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Quick Post From Kelowna



Goood morning, friends of the blog.  Comin atcha live from Kelowna, BC, home of yours truly.  This blog could be a little weird today.  I’m full of unnaturally nutritious food (+), but minus Bri and Tyson (-), TV has provided plenty of updates on hockey stories (+), but I haven’t had my usual fix of computer hours (-), so…. I might be a little “off” here.  Stream of consciousness this thing, go:

I landed in Kelowna Saturday morning, and waited in line at customs behind Kyle McLaren and immediately remembered what Kelowna in the summer is all about: Golf, wine, and playing hockey.  It’s frickin’ gorgeous here, and great to be back.

As I’ve mentioned before (and there’s no way to not sound name-droppyish), the summer shinny game here that I was a part of from 01-08, on any given day, can include Heatley, Keith, Getzlaf, Weber, Gorges, Kobasew, Hannan, Upshall, Fiddler, Comeau,  and well over a dozen others that I’m too lazy to sit here and try to remember.  Hell, Iginla lives here too.  THERE ARE EVEN WADE REDDEN SIGHTINGS.  So yes, it’s a hockey hotbed.

I’m gonna spend some time in the next few days trying to get a couple of those guys to come out for some shinny and free beers at our camp on the final day.  Not exactly a hard sell.

I met my brother and Dad in their natural habitat post-flight on Saturday (Sturgeon Hall, home of the Bob Bourne burger and the Josh Gorges burger) and heard some neat stories: basically, Gorges has been wonderful to my family.  Jeff (the bro) puts on a beer-and-burger event at Sturg for the Rick Hansen foundation, and Josh and his crew have come the last couple years – anytime you can get the type of people in who buy a cherry pie at auction for $150 dollars, you’ve upped the quality of your event.

Better still, was that he brought (the clean-cut version of) Mike Commodore to the event, who got in a bidding war with my Dad over some size 12 golf shoes, won them, didn’t like them, and gave them to Dad.  Which means I’ll end up with them at some point.  Weeee!

Our camp is starting to come together, and today is one of our last big meetings.  So here’s what we need: Richard “Shakey” Krouse (of NYI) can’t come be our equipment guy this year, which is a shame, cause he’s awesome.  Usually we fly him out, put him up in a hotel room, flip him some money, and he does the laundry, room set-up etc. that needs to get done.  We need a last minute suggestion in case we can’t find someone local to pay.  Write me at if you know a Kelowna person who could help!


I want to constantly tweet stuff when I’m not confined to the couch (as in, these next two weeks), but I know I should keep the Twitter feed from being tooooo personal (since it’s not facebook, and some of you actually think I have “information” that’s worth following me for).  I HATE when other people tweet “had a great time at Dad’s!” or something, so just know that I’m aware those tweets are BRUTAL.  But still, if I do it, it’s because I’m a raging narcissist satisfying his own selfish needs.

Short post for today, but I should have more time in the next few days to catch up - follow me on Twitter if you’d like to read the odd quote from Gillies/Semenko (Rodney Dangerfield-esque GOLD those two) next week, or if you just crawled out from under a rock and discovered this tweety rage.


11 Responses to “Quick Post From Kelowna”
  1. KarenfromRochester says:

    Justin-the view from your Mom’s basement sounds MUCH more interesting than what I’ve been looking at all day-engineering plans and right of way maps! Guess I’ll just have to imagine what you are seeing.

  2. Louis says:

    Hopefully we’ll get some of the inside line on those shinny games!

    Did you ever find out who the big guy with the Sharks’ bag was? I ran into Kyle McLaren a few times on flights from SF to Vancouver.

  3. Sherry says:

    Good god, what a gorgeous view! Hope the tourney is a big success.

  4. Liviu says:

    Not exactly local, but pretty close: I’m in Seattle if you’re still looking for an equipment guy! (As long as no experience is necessary…)

  5. Deirdre says:

    @ Karen – or you could see the totally enviable picture he put up (

    and you saw SATYRBOY!! If you run into Mr. McLaren again, tell him a random red-headed fan misses him, and misses seeing his butt checks taking out offense all over the ice.

    (yeah, yeah, I know – they’re called “hip checks”, but have you ever seen a Satyrboy hip check?)

  6. Deirdre says:

    BTW, I was just telling friends about your camp and the awesomeness of Kelowna when I noticed that the header title of the website has Fantasy spelled “Fanatsy”…you should tell someone about that.

  7. crushasaurus says:

    Go play shinny and trash talk everyone’s playoff failures.

  8. Ballgame says:

    What vamp are you at/ running? You mention it in passing but don’t see any info about it

  9. matt says:

    I’d help with the equipment, but I’m out of town. His weekend.

    I’d recommend calling Larry or Steve who work at CNC. They have a pretty good handle on who around town would be good.

  10. matt says:

    *out of town this weekend. I can’t spell for sh*t on my blackberry storm.


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