at it, favourite sports to play, in order…

(Note: I struggled with this, badly)

1. Hockey
2. Golf
3. Basketball
4. Baseball
5. Football (Never played an “organized” game in my life. Thx, Canada)
6. Soccer

For the record, that last category is impossible for me.  I’m a complete jock, and love all sports.  Racquet sports (tennis, badminton, squash, racquetball), volleyball, ultimate frisbee, whatever, I’m down for a game.  There’s very few things I’d rather do than chuck around a real baseball in a backyard with a beer (a football would suffice too).

Probem is, as you get older, everyone gets too busy to get enough people together for a game of anything.  Boo.


Real quick here:  I had a lot of help from people who gave me and this whole writing thing a chance when I first started out, and I mean that beyond the obvious (family, Bri, friends, etc.).  Quick links-as-thank-yous to people who took a swing in the dark on my work:

Doyle Woody – Alaska Daily News
Chris Botta – Islanders Point Blank
Jason Kay – The Hockey News
Dan Friedell – Sports Journalist and Editor


Here's the hat Woods found-er, wore.

The US Ryder Cup team regularly dresses like complete fucking morons.  Now, this year may be different.  But I saw Tiger Woods at a press conference yesterday wearing one of the most horrific ensembles mankind has ever dared leave the house in (minor exaggeration).

Some baggy red sweater vest (solid) over a blue and white striped shirt (thin, equal size stripes), on top of some navy trousers.  It really looked like Woods, who usually dresses to kill/sleep-with-cocktail-waitresses, hadn’t done laundry in like forever.

Rob Mixer described the shirts below (from the 1999 Ryder Cup) as “fumigated Mediterranean upholstery.”  ….FTW, I assume.

It was better than these shirts, fortunately...


I’m not sure what it is about Sportcenter running tweets from athletes and pawning it off as news that’s so off-putting, but…. it is, isn’t it?  Like, I get that they could say something newsworthy there, and I understand why they’re covering it….

Something about it just doesn’t seem right, and I can’t place it.  What is it?


I CANNOT believe this didn’t get more love – I guess it’s a product of living in the US before the NHL Network resumes it’s “On The Fly” services, but….  My US friends, did you know Rick Nash and Evgeni Malkin fought the other day?  In a pre-season game?  What a bizarre sequence of humans and activities to plug into a sentence that is.  Nash.  Malkin.  Fight.  Here ya go: 

Coupla big boys that don’t know how to fight right there, I love it.  They’re like me, if I were bigger and good at hockey!


Have a great Wednesday!  See you again tomorrow.


22 Responses to “Ranking Sports, Ryder Cup Clothes, and a Nash/Malkin Fight”
  1. Gokkem says:

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. Keep up the work JB – I catch myself hitting refresh on your page all day just waiting for the update. What happened to the mind dump? Been waiting 2 days now!

    Also the guys at St. Louis Gametime called you Jason, but don’t worry I put them in their place. Down in the comments you’ll see what I mean.

  2. Anna S. says:

    GOLF above hockey for TV viewing? Say it ain’t so, Bourne!

  3. Nadeau says:

    Soccer would be much higher on the list if you went to a game in Europe and watched dont ruin it by going to an MLS game or something like that its much like Europeans coming here and watching hockey for the first time althought in the Euro countries that hockey is pretty much number 1 if not number 1 ( russia, Czech) those fans are crazy ass passionate and loud and do not sit down or shut up for a minute unlike here in North America where going to an NHL game is somewhat a status thing like hey look my boss wants me to take customers out so we will go have some beers and sit there and talk on our Blackberries *cough* toronto *cough* My suggestion Justin if you and the Wife to be ever head to europe try to take in a soccer game you wont regret it

  4. Kennedy says:

    I think we need some clarifications on the TV viewing – are we talking playoff hockey or regular season hockey? (I simply assume we are talking NHL hockey). I would put playoff hockey above everything except maybe the superbowl.

