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A Product I Like



I just watched a game between two teams, neither which I’d ever heard of.  I think it was in the A level, and one of the teams was Hibbing.  Yet somehow, there was still something like 13,000 people there, going absolutely banonkers.

Much like college hockey, there were bands.  Much like college hockey, there were student sections.  And incredibly, those students matched the intensity of the college kids despite being (I assume) sober, albeit on octave higher or ten.

{That really is worth noting, the octave thing.  I’ve never heard a crowd “roar” (squeal?) at that pitch before.  Tenth grade girls and boys’ voices are nearly indistinguishable.  It was almost haunting.  Still, I had chills from the energy the entire third period.}

I’ll get some pictures up from the game sometime later tonight.


Quick mentions of the thing I would’ve liked best if I were a kid playing road hockey:

Love 'em, especially the triangle one.

When I was a kid, I used to play hockey in my garage, ideally with an orange hockey ball (there are about five booths here selling varieties of those balls, each one acting like theirs is going to make a lick of a difference in your learning to stick handle – thise includes the one booth, who’s take on the hockey ball is to make it wooden.  Seriously.  It’s just really light wood.  Kayyyy….).  I used to want to take one timers and just generally pass the puck, so we had three big recycling bins that gave good bounce back that I used to dish to.

Of course, the bottom of these is round, so if you miss your spot, you didn’t get a good pass back (gasp! It’s an invention! Improve your accuracy today with the Bourne Quit-Buying-Useless-Stuff Passer Machine!), which was extremely frustrating.

These things are about a stick blade wide, and trampoline the puck back to you with some heat. I was obsessed with it. Couldn’t stop passing it the puck.  Tres cool.

(You can buy them at, and no, they didn’t pay me to write that.)


3 Responses to “A Product I Like”
  1. Jarick says:

    There are some plans to make these with bungee cords and stuff, but I’ve never gotten mine to work right. They are awesome for one timers at a shooting range though.

  2. Yoke says:

    Wait until the AA games tonight, it’ll be packed.

  3. Patrick says:

    Hibbing/Chisholm – My old team!

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