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New Puck Daddy: Bar Buddies, Brent Sutter, Off-Ice Lifestyle



Quite the conversation on the Chris Botta stuff yesterday, that’ll be interesting to see how it plays out going forward. 

It’d be hard to imagine that even if he did get credentials back he could walk into the Coliseum all no-big-deal like nothing happened, so I’m sure something will have to change.

Here’s Greg Wyshynski’s more comprehensive look at the situation: Islanders pull popular blogger’s credentials, spark controversy


And from me today, you get a piece on bar buddies, Brett Sutter, and the off-the-ice lifestyle that seems to very rarely end up in NHL news.

Okay, SOMETIMES it ends up in the news.

As I’ve mentioned before, the blog is a little harder to keep up with five columns a week to write – The pattern I’ve detected from myself is three full posts a week, one of these “here are my articles go read them” entries, and the odd guest blog.

We have two quality guest blogs in the hopper, in general I’ll try to run them every-other Friday.  Thanks!


6 Responses to “New Puck Daddy: Bar Buddies, Brent Sutter, Off-Ice Lifestyle”
  1. Liviu Bird says:

    Nice column. I feel like the comments section here is a lot more intimate (aka you actually read them) so I thought I’d post my reaction here. First, nice soccer comment. Second, the fact of that comment about soccer makes it even easier to have said “good times” when you’re on the road. However, soccer player egos are usually inflated enough and they’re usually standoffish enough to hate hanging out with the other team. Not in my case, but some players will just refuse. As if it actually affects how they play the next day against that player.

  2. NHL fan says:


    Botta was on WFAN today with Francesca ( who knows nothing about hockey) Then it was about 2 hrs of Islanders hockey with every caller bashing either Wang and Snow. That should help Botta get back those credentials. Francesca said he was going to get Snow on but so far Snow has been a no show. Botta is a PR genius. First he gets on WFAN with Francesca and later tonight he is going to be on Versus.

  3. AmerksFan says:

    Interesting you talk about NHL teams “burying” off ice issues and it’s not heard of often. A few weeks ago the Amerks took a road trip to Abbotsford for two games. In the 2nd game neither Nathan Paetsch or Andrew Peters played. Next thing we know the Panthers said that they “broke curfew.” Both players were on loan from the Canucks. The Panthers told the Canucks to find new homes for both players.. Paetsch is now in Syracuse.. Peters is still without a job and not playing anywhere. Plenty of theories about what happened but one thing is certain, more happened than just coming back to the hotel late.

  4. Brooks Simpson says:

    Chris Botta’s had his share of ups and downs as a blogger. At times he’s very insightful; at other times it becomes a little too much about Chris, his relationships with others, and so on, and he can be very sensitive to criticism. Some Islanders fans swear by him, others swear at him. I tend to take the bad with the good, and I accept that he’s learning on the job. He’s not faultless, but I also know he’s been helpful to others, including Justin.

    That said, Garth Snow erred, and erred badly, in this instance, as did the rest of Islanders management. I think Chris was critical at times, but so what? Should the media praise the Isles for their near-perfection in the last eleven games? Isn’t it time to assess the “rebuild” critically? There are enough questions about the franchise as it is … as more than one of us has remarked in jest, Scott Gordon was reassigned to the job set aside for Bryan Trottier (and shouldn’t Snow be scouting prospects for his next lottery pick, given how he ripped up the scouting system?). The Islanders have stumbled badly here, and that’s true regardless of what anyone thinks about Chris Botta.

  5. I like Brett’s choice of bar buddies. Cute smile, sort of a naughty girl next door with more than acceptable ta-tas..

  6. Ghetto Fonzie says:

    Caps Fan,

    I’m pretty sure the above photo is of Shane “Roxy” O’Brien, formerly of the Vancouver Canucks. This photo was taken the night before he missed practice, and was subsequently given a “conditioning stint”.

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