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Putting on a Bigger Mouth Filter



For Puck Daddy: First Goals and First Goal Pucks

For USA Today: Info on Bag-Skating

(Note – had this sent to me. I get it, I get it, I should see the movie.  Fitting clip for the above column.)


Good news for people who want my stuff posted sooner – My article submission time for PD is now two hours earlier, so my columns will run before Puck Headlines over the noon hour, east coast time.  Woohoooo.


As you all know, the media landscape has changed.  No longer can a columnist put on his fancy hat, drink a scotch, and hand in a column that he won’t have to defend to each and every reader.  ….I’m only assuming such a time once existed.

No, today is interactive.  If you hate my column, it’s pretty easy to let me know.  For example, here’s a fun Wyshynski tweet from this morning.  If you’re pro-PG ratings, cover your eyes:

@wyshynski Why would I have a Devils dildo? To make sex boring and overpaid? RT @iLoveJeffMorris Go get your NJ Devils dildo and stick it up your ass.

See, now there’s a unique exchange between a writer and reader that didn’t happen a decade ago.

In that example, Wyshynski is able to play it off with a light-hearted joke, because he’s funny and in a decent mood. 

I however, live in constant fear of badly damaging my career with one of these interactions.  I’m afraid one day I’ll snap.

Corolla and Simmons: one has to be more censored than the other

As I’ve gained more followers on the twitter, I get more comments from complete buffoons.  As you know, I like interacting with readers, but there’s one inarguable fact: there’s a lot idiots out there, and the internet facilitates their idiocy.  Once again, thanks to those of you who comment here, and are able to agree or disagree with class.

Yesterday I almost lost it.  Almost typed out a searing 140 characters of blue language aimed at a twitter follower I’d never met.  And there’s the meltdown.  It wasn’t even that the person sent me something so horrible, I dunno.  It’s just easy when you can’t see someone to fully dismiss them.

Anyway, I had the common sense not to hit “post.”  But who knows if I’ll be that smart every time.  All columnists can do today is bolt on the best possible filter they can find, and make their points in their articles.  The two-way mirror has become transparent glass.

I get far, far more nice daily comments than crap ones, thankfully.  But like most writers do – okay, most people in general - I’ll get fourty nice comments, fixate on the shitty one, and be tempted to fire back at that one instead of thanking the others.

Or I could just make a career out of being uncensored, I 'spose.

Online stuff blows up in a matter of minutes these days, as demonstrated by Dan Ellis’ twitter comments, and the subsequent folding of his account.  I guess we all just need to be cautious with our comments online, cause it can happen quick.  I’m not looking to tarnish my good name by sinking into the swamp, but man, is it a battle sometimes.

This hockey community is freaking hilarious, and sometimes I find myself getting comfortable the point where I almost write something dressing room-y.  Some people like that stuff, some are sensitive to it, and I’m learning to walk that fine line.  As in, when somebody sends you a “stick it up  your ass” tweet like Wysh got, you just gotta let it go.

Above the fray, Bourno, above the fray.  Above theahhhhhhhh fuck it! 

I’m nowhere near pulling a Shooter McGavin: “Why don’t you people go back to your shanties?” or anything, I’m more just going on record for when it does happen: I saw it coming.

That’s the age we live in I guess.  If/when I do verbal some follower, it’s not like I’ll be the first or last to have done it.  It’s like my entry about Favre/celebs and technology.  There’s a learning curve here, and I’m just going to have to accept that some people are d-bags, and some think I’m one.  Should be a fun ride, don’tcha think?



Quick shout-out to the Isles for winning on the road in Toronto without a few big pieces, including Bailey who left the game with a hip injury.  Anyone hear how long he’s supposed to be out for?

Have a great Tuesday!


23 Responses to “Putting on a Bigger Mouth Filter”
  1. KarenfromRochester says:

    sitcks and stones, Justin, sticks and stones. I’ve found in my job when I’m dealing with the taxpayers who are my “customers” that if I am suuuuper sweet and nice to the d-bags, it just kills their fun. They don’t know what to do when people won’t fight em. : O ) It’s hilarious!

  2. jtbourne says:

    Yeah, that’s worked pretty well for me over at PD. I’m on board, but still, it’d be fun to unleash one grumpy day.

