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Post Taken Down – Apologies



Hockey Primetime: No column today as I’m going to be live blogging tonight’s game for HPT.  Come back at 8PM EST and join me here on Bourne’s Blog or over on their site - BYOB!


My apologies on having to take down today’s guest post – I had planned on running that today (it was terrific, as the hundreds of you who read it in the first couple hours can attest), so I’m a little behind the eight ball now.

I guess there was some disagreement within the family about whether it should have been posted or not, and in the end, I think it’s just easiest to leave it at that.

If I learned anything from it that I can pass on: the pituitary gland plays a huge part in Post-Concussion Syndrome, and our writer contests that it should be checked in all cases where PCS extends beyond 30 days. 

 Anyway, sorry again about that.  Here’s an interesting link to help you pass the time:

New York Times - Can conjoined twins share one mind?

And here are three pictures, the first of which is a picture of a picture.  

The story: at a charity golf tournament last week, we basically drank beer on the course all day, then came in for the dinner and raffle.  You could buy these sheets with a bunch of little perforated-edged numbers on them, and one big one.  You put the little numbers in the bucket in front of what you wanted, and kept the big one.  I referenced the beer, because I skipped the trips and hotel stays and massages to win…. THIS:

Tyson is like....what the meow?

Now that’s a badass kitty pic.  Bri hates me.

Next, my new carrrrr (still needs tint, as I mentioned):

Thanks again, credit union.

And last, a pretty picture of a golf course in San Tan Valley (Queen Creek), AZ – Encanterra.

That's looking back down 18


3 Responses to “Post Taken Down – Apologies”
  1. Derek says:

    That is unfortunate that you had to take your post down. I didn’t get a chance to read it earlier, and this subject really interests me. I suffered from PCS for years earlier in life. I mentioned this a little in a concussion post I wrote awhile back here

    Unfortunately, I stupidly kept most of my concussion issues away from doctors and trainers, and really don’t know how the pituitary gland plays into PCS. I really hope you find a way to post this anonymously later.

  2. rob says:

    That was a good article, but I understand some might not think it a good idea to post the information publicly. I am surprised doctors are unaware of the like between pituitary gland issues and brain injury. For those that are interested, or those that might like to have some info to take to their doctors go here . Do a search for “pituitary gland concussion” and you will find studies and case histories to provide to your doctor if you need it. If you are looking for normal articles on the subject a google search will bring up a bunch of them

  3. Steve C. says:

    …wait?…what? The Lappin family doesn’t want important health news and information about Post-Concussion Syndrome to leak out to the public?…or don’t they think you are a big enough stage? I understand your not wanting or needing to explain to us what happened, but it was an interesting, well-written article. I even linked to it on my blog. That’s how important I thought it was to spread the word. Oh well. To bad for them and you.

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