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A Quick Thought on the Advantage of Florida State Tax



Gooooood morning everyone.

Glad I was able to get a post up today - we leave Long Island to head back to Phoenix tonight, so the lady girls are dress shopping today.  Thus, I’m home alone with the laptop and some time (truth be told, there’s a sleeping baby somewhere in this house, and I have a monitor.  If she flinches, I’m to call her mom to have her come back.  I’m petrified.  Young Justin Bourne hated babies.  The new one is scared of them.) 

Real quick before my NHL money rant - for those of you who follow my Yahoo! Sports colleagues on Twitter (and you should - @wyshynski, @sean_leahy, @dchesnokov), you know they had their “meetings” in Toronto this weekend.  I’m grossly envious, as I was not there.  I was able to get together with Sean Leahy at Christopher’s in Huntington for all of two beer on Thursday, which really served as more of a fun-tease than anything.  Anyway, hope it was a good time fellas.

So ya, interesting tidbit of the day:  Dale Tallon in Florida was the other major bidder for a one Eric Nystrom.  The offer was for less money, but with the lower state tax, of course, so it was for worth roughly the same amount of cash to Eric.  With that in mind….

How great (financially) must it be to play in Florida? 

Leading to…. Shouldn’t Florida teams be able to consistently put together contenders?  They essentially have a bigger salary cap than other teams, if they’d be willing to spend to it.  {Sidebar: there’s also the whole shorts/bikinis and a tan thing, versus, I dunno, say, Edmonton}

You immediately have the bidding advantage on any player - matching an offer means you’re actually getting the player more money, plus the guys can become residents of Florida which is GOLD for anyone who makes/has scads of cash (or property), AKA NHL players.

Wealthy people spend years trying to find a Florida residency loophole.  And you just get one, boom.  So how about this thought: how much effing money does Vincent Lecavalier have?  A thousand years at a billion dollars per (or whatever the contract details were), plus residency (only required to be there six months a year) so you keep more of it?  He’s gotta have more money than anybody in the league, doesn’t he? (Not counting advertising, in which case Sid and Ovy pretty much dominate the pack, and by pretty much dominate the pack, I mean they take turns driving a car made of cash straight into the side of a bank, get out and mockingly say “deposssit”).

Still, Nystrom made the right call - I mean, for the same money, you have to choose the hockey-passionate city, and the team that gives you the best chance at your next contract being a good one (the improved shot at playoffs, better teammates/organization etc. – those things help that cause).  It’s tough to have a great year when a team is in a state of flux as Florida is - rebuilding is no fun. (Not that the Wild are awesome, but Florida is at the height of deck-shuffle).  Dude is a gritty player with more touch than people think (110 points in college).  Again, great signing by the Wild.

So yeah, in conclusion…. Florida - if you could just chuck together a remotely appealing organization, and offer guys like Eric the same money and have it be worth more… shouldn’t you guys almost always be good?


Sorry for the short one, just fit it in before departing NY.  Allllmost back to normal life….


19 Responses to “A Quick Thought on the Advantage of Florida State Tax”
  1. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    I’ve had the same thoughts about all Fla. pro teams. The Dolphins and Jags and Bucs, Marlins and Rays, Gators and ‘Noles…Plus, with those other sports, how many guys are from Fla., Georgia, Bama, etc. so living near family shouldn’t be an issue and, with a cap in place (minus baseball), cities can become passionate overnight with a winner in town.

    Also, for those readers in Minn. — and for the author since he has a deep appreciation for the history of the game here — a nice little story about the Cup finally gracing the presence of some of the best hockey fans in the country:

  2. Marc says:

    “they take turns driving a car made of cash straight into the side of a bank, get out and mockingly say “deposssit”.”

    This is why I read your blog.

  3. Brianna says:

    It’s Justin, commenting from Brianna’s account because I’m too lazy to …. whatever. I just am. I DO have a deep respect for Minnesota and their fans. One of the best hockey places in the world, undeniably.

  4. ms.conduct says:

    Man, if JB is writing about the Wild, you know it’s a big deal. Pretty jacked for Ny being on my team. I’m 99% sure I’m going to end up writing odes to him. My kinda player.

    But yeah, if players are telling the truth, it’s a pretty sweet place to be an NHLer. Not exactly a media fishbowl, but lots of fan love. What could be better?

  5. Danimal says:

    random note on Minny. My wedding reception next summer is at McGoverns’s Bar, which is a giant Wild/Irish bar basically 2 blocks from the X. Better yet, it was my fiancee’s idea. Yep. Minnesota hockey fans are special.

  6. JIllian says:

    First… I agree with Marc… thanks!

    Secondly… a question, it is rumored that Florida practically gives away tickets because they cannot seem to get people in the stands… but how is that when everyone from the frigid north retires to the warmth of Florida. The Everblades are doing fine and they are an ECHL team that is able to stack with guys because of one of your argumenta here… shorts/bikinis and a tan vs Victoria BC.