  3. Will77 says:

    Great PD piece. I’ll never forget my first game. I was 15, been on the ice in full gear 3 times ever, and the absolute definition of a bender but got a goal and two assists in my first game. Assist 1: got passed the puck in the slot, got absolutely laid out, and the puck squeeked to a guy who shot and scored. Assist 2: passed it to a guy who skated all the way down and scored. Goal: Coach wanted to set me up (we were up pretty big), told me to go to the front of the net… so I went in the corner to go get a loose puck. Got it to a guy in the slot, he shot it, and I dug a rebound out from under the goalie and pushed it in. 10years later I can replay that goal like it just happened. I never thought to get the puck though, wish I did. I have a few though; 1st natural hat trick, 40th goal in a high school season, and 1st goal in 1st game in juniors. I’d trade them all for the first goal ever puck though.

    Bailey is out day to day as of now.

  4. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    I still have my HS home run balls sitting in my office. Well past a decade old, I can’t let them go. They are packed, delicately, when I move. They are prominently displayed on my desk; not for others to see, but for me to smile at.
    My post HS days were terrible. Maybe I should have kept the ball from my 3-pitch K that comprise my first swingless at bat. Or maybe the next half dozen balls that gave my career the heave-ho at an ugly 0-for-7, 6 K debut.
    I think that’s why the first whatever is the best. There is the memory, no matter how faded, that it can be done. By you. Failure is always the focus, but when failure ends, along with whatever career you had, it is the thought and evidence of that first success that made it all worthwhile.

  5. Sandwiches1123 says:

    To be perfectly honest, I enjoy a good debate regarding certain subjects. I know I’ve posted in the past regarding an article here or there. Most of the time I admire your writing style and appreciate the anecdotes you provide to explain your point or simply because its a good story.

    I know I disagreed with you once but I actually have been a little too busy to go back and read that post. I actually don’t think I disagreed all that much as just trying to defend another person’s point of view.

    Ultimately, an adult-like debate or conversation is a very pleasant use of mental capacity. Every now and then you need to let go though. I’m working on a blog right now that discusses my disdain for other people’s peeves.

  6. Steve C. says:

    Agreed…debate/discussion is good, but it’s your choice what you print/publish/say online and it is permanent so be careful. Remember you can’t control your readers. (Readers meaning the trolls and your 10 year-old.)

  7. legger20 says:

    On another note…pretty impressive recovery by Shooter McGavin. If a normal PGA Tour player was distracted by a moving spectator, other competitors, a gentle breeze, etc, etc they’d back off their putt and go through their ridiculously painful pre-shot routine all over again. Not Shooter…he just shakes it off and knocks it in the back of the cup. What a pro!

  8. Derek says:

    On the PD article: My favorite celly was the no celly. Just act like it was no big deal, you do it all day everyday. Demoralizing to the other team (in my head at least), and I thought I looked cool. Only time I ever truly lost it was my first hatty, which came on one shift. The third goal was one in which the other team won the draw, my winger didn’t tie me up and I picked off the draw, split the d, dangled and went backhand shelf. I never score nice goals(the other two were a tip and a rebound), and it was the one shift hatty. I went a little Theo Fleury on that one.

    My favorite celly story came from Tyler Wright. He was Edmonton’s first rounder in like ’91, made the team out of camp, broke away for a breakaway and buried on Kirk McLean on his first shift. He did the no celly, and thought to himself “this league is gonna be a joke, I’m gonna be an all star.” He was sent back to junior a few games later, and didn’t score another NHL goal until 1995. Needless to say, he celebrated a little more that time.

    Bagskates: I can’t believe I didn’t recognize that a praccy of full ice drills was a disguised bagskate. I am bowing my head in shame right now. I read about the Columbus “bag skate” and it really wasn’t a bag skate. They did 12 laps at the end of practice. That isn’t a bag skate. My junior coach made us do three laps in between every drill. That had to equal well over 20 laps in a practice. And we usually did the sui’s at the end too.