    Live I agree with you although I think football is the worst live sport. SO MANY TV TIMEOUTS. It’s terrible. Especially in the cold. Freezing your ass off while shit’s happening is one thing. Freezing your ass off so people can learn – for the hundreth time that day – that Chevy makes trucks is brutal.

    @Nadeau – don’t knock the suits in Toronto. That one empty gray section at the beginning of each period behind the Leafs bench is going to pay for Jeff Finger to ride a bus to places like Binghamton this winter.

  5. Nadeau says:

    @ Kennedy – I thought they where flying finger to Siberia Coach??

  6. Mike P says:

    I still say watching golf is like watching paint dry. The only people interested in watching are golfers.

  7. jtbourne says:

    Gokkem – thanks for finally stepping up the comment plate. Also, for stopping any and all Jason’s directed my way – it’s a cure, because people called me Jason before the movies came out.

    Mind dump keeps getting postponed because I’ve actually had good pace on my writing lately. I usually wait til I’ve got writers block, but I better get it soon, or it’s gonna be 2000 words long when I finally do it!

    @Nadeau – heard good things, yeah. By the way, was that entire comment one sentence?

  8. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    So many things to comment on today. Let’s get ‘er goin’.

    Though I agree with football being No. 1, I think it would be college football at the top. Pro football is an above-average event in any capacity. Hockey (college and pro) is a definite No. 2.

    ESPN posts tweets because they are not a news channel, they are E! for sports nuts. There is more TMZ ine ESPN than there is NY Times. Just a sign of the times.

    And not to stoke the fire, JB, but what are your thoughts on Braylon Edwards and the Jets handling of the situation. I don’t personally care what team’s decide to do with players who commit crimes. As long as they go through the system like the rest of us, I’m fine. But I thought it was a curious punishment. One quarter? I say no punishment or an entire game. Just seemed odd.

  9. Sherry says:

    While I don’t completely agree with the TV viewing list (hockey would be at the top no matter what, reg season, playoffs – heck today I folded laundry and watched the pre-season Pens-Hawks game I recorded last night), and would rather get my highlights as part of Sports Center or NHL on the Fly, I am right there with you for the live viewing list – on the money. Although I can’t say that I’ve every attended a golf tourney as a spectator – but I used to work at the Riviera in LA (eons ago) and always enjoyed the “backstage” access when the big tourneys came in.

    C’mon Justin – I thought Geno laid a decent beatdown on Nash! All I can say is the boys are fired up for the season in their new home. Gawd, is it Oct 7 yet?!?

  10. Sherry says:

    And nice work on that PD coaching piece too btw.

  11. Nadeau says:

    @ Bourne- I didn’t realize this blog was an english course?? and as far as soccer in Europe I took in a few EPL games while playing over on that side of the ocean it was AMAZING!!

  12. Andrew says:

    Interesting piece. I’m glad you gave golf so much love! I am surprised that you ranked it so low on the live sports list, but I guess the lack of stadium makes it hard to compete with the NFL. As a golf nerd I’d rank it #1 in all the categories.

    Nash and Malkin fought in a preseason game? That is outrageous. I’m sure their coaches were absolutely thrilled.
    Possible bad blood still lingering from the Olympics?

  13. jtbourne says:

    Andrew – It’s so low live because you can’t follow what’s going on down the stretch in person as well. Yes, there’s leaderboards, yes, some places hand out mini-tv’s or whatever, but coming down the stretch of the Masters, you’d have a much better feel for where everybody is at if you were watching on TV.

    Oh, and everyone, go check out Andrew’s golf blog:

    Y’know, if you like golf.