  7. KarenfromRochester says:

    Florida is a pathetic organization. And what’s more discouraging is that they think of their AHL team as an afterthought. So after several years up here of watching bad hockey teams and sitting in an arena with 1000 other people for games (arena capacity is about 12,000), we get to watch MORE bad hockey this year because Florida has basically told their AHL team to go pound salt…or something like that. It’s very disheartening to watch them take apart a franchise that has been around since the 50′s. pooh on you, Dale!

  8. jtbourne says:

    In a bar, quick thought: Vic is one of the nicest, most moderate climates/cities around!

  9. SDC says:

    Haha, the car made of cash line was one of your best in a while. I don’t know that I could even contend the accuracy of it either…

    Never understood how Florida could have been so awesome that one year and almost win the Cup (not to mention have an official rule installed because of them so that fans wouldn’t delay the game by throwing stuff on the ice anymore), and then just be so AWFUL afterwards. Real character players like Gary Roberts get traded their from teams that they serve a purpose on, go to Florida, and then just peeeeace out of relevancy. For all the reasons you mentioned, guys should be lining up and taking pay cuts to live/play there, but that just ain’t the way it is, nor will it be.

  10. Firestorm says:

    @ Jillian:

    Calls to mind a famous quote from Jack Kent Cooke, a Canadian who owned the LA Kings in their early years. When someone asked him why the Kings couldn’t get a big draw when there was a hockey market of 100,000+ Canadians living in SoCal, he said: “Now I know why they moved here – they all hate hockey!”

  11. Sherry says:

    Yep, ol’ Bourney’s on his game today, “…deposssit”. Love it.

  12. Ballgame says:

    Come on JB time to start the family! You’re home all day so it’s perfect. Mr Mom. “beer?”. It’s 7 in the morning! “ok, scotch?” classic

    hey I’m 36 with 3! My boy (5) is a righty but my girl (2) is a lefty. Don’t know about the newborn yet. So I’m thinking an overload PP and work the half wall.

  13. crushasaurus says:

    “(Not counting advertising, in which case Sid and Ovy pretty much dominate the pack, and by pretty much dominate the pack, I mean they take turns driving a car made of cash straight into the side of a bank, get out and mockingly say “deposssit”)”

    This is pure genius. I’m even slightly jealous that I could never have come up with this. I’m going to bed now. I hate you.

  14. JIllian says:

    Ok, maybe not Victoria… how about Elmira…

  15. Ballgame says:

    Elmira NY?

  16. Josh says:

    You’ve hit it on the head – Thats why my “primary residence” (and thereby my tax burden) is my parent’s house in FLA, even though I spend the majority of my time in LA.

  17. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    @ Ballgame: I love when parents think like that…I have no kids (yet), but think all the time that 4 should be a minimum so I can have one shot at a D-man/woman.

    @ Bourne: I know you love the North Star State. It really only takes a short visit for anyone that isn’t anti-winter to fall in love.

    @ Danimal: I don’t know the date of your wedding, but I say we do some pre-gaming at Tom Reid’s.

  18. Minnesotagirl71 says:

    @Jillian – Those snowbirds from the frigid north may winter in warmer climates, but they are probably still fans of their home town sports teams.

    @Danimal and St Cloud Gopher – maybe Bourne’s readers will need to steal the groom. We can hit Reid’s, Eagle Street, head over to Great Waters for a micro-brew, stop at Cosetta’s for a slice….. I miss the neighbothood bars around the X. Is it hockey season yet??

    @Ballgame – Brianna was dress shopping. It’ll never fit right if she gets pregnant before the wedding.

    As Ms. C said Minny is not a media fishbow – but I think players like that. They can live their lives without being accosted on the street. I saw Koivu, Nolan and Boogard at the Twins Opener. They were just hanging out on the plaza and most people didn’t even know who they were.

  19. Swanny says:

    First, let me just say that I stumbled over to your blog completely accidentally, and have now wasted literally HOURS going back through previous posts. Thanks for that; 6am is going to feel greeeeat. Onto more relevant subjects: Having recently moved to Miami from Virginia Beach, Virginia (howdy, Norfolk Admirals!), I’ve been lamenting (out loud) that I up and moved 1,000 miles away to a major city with all of the major sports represented… Except hockey. Now, granted I never bothered to look this up anywhere; I just assumed that being a hockey fan, I would have heard about it; I’ll go ahead and state for the record that I’m more of an enjoy-the-game kind of fan than a follow-every-detail-obssessively kind of fan. However, I complained about this more than once in front of people who have lived here much longer than I… And not a single person corrected me. I finally found out about the Panthers via the proverbial Kevin Bacon — having drinks with a guy who roomed with Matt Lashoff in prep school, which came up because I mentioned that I was a Bruins fan after seeing his Red Sox hat the week before, and I actually know of Lashoff for his time spent with the Admirals; I got in touch with a friend who also played for the Admirals, and eventually hear about the Panthers. Really? You’re telling me that no on in Miami is aware that we have a professional hockey team within thirty minutes of our city? Huh. Must be the heat. Or something. I gather that the Panthers aren’t very good, but could be making moves as of this season — I’d value any input on that one! In the meantime, I’m quite excited for the first home game against the Lightning… Now if only I could find a game buddy in SoFlo!

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