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The Quest For The (VT) Cup



Okay, fine, so I’m the worst “guy who should be writing interesting quips for you to read” out there right now.  It’s been crazy around here.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

Cliff Ronning is a serious, interesting fellow when sober.  Not sober, he can work a room like some hilariously cheesy lounge singer, and it’s priceless.

Dave Semenko is actually Rodney Dangerfield.

Clark Gillies and Dave Semenko make better hosts than defensive partners.

Dale Hawerchuk and Cliff Ronning are better than you at hockey.

Check our website for the list of the rest of the NHL mutts we’ve imported to entertain our guests.  These guys could make a living at being funny.

I’m seriously so sorry I haven’t been keeping my readers involved in this.  But fear not – those who have subscribed have an extra little suprise coming to your inbox. 

‘Tis the morning before the battle for the second VT Cup, and I intend to get my name engraved on our cup for the first time (weird, I turned down a trade proposal that would move Dale Hawerchuk from my team).  I’ll letcha know how that turns out. 

Steve Shutt is my winger – he managed to pot four yesterday, so needless to say, he can still play.  Plus, he’s got some experience at winning Cups (five).  Tip for our opponents: he tends to keep on two-on-ones.


2 Responses to “The Quest For The (VT) Cup”
  1. Bent C says:

    Hi JT
    Rumours here in Denmark says, that you are going to continue your hockeylife in Esbjerg, Denmark. Is that true?

  2. Sue Sutherland says:

    I just wanted to thank the Bourne’s as a whole in making Drew welcome in all aspects of the camp. Even though he could not get out there on the ice a fully participate he felt welcome in all other activities. We had a great time meeting and talking with the legends. They were so personable and open to conversation, it was great. We have friends who are interested in coming next year and with a little luck we should be there also.
    Again thank you for allowing Drew to break in on your party. Thank Jeff, your dad and the rest of the legends.
    Well done.
    Sue and Drew Sutherland

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