  9. pete says:

    just read both articles and wanted to let you know how much i enjoy reading your stuff.

    it’s very readable (if that makes sense) and “conversational”, that is, it’s almost as if you’re just talking about the subject, which , as a former player, provides good insight.

    anyway, keep it up, i hope things continue to go well.

    all this from a spurned bourne’s blog fantasy hockey league team to boot! (i kid, as i sucked!)

  10. Alanna says:

    Courtesy of the all-knowing voice that is Shit My Dad Says:
    “Don’t focus on the one guy who hates you. You don’t go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit.”
    I love that one.
    Perhaps you need a “No Twitter after X number of beers” rule, to help keep some amount of censorship to your tweets. Less fun for the rest of us though; I love a good Twitter rampage/meltdown.

  11. jtbourne says:

    Thanks Pete! And Alanna, I fully agree, I love when people have the twitter meltdowns. I just don’t want to have the one where your employer goes “crap, we have to fire him for that.

  12. jtbourne says:

    legger20 – Great analysis, that was quality work.

  13. andy says:

    all time favorite bag-skate… first year midget, beating a team 10-0 at the end of 2. they bail. we skate for the rest of our ice time, no pucks. apparently we hadnt skated enough for the coaches liking. awesome.

  14. Giant Death Patrick 77 says:

    Un-filtered is the way to go. What is the point afterall of having a blog if you can’t be honest and say what is on your mind. Twitter and FB are just that. Verbal candy is for network TV,mainstream newspapers, and Mad Men. Remember it was the establishement who didn’t give you a voice and perhaps even moved to quiet voices such as yours. Puck Daddy and your other paying gigs are your platform and exist as much for you as you do for them. Say it, if they cant handle it then they can change their meduim, we look to you and the chosen mediums for the kind of honesty you chose to deny. Are you becomming establishment? Let it rip! You are in the crease alone, the goalie has committed predictably, and poorly. Put the biscuit where it belongs and give us the words, Hockey Style, and F***, the weak, pitiful, sad souls who dont get it, we dont like them anyway. Have a lovely day.

  15. karlooch says:

    Great reads lately! Will you be chiming in on any College Hockey news, predictions, or just random shtuff? Seems to me you would have some great WCHA topics to blog about. Jets suck.. (jealousy)

  16. Jeff K says:

    We did the first goal puck for the players on my son’s 5/6 year old hockey team.

    Had some Mom’s complain, what if their little Johnny didn’t score blah blah……

    The look on the kids faces was worth it. Two kids did not get goals that year, they won the heart and soul medals at windup.

    Can’t say I have a first puck like you Bourne, but I gave a few out.

  17. Pat says:

    Hey JTB…..I’m sure it would be fun to unleash, but the filter is what separates the professionals from the rest of us. The whole “higher standard” thing remains… matter the medium.

    On this subject, I wanted to point something else out. Puck Daddy cursed in one of his tweets tonight ( unnecessarily in my opinion) and got called out on it. His response was sarcastic…..and seemed like a cheap shot. I think he could’ve used your filter.

  18. Joe says:

    +1 for the Shooter McGavin reference.

  19. Ballgame says:

    JB you are in a tough spot because you have to watch what you say. We don’t.
    Not long ago a guitar player from my fav band joined the bands message board to answer questions. It soon became a fan bitch session. No idea why, only takes one idiot that thinks they should be heard. But since he is in the band and heashed out it made him and the band look bad. It’s hard to take the high road and have thick skin. The only option is to not reply to those. Hit delete. You have a bigger picture/ future. Good luck!

  20. j says:

    new article idea, all the twitter comments you’d like to make and dont.

  21. JIllian says:

    You have to admit that when you get a little frustrated at some of the commentors… just look down a few more. Wow! You don’t have to say a word… just read the next 3-5 after the crappy guy and you will be laughing your @$$ off before you know it.

    Keep up the good work and I agree with j… just post all your twitter comments that you dont hit post on, here…

  22. caps says:

    attakid bourne.
    love that the “undercover bag skate” got brought up in the usa today piece…

  23. StoneDevil says:

    Hey Justin,

    not sure it it’ll help but you can always block the d-bags who reply to your tweets, like you have the power to remove their replies to your posts, ignorance is bliss.

    Either that or just pull a Jay and Silent Bob and hunt down the detractors to beat the crap out of them ;)

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