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Poll Questions and Reader Explanations



So, the Bourne guest room is ”booked” every weekend in the month of June.  I live in Phoenix.  Don’t you people know this place becomes the surface of the sun that month?  What is wrong with you?!  (Kidding, kidding, always excited to have guests).

As for me, I have zero intentions of staying in AZ very much this summer.  I’m booking a flight to Minneapolis (may have to do a “get Bourne to Minny” fundraiser first) for the July 4th weekend – my junior teammate, college opponent, fellow Kelowna boy and country music star buddy Chad Brownlee is getting married.

Check out his website at

Then I’m heading to Kelowna in late July to put the final couple of weeks of prep work in for our Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp.  And by the time I get back in mid-August, it should be cool as a cucumber here…. right?  Guys?  Okay, probably not, but whatever, it’ll almost be over.


Yesterday I wrote an article for Puck Daddy on what makes the Chicago Blackhawks so effective.  There’s like, 135 comments or something on it already (most of which assure me that I am, in fact, completely retarded), so it might be worth a peek at if you haven’t already read it.


Atta kid, Nash.

The Phoenix Suns tied up their series with the Los Angeles Lakers last night, making it 2-2 heading back to LA.  You have to love that.  If you’re not from LA and you like the Lakers, congrats on your Yankees winning it all last year, and best of luck to your Cowboys this fall.

Phoenix was always my favourite basketball team, long before I ever moved here.  Can you imagine how sweet it would be for Steve “facial lacerations” Nash to win it all (PS, can we name the NBA title something cool yet?  Admit it, you barely remembered it was named the “Larry O’Brien Trophy”  And please, nothing involving the word “World”, since it’s just in North America…. yes I’m looking at you, baseball).

Either way, the NBA playoffs will be a nice fill-in this week while the NHL players take vacations in Tahiti or whatever it is those lazy bums are doing right now.


Question and answer time.  Lets find out where our readers are at.  (Not sure why there’s an “other” option on the first one, since everyone would just pencil in “Ryan Miller”, so try to avoid that option).  I’m hoping to get some explanations in the comments section.


“Teach me how to Dougie, teach me teach me how to Dougie.” 

I’m going insane.  One too many listens and I can’t beat this song out of my head (note: it’s hip hop, 90% of you WILL hate it):


In tomorrow’s post I’ll explain why I picked who I picked, but for today, the forum is all yours.  Why’d you pick who you picked, Peter Piper?


52 Responses to “Poll Questions and Reader Explanations”
  1. Patrick Pryor says:

    Big Buff because if he finds out I didn’t vote for him, he might get mad, and you wouldn’t like him if he is mad.


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  1. Love/hate relationships (with food)…

    We found your entry interesting so have added a Trackback to it on the Inner West Live weblog :)

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