  14. Deirdre says:

    Ok, but the announcers at the end of fight saying “if you think these games don’t mean anything, you’re way off base”, I’m sorry but just because the players get wound up enough to start a fight doesn’t give the games meaning! The refs were so not ready for that :-P

    For the live sports watching, I’d have a very different list, but that’s because I know different sports.
    I LOVE live hockey, but I understand what’s going on. I’ve taken a few sports-oriented friends and they were totally lost – it moves so quickly that unless you understand you just spend the entire time desperately trying to find the puck. I’d guess for someone who wasn’t a fan that basketball would probably be the easiest to follow, with golf, soccer, baseball & football following (in that order).

    I must say for the highlight pack I’d definitely put golf above baseball. In golf in order to make it to the highlights you have do something really funky that *everybody* can understand why it’s cool (chip shot out of the sand to within inches of the hole for instance). In baseball (to the non-fan) all those slides look pretty much the same – even a triple play (which is really cool) doesn’t look very different.

    Of course at Olympics time Curling totally rocks to the #2 position!

  15. Neil says:

    I’m not sure if your choice of putting soccer above baseball in your live TV viewing list is because you kind of like watching soccer or because you’d rather watch Gilmore Girls than baseball. Either way, good stuff.

    I LOVE that Malkin dropped the gloves. He’s gonna have a big year methinks.

  16. Derek says:

    @Dierdre Nash or Malkin could have broken their hands or faces or something. That would have a lot of meaning.

  17. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    @ Deirdre: Spot on with live hockey. I have spent entire Gopher games trying to explain offsides, icing and line changes. “Why doesn’t the big guy ever leave?” was my favorite question. The “big guy” being the goalie.
    As an aside to that, my wife is just getting to the point with baseball and football that we are starting to get into the deeper rules/regulations and formation/scheme stuff. Thankfully, she came into the relationship with a firm grasp of hockey. But if you think explaining icing is tough, try balks and not-enough-men-on-the-line-of-scrimmage and motion.

  18. Marc says:

    Golf is for napping.

  19. TN Hockey says:

    WATCH Golf?

  20. Marienne says:

    No idea if it’s the same thing for you that it is for me, but major “news” sources using random snagged tweets as a newsfeed/source (yes, CNN, I’m looking at you) always strikes me as the visible reflection of the “Cut the Bottom Line”/For-Profit part of what’s now considered news in the US, and it always makes me break out in metaphorical hives. I’ve got no problem with it if it’s a legit item of interest, but just because someone’s a relatively big athletic name doesn’t mean I care what they’re having for dinner.

    I find the biggest drawback to digging up rec-level sports is that you have to find either a decent-sized social base (for things like pick-up V-ball, gods do I miss that) or you have to join up with an organized rec group, which tends to take both $$ and time (not to mention navigating new social politics). I’ve moved a somewhat ridiculous number of times in my life, and it always takes me a year to really get back into rec-level sports of any kind, just because I have to dig them up and it takes time/energy that I never have in the first few months after moving.

    Also, I’ve been freakishly busy, and have missed commenting on a bunch of things (sorry!), but I did want to throw in a belated response to your comment about a 10:30 rec league game. I work as a scorekeeper in the adult rec-leagues, and you’ve got it lucky – our second game for the adult leagues doesn’t start until 11:15, which means no one gets out of there until 12:30 if they’re lucky. A few of the refs and I were comparing schedules, and everyone who works the Thursday Night games also has to be up at or before 6AM Friday morning. I think last season was 9:30 and 11, but we’ve pushed back due to the start of HS and Junior hockey again. So, sympathies, but conditionally so.

  21. pete says:

    @st cloud: totally agree with the college is better than pro football.

    pro is just so regional. that is, show me the fan (outside of FLA or MD) that gets up for jacksonville/baltimore, whereas i (PA) couldn’t turn off bama/arkansas. take away fantasy football and i think the pro game hurts on television. i don’t think the nfl ticket sells without fantasy football…

    of course this is an argument of opinion, and i’m not sure if it makes any sense, but, it does to me…

  22. Char says:

    Huh? Oh, sorry, fell asleep at the mention of “golf.”

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