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Hey, Quick Question…



This whole Ben Roethlisberger sex scandal is just so odd, isn’t it?

I mean, you never quite know how to take it when you hear of a professional athlete getting acused of something so serious.  Or at least I don’t.

Naturally, we start by juding their prior behaviour.  You can pick through Ben’s history with tweezers and not find drama.  But that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.

As her account goes, she was the concierge at his hotel (he was at some golf event in Lake Tahoe), and he asked her to step into his room to look at his broken TV.  She comes in, and they (allegedly) have sex that only one person wanted to have, which, is sorta frowned upon by every person ever (not to make light of a potentially serious crime). 

It’s tough to form opinions on this stuff, because if he really did it, what an awful, sick, burn-in-hell human it turns out he is.  But if he didn’t do it, it still sucks for him - once “accused of rape” is on your resume, it always kinda mars your reputation, convicted or not.  It’s just such a shady situation.  It doesn’t help her case that you could see why she’d make something like that up if it turns out that she is slightly off-in-the-head.   There’s the national attention, plus, the guy is loaded.

I don’t think Ben’s guilty, for two reasons:  One, his prior record of misbehaving (never, aside from a sober motorcycle crash), and two, the fact that she’s listed something like eight people as defendants in a rape case, which unfortunately starts her off on the crazy-looking foot.

And other times, I think, wait… Isn’t my blog way too light-hearted for a topic like this?  And it is.  So I apologize.  Won’t happen again.  Let’s ask questions about more pressing issues…


One: Is there any stress that comes on quicker and stronger than being in the right lane with a “right lane must turn” sign (let alone the ominous “right lane ENDS” signs)?  Especially with the cars to your left being in a steady, packed line?  Sheer panic.  Inner-skull pandemonium.

Two:  Why won’t the CFL just accept its role as an NFL farm system?  Everything would work a whole lot smoother (and develop more players, and better), if they just used a normal sized ball, and had an appropriate sized field.  Like adults do.  Know your role, CFL.  Right?

Ay, my father was a tree.

Ay, my father was a tree.

Three:  Can you watch the pirate (with the four wood limbs) on family guy and not laugh?

Four:  What baseball player would depress you the most to find out did steroids during their career?  Gotta be Cal Ripken, doesn’t it?  Mr. Iron Man himself?

Five:  Is there any word in our language more homosexual word than the word ”prancing” (especially in fuschia)?  Not really the way any male wants any of his movements described.  Just a thought.

Ha, so yeah, there’s a non-hockey pop quiz for today.  Enjoy the lull and enjoy the sun, before you know it’ll be strong coffee, slapshots and saves allll over again.


8 Responses to “Hey, Quick Question…”
  1. JustJeff says:

    1) Only thing I can think of would be whiskey dick?

    2) I’ve been enjoying the CFL so far this summer.. my first time watching it and I gotta say I love that the fields often look like high school lacrosse fields.

    3) No.

    4) Or Ken Griffey, Jr. but I might have rose colored glasses for him b/c of his old video game Ken Griffey, Jr.’s Winning Run for Super Nintendo!

    5) I often think of the word prancing when I watch Michael Nylander skate in circles for the capitals…

    I like quizs!

  2. eyebleaf says:

    1) The stress that comes with seeing the red and white lights go off behind you while you look in your rear view mirror.

    2) That would only make sense. Which means it will never happen. Pride, and all that other shit. Their balls may be bigger, but their brains are smaller.

    3) Only terrorists couldn’t laugh at that character.

    4) Ripken was great and all, but as a die-hard Blue Jays fan, I’d have to say Carlos Delgado.

    5) Prancing, in fuschia, definitely takes it.

  3. John says:

    Nothing wrong with your blog being not -so- lighthearted once in a while. Interesting topic to touch on.

    I also think Ben is not guilty of rape from what I’ve read. But who knows what happened in that room? Very similar to the Kobe case, and a lose-lose situation for all involved. According to LA Times she listed eight defendants complicit in this case regarding cover-up from the casino. I think it is up for grabs with a jury. Convince a jury of defendant’s peers that a casino would never cover up something like this? I’ll be quite curious what happens here.

  4. WWPKD says:

    1) Getting your jaw rearranged by a stray puck sounds like it could bring on some pretty quick stress.
    2) What is the CFL…..?
    3) No, and he is middle of the pack when it comes to funny Family Guy characters.
    4) ARo…Manny Ramer…..Sammy So….damnit. A Joe Mauer steroid scandal would break my heart. Just as the sun rises and falls, Joe Mauer gets hits.
    5) When in fuschia and pronounced with a slight lisp, yes.

  5. possum says:

    I’ll pretend like I’m back in high school and only answer some of the questions:
    1. I’ll stand next to JustJeff on this one. Whiskey dick is the worst.
    3. Four words: Greased Up Deaf Guy
    4. Chipper Jones. Maybe Greg Maddux.

  6. jtbourne says:

    Totally agree, the lights in the rearview is just a “there’s no way this can end well” moment.

    Mauer was a great pick for a disappointing guy, that totally would be. But Chipper Jones… you can’t see that ever coming to light? Wouldn’t be a huggge shocker for me I don’t think.

    And according to eyebleaf, WWPKD is a semi-terrorist. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Oh, and for those of you who haven’t, check out eyebleaf’s blog at, it’s money.

  7. eyebleaf says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Bourne. You’re a rudey.

  8. minnesotagirl71 says:

    1. Come on! The middle of the night phone call has got to be a bigger stress inducer than “right lane must turn!” Turn right and go around the block – this is not rocket science.

    2. No knowledge of CFL – football is my least fav sport.

    3. Never seen the pirate on Family Guy. I’m guessing that I would laugh.

    4. It would be devastating to MN baseball if Mauer were found as a steroid user. I do love watching that boy play!

    5. “Prancing” in fuschia, with the lisp – ok that cracks me up every time!